Best SmartWatch in India (Stylish and Economical 2021)

There have been multiple launches for various smartwatch segments these days due to which it is no longer left behind in India. As compared to a few years ago, the approach regarding smartwatches has changed a lot.

Earlier, the smartwatch was used as a notifier only but now its purposes are extended and it is used as fitness media controls and for making calls as well.

SmartWatch in India
SmartWatch in India

Various famous brands have given a second life to Android smartwatches. In the wearable tech world, our hopes remain alive due to the launch of some dependable smartwatches.

In comparison with smartphones, the pace of revolution is still not too fast but still, we have seen improvements in terms of battery, design, software, and features in smartwatches these days.

Are you searching for the best smartwatch in India? If yes, you landed on the correct page. Given below are some of the best smartwatches in India among which you can select one for yourself.

Best Smart Watch in India for 2021

1. Mi Smart Band 5

Mi is one of the best fitness tracker watches. It is compatible with IOS 10 and above and Android 5 and above. Along with unlimited watch faces, it has many unique features which are listed below.

Best SmartWatch in India
Mi Smart Watch Band 5

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The display of this Mi Smart Band 5 is a 1.1” full-touch AMOLED color display.

The capacity of the battery is 125mAh and on a single charge, it runs up to 14 days. It has the feature of magnetic charging which makes it hassle-free.

With the presence of PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence), all fitness-related activities can be tracked with a single matrix. 

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In this watch, there is a feature to track 11 professional sports modes which include rope skipping and yoga. It has the feature of automatic activity detection.

Since it recognizes swimming mode, it has a 5ATM water-resistant feature

It can be used as a tool to lower down the stress level as there is a feature of stress monitoring with guided breathing exercises.

Mi Smart band 5 is good for monitoring the health of women with the feature of menstrual cycle tracking and notification.

One of the smart features present in it is 24×7 sleep monitoring along with REM sleep monitoring.

Some other smart features of Mi Smart Band 5 are weather checking, app notification, managing calls, music control, idle alert, locate your phone, etc.

  • Many faces of the watch.

  • AMOLED display.

  • Magnetic charging cable.

  • There is no SpO2 sensor.

2. Mi Smart Band 4

Mi Smart Band 4 has many features and can be used in all conditions.

It has an AMOLED full-touch color display which is wider and brighter. The brightness can be adjusted and the screen is 39.9% wider.

Mi Smart Band 4
Mi Smart Watch Band 4

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It is water-resistant up to 50 m and has swim tracking of 12 different data sets like the pace of swimming, distance, stroke count, etc.

While using Mi Smart Band 4, you are never out of battery. The battery life is up to 20 days after a single charge.

It is used for round-the-clock wellness as it has the feature of 24/7 heart monitoring. This helps in knowing the heart rate, aerobic activity, calories burned, and many other things.

With the feature of smart music controls, you can work out your favorite music. This feature enables the user to change the song and the volume.

The user can enjoy unlimited watch faces as it has pre-installed watch faces and you can select the pictures from the gallery.

Mi Smart Band 4 is best for health and wellness tracking. The activities like swimming, walking, cycling, outdoor running, and treadmills can be tracked with this.

It has an enhanced Mi Fit Interface with which vital metrics can be tracked and you can customize your workout according to the requirement.

While wearing the band on your wrist, you can reject or receive the call or message, and get instant social media notifications.

  • A music control feature is present.

  • The new AMOLED display is bright and wide.

  • 50m waterproof.

  • 20 days battery life.

  • No Major Cons

3. Noise ColorFit Pro 3 Smartwatch

Noise ColorFit Pro 3 smartwatch has a great look and is equipped with cutting-edge technology.

One of the best features of it is the TruView TM display with which you get a bigger picture on the touchscreen HD display which is of size 1.55” with 320 x 360 pixels.

Noise ColorFit Pro 3 Smartwatch
Noise ColorFit Pro 3 Smartwatch

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With auto sport recognition, you do not have to turn on the running or walking feature and it tracks your activity automatically.

It has cloud-based watch faces and swappable straps. You can change the look of your smartwatch every day.

The daily stress level can be monitored with a stress monitoring feature which also provides guided breathing sessions.

By using this smartwatch, you can know your sleep patterns and it helps in monitoring your REM cycles.

It has the feature of 24/7 heart rate monitoring.

  • The display is big and bright.

  • Good quality of the strap.

  • Customized cloud faces.

  • Out of many watch faces, only a few work.

4. Amazfit Bip U Smart Watch

For stepping into smart fitness, the Amazfit Bip U smartwatch is the first step.

The screen is 1.43” large HD color and has a blood-oxygen-level measurement feature with which you can measure your SpO2 levels when you are feeling unwell, having mental stress, or doing intensive workouts like gym sessions and marathons. With this, it is possible to understand your physical state.

Amazfit Bip U Smart Watch
Amazfit Bip U Smart Watch

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There are 60+ sports modes included in this like treadmill, outdoor running, outdoor cycling, walking, indoor cycling, baseball, cricket, yoga, basketball, fishing, swimming, badminton, etc.

The Bip U can be worn during swimming as it is equipped with 5 ATM water-resistant. With this, the swimming movements can be tracked and your achievements underwater get recorded.

This helps in monitoring heart rate continuously for 24 hours as it has a Huami-proprietary BioTrackerTM PPG biological optical sensor.

Your sleep stages get monitored accurately with this smartwatch including light sleep, deep sleep, awake time, REM, and afternoon naps.

It even helps in stress level monitoring and to balance your stress levels, it even provides breathing training. With this, you get to know when you need to rest and relax.

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You can match your mood and outfit with the smartwatch as there are 50 watch faces included. For a more personalized watch face, you can even upload your photos. Even animated watch faces are supported by the Bip U.

With the PAI TM Health Assessment system, complex health information is provided like heart rate data and duration of the activity.

The battery life is good. It works for 9 days with typical usage after a full charge and with heavy usage, works for 5 days.

  • SpO2 can be measured.

  • The display is good and bright.

  • It has many exercise modes.

  • It does not have an in-built GPS.

5. Realme Fashion Watch

Realme is known to make the most affordable smartphones and now it has ventured into a smartwatch.

Realme Fashion Watch
Realme Fashion SmartWatch

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Realme fashion watches have a large color touchscreen of 3.5 cm. It has vivid colors and can be easily seen even under bright light due to its ultra-bright screen.

It has an excellent feature of measuring blood oxygen levels without any effort. If you are a sports and workout enthusiast, you can even track your health.

In the Realme Link app, 12 stylish watch faces are included and you can select any one of them. Also, you can add 100+ faces via OTA.

With a heart rate monitor, it is easy to record every heartbeat. It supports 24 hours monitoring.

It has an intelligent activity tracker in which you can track 14 sports modes like an outdoor cycle, walk, outdoor run, basketball, badminton, cricket, football, and many more.

It has music and camera control with which it is easy to adjust the volume, move to the next song, or can take a picture from your phone as well.

Notifications regarding all the important things like calls, reminders, messages can be received on your watch without using your phone.

The smartwatch can be synchronized with the Realme Link app on your phone through which you can access and change the watch settings as per your preferences.

It is IP68 water-resistant. Accidental spills cannot damage your watch.

There are many other features as well like drink reminder, idle alert, call rejection, vibrating alarm, and much more.

  • Cool and attractive watch.

  • The size of the watch is idle.

  • Water-resistant.

  • After-sales customer support is not good.

6. Pebble Pace Smart Watch

Pebble Pace smartwatch has many features which make you buy it instantly.

It can monitor your blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen level in your blood. Even during sleep, it monitors your health as it is equipped with advanced technology.

Pebble Pace Smart Watch
Pebble Pace Smart Watch

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It has a dynamic display with full touch control with haptic touch. With this, you feel every touch, and add more color to your life.

With an in-built pedometer and multiple workout modes, every step is recorded and monitors your workout every day. With this smartwatch, your fitness goals are never derailed.

It has a powerful 150 mAh battery which works for 7 days of active use after a full charge. It has advanced smart sensors which give the Pebble Pace a massive standby battery backup of 14 days.

It is a waterproof watch with IPX67.

  • Good quality.

  • It is easy to access.

  • The battery performance is good.

  • No Major Cons

7. OnePlus Smart Band

Among all the smartwatches, the OnePlus Smart band is the most fashion-versatile and most accessible tech accessory. It has a dual-color style and is our 24/7 health companion. It has three distinctive colorways which can be used for any occasion. You can easily switch between the dynamic dual-color strap combos as it has a removable main tracker design.

OnePlus Smart Band
OnePlus Smart Band

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The AMOLED display is 1.1 inches and is made up of bright colors with great contrast between the front and the center. Since it has many faces, you can change as per your preference.

With 13 exercise modes, it gets connected with many sports like cricket, fat burn, yoga, and others. Due to the presence of real-time stats, the user can analyze his performance. It also offers a workout that is suitable for you.

The OnePlus Health app helps to track light and deep sleep so that you can understand your sleep quality.

With the help of an optical oxygen sensor, the blood oxygen saturation level gets tracked via infrared and detects your SpO2 quickly.

It is water-resistant and dust-resistant with 5ATM and IP68. Due to this, it can resist water up to 50 m for 10 minutes.

It is continuous and real-time heart rate monitoring by the OnePlus Smart Band during exercise, sleep and rest. If there is high pulse reading, the built-in vibration alarm will respond.

It connects seamlessly with OTA software and the user can access some important features from their wrist like a camera shutter, music, Zen Mode, and Find My Phone.

  • It is water-resistant and skin-friendly.

  • 24/7 heart rate monitoring.

  • Bright and large display.

  • Connectivity with the app is not good.

8. Noise NoiseFit Evolve Full Touch Control Smart Watch

Noise is a well-known brand and the first active smartwatch produced by it is NoiseFit.

Its display is circular and is AMOLED which is brilliant and bright with a 1.2-inch screen. On the round display, watch faces look better and it is easy to read the notifications on it. The display has full-touch controls.

Noise NoiseFit Evolve Full Touch Control Smart Watch
Noise NoiseFit Evolve

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It has a tough aluminum-alloy body and is IP68 waterproof. The strap provided is stylish and customizable and can be swapped easily.  

It is known as a smartwatch with complete health and fitness as there is advanced health tracking like step counting, 24/7 heart rate monitoring, and sleep tracking so that you are continuously motivated to burn calories. Due to the presence of 9 sports modes, the user can track all fitness activities.

Its battery life is good, when charged fully, it works for 3 days during active use and has a standby of 10 days.

All the notifications of your phone are shown in it like texts, calls, and social media which means you do not have to carry your phone always.

With this smartwatch, you can have music and camera control as well.

  • Stylish and elegant design.

  • Sports performance is good.

  • AMOLED screen.

  • Connectivity issue with the app.

9. Amazfit GTS2 Mini Smart Watch

Amazfit GTS 2 Mini has a light design and is ultra-slim. It has an AMOLED display of 1.55-inch.

With 2.5D glass, it goes well with all your fashionable outfits. It weighs 19.5 g with a thickness of 8.95 mm and has a skin-friendly silicone strap. There are more than 50 watch faces and you can even upload your photo to make the watch face.

Amazfit GTS2 Mini Smart Watch
Amazfit Smart Watch

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There is in-depth heart rate tracking and if the resting heart rate becomes abnormally high, it issues warnings.

Due to built-in Alexa, you can talk to an online voice assistant and get translations, set timers and alarms, check the weather, make the shopping lists, control your home smart devices, and many other things.

With the PAI health assessment system, you can know SpO2 to get a better understanding of your condition. Also, it helps you to know whether the stress level is normal, relaxed, medium, or high and gives some suggestions to reduce it as well.

There are 70 built-in sports modes along with 5 ATM water-resistant features. With this watch, you can control music on your phone and get notifications about various things.

After a full charge, the battery is active for 14 days with normal use and works for 7 days with heavy usage.

Some of the other features of this are remote control of the mobile phone to take photos, turn on the selfie mode with the Bluetooth camera, relaxing with the breathing exercises provided, etc.

  • Clear and bright display.

  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear.

  • Good quality.

  • Due to limited storage, you can have 4 watch faces at a time.

  • Old notifications get deleted.

10. Vikyuvi Vikfit Gear 360 Smartwatch

Vikfit Gear 360 is a smartwatch by Vikyuvi and is full of features. It has a stunning Retina display of 1.3-inch with high resolution in which everything looks clear and smooth. The colors in it are super accurate and 98% of the color gamut is covered by it.

Vikyuvi Vikfit Gear 360 Smartwatch
Vikfit Gear 360 Smartwatch

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It looked sporty and rugged due to its alloy body and carbon fiber back. The user finds it very easy to use due to the presence of the full-touch UI.

Various sensors are present in it like a step counter and optical heart rate sensor which monitors the heart rate 24/7. It even helps in measuring the blood oxygen level and blood pressure.

With the help of the app, it is possible to enable call alerts and smart app notifications. You can even reject calls through this smartwatch and can control the camera and music playback as well.

Since it has an IP68 waterproofing rating, you do not have to worry about sweat or rain.

This smartwatch helps in tracking many sports activities including sleep and sleep stages if you wear it while sleeping.

Its battery is 290 mAh and after full charge, it works for 15 days with normal usage. It has an ultra-low power consumption chip.

Due to the presence of multiple watch faces, you can choose anyone according to your preference and can match your outfit. You can even add more faces from the app library.

The straps can be changed easily.

  • Battery life is good.

  • Gives accurate readings of SpO2 and heart rate.

  • Multiple watch faces.

  • No Cons

11. Amazfit Neo Smart Watch

Amazfit Neo SmartWatch has many exciting features which compel users to buy it immediately.

It monitors your heart rate 24/7 due to the presence of the BioTracker PPG sensor, which can understand your health in a better way.

Amazfit Neo Smart Watch
Amazfit Neo Smart Watch

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It has a four-sided screen with four physical buttons. Due to its elegant design, it makes a balance with your daily wardrobe.

It is equipped with a PAI health assessment system that converts the data of heart rate and daily statistics into one PAI score based on which you can understand your physical state effortlessly.

There is a retro-styled, always-on display in which the notifications can be seen even under bright light. It is power efficient as well. While reading the time, the screen gets activated quickly due to the presence of the lift-to-wake feature.

After synchronizing to the app, you can monitor your sleep and can review various stages along with the quality of the sleep.

The user can track his exercise routine with Amazfit Neo as calories consumed and steps walked. Among various exercise modes, you can choose from walking, running, or cycling modes and get detailed information about the exercise time, and heart rate.

Its battery life is extraordinary as on a single full charge, it can be used for four weeks.

Due to the presence of a durable exterior case and PUR strap, it remains waterproof up to 50 meters.

All the notifications of your smartphone can be received on the Amazfit Neo.

  • Good displays and things are visible even under bright light.

  • The connection with the app is good.

  • Strong build.

  • The vibration motor is not present and only a beep sound is heard with call notification.

Buyer’s Guide for Smart Watches

If you have landed here to get reviews about various smartwatches, you must be planning to buy one for yourself. If you are still confused, please go through our buying guide to know the best smartwatch for yourself.

1. Casing – An important factor to consider while selecting a smartwatch is the casing of the watch known as its body or frame. If the casing is good, the watch is durable and long-lasting. Often stainless steel, aluminum, or polycarbonates are used in casing and the smartwatches with stainless steel or aluminum casing are more durable.

2. Dial – There are mainly two shapes of the dial in a smartwatch: square or circle. The performance of the watch is not affected by the dial shape, it is mainly for an aesthetic choice. A square dial represents a robust smartwatch whereas a circular dial gives a minimalistic impression.

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3. Strap – The quality of the strap should be given attention while selecting the watch. A silicone strap is present in most smartwatches, but it is not suitable for a person with allergic reactions. Some smartwatches have metallic or leather straps as well but these kinds are not very common. A smartwatch with a detachable strap can be preferred as you have the option to change the strap according to your preference.

4. Features – There are various sensors in the smartwatches like SpO2 monitoring, heart rate monitor, pedometer, accelerometer, etc. The features in them are based on the budget. The features are more in a more expensive smartwatch. Another important feature of a smartwatch is calling and texting. The top-tier watches have this feature.

5. Water-resistant – If you have to wear a smartwatch all day long without worrying about rain or sweat, you should buy a water-resistant one. Most of the smartwatches have IP68 water resistance with 5ATM or 3ATM. 5ATM means the smartwatch can be submerged in water up to 50 meters for 10 minutes and 3 ATM means it can be submerged up to 30 meters in water.

6. Battery life – Always buy a smartwatch with good battery life so that you can wear it for a long duration without worrying about the charge.

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Is it possible to get a water-resistant smartwatch?

Most of the smartwatches are waterproof and water-resistant which can be used during swimming. They have a waterproof value of 5 ATM which means they can be submerged in water up to 50 meters for 10 minutes.

Which activity and fitness tracking features should be preferred while selecting a smartwatch?

A smartwatch always has some fitness tracking features and among all, you should prefer the one with the feature of monitoring running, workout, sleep, blood oxygen level, stress, yoga, and others.

Does Qi Wireless charge support the smartwatch?

The smartwatch which supports Qi wireless charging is more convenient to use and is durable as well.

Should I prefer a smartwatch with a circular or square dial?

The circular or square dial of a smartwatch depends entirely on your preference. The shape of the dial has nothing to do with the performance of the watch. You should prefer the one which you find to be suitable and smart.


Before the invention of the smartwatch, nobody must have thought that a watch on our wrist would be able to monitor our health 24 hours a day. In the watch industry, a revolutionary change has been brought by smartwatches. With the help of our reviews about various smartwatches and the detailed buyer’s guide, you will be able to select a smartwatch for yourself. Now without wasting a time, let us go and select a supreme quality smartwatch for you.

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