Best Smart Digital Lock for Door Under 10000 in India

It is also essential to protect your homes from any kind of unforeseen situation and for that, a smart digital lock can be very useful. It features automation technology and is the most trending device these days.

There are various shapes and sizes of the smart lock and it can add an impressive style to your home. The prices of the smart locks include password or PIN required to protect it and is the latest flick of technological invention. In this, there is no requirement of the keys to open the door which is highly beneficial in safeguarding your home from theft.

We have shortlisted some of the best smart digital locks for the door under 10000 in India based on features and functionalities. You can check them all in this article and select the best-fitted for your home.

Best Smart Digital Lock for Door Under 10000

1. Yale YDR 343 Smart Door Lock with Pin & Card Access

Yale YDR 343 door lock is a smart option for your home and is very slim with a thickness of 11mm. It can be accessed by two modes: an RFID card and a pin card. 

Best Smart Digital Lock for Door

If there is any attempt to damage or force open the door, an alarm of 80dB goes off

It has the feature of a voice guard with which you can know the operation status and guides you about the method to set the features in it. With this, the user finds it easier to use.

There is an alarm and LED display to warn about low battery. A standard 9V battery can be used to supply emergency power to the lock-in case the batteries get completely discharged. 

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This smart lock has wireless connectivity with video door phones but for this, separate accessories are required.

Even after changing the batteries, all credentials and settings remain the same in the lock’s memory and so, even the battery change is simple and hassle-free. 

This lock prevents the PIN code from being exposed as before or after entering the PIN code, you are allowed to enter fake numbers. 

With the feature of Thumb-turn, the smart lock becomes highly secured. It can be used when the user pushes the two safe buttons simultaneously affixed to the thumb-turn knob. 

  • Simple to use.

  • After-sales service is good.

  • Stylish and sleek design.

  • Separate accessories required for video door phones.
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2. Open Door Two Smart Door Lock

Door Two smart door lock is sturdy and is suitable for all kinds of wooden main doors and interior doors. 

It can be unlocked in 5 ways like a fingerprint, Bluetooth, Emergency keys, Passcode, and NFC card. It has the facility to register up to 100 fingerprints and about 100 NFC card users can be added.

Best Smart Lock for Door

If you are away from home and want your family or friends to look after the house, they can do it conveniently. You only need to share the OTP to open the door, no key is required to open it.  

With the presence of 360-degree fingerprint access, even the slightest touch can be detected by the lock. Also, the hardy sensors present can stay for years in good condition. 

It has the feature to synchronize the lock with the App and then you can access logs 24/7. 

With the presence of the feature of keeping the passcode confidential, nobody can access it. Before or after entering the actual passcode, you can enter decoy digits to throw off onlookers. 

The battery life is super long at 8 months and it runs on 4AA batteries. If the battery is dead, you can jump-start it using a USB cable that is connected to a power source.

The door lock can be accessed even if you are away from the home with the help of your phone. For this, you need to connect it with Open Link, a smart Wi-Fi bridge

  • After-sales support is excellent.

  • The smart lock works accurately all the time.

  • Passwords, if set from the mobile, are visible on the mobile always.
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3. Yale YDR 3110 Smart Door Lock

Yale YDR 3110 smart door lock is a good thing to secure the main door of the house. It is suitable for the door with a thickness of 35mm-55mm.

Yale YDR 3110 Smart Door Lock

It can be accessed by multiple options like Pincode, RFID cards, and BLE.

The Yale App and Wi-Fi bridge makes it possible to lock and unlock the door from anywhere. Also, if someone comes home, you get a notification on the app.

With YDR 3110, the existing door can be upgraded. It has the feature of operation status notification. After each operation, a notification is received by the user and a different pattern of numbers is present.

It is equipped with a voice guide feature through which it is possible to know the operation status and the way to set each feature.

Since it has the feature of automatic locking, the door gets locked automatically after checking it properly. You can even close it manually.

If anyone attempts to open the door or damage the lock, an alarm of 80dB goes off.

When the battery becomes low, it gives an alarm and LED to warn the user. With a standard 9V battery, the emergency power to the lock can be provided if the batteries are completely discharged.

The customer service support system is present 24/7 where you can get the assistance of any kind related to the door lock.

  • Highly safe lock for the main door.

  • Excellent customer service.

  • Simple to install.

  • For video door phones, it is required to add separate accessories.
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4. Lavna Digital Door Lock

Lavna digital door lock is a smart solution for your home, shop, office, or other private premises. It has strong features which make this high-tech fingerprint digital door lock very simple to use. It can be used on the wooden door and is easy to install as well.

Lavna Digital Door Lock

This lock works well with the door of a minimum thickness of 34mm

Since a fingerprint is required to open the lock, it makes unlocking very easy. In this, your fingerprint is the key to the lock and nobody else has the access to open it. Thus, while going out, you do not have the hassle to carry the keys. 

It has the feature to get connected with the mobile and thus, from anywhere you can operate the lock. 

Its unlocking takes only 0.4 seconds and about 100 fingerprints can be registered in the lock. Also, up to 100 RFID cards and 100 passwords can be registered. If you want anybody else to open the door, you have to share the OTP which comes on the mobile app and this OTP can be shared from anywhere. 

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It has the feature of a low battery indicator and in case the batteries drain out, the external power port can be used to give power to the lock. 

With an adjustable spy code feature, before or after entering the original pin, you can use random numbers to protect your original pin from strangers. 

  • A low battery indicator is present.

  • It is easy to use and install.

  • Affordable.

  • While opening and closing the lock, it makes a loud noise.
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5. Smart Digital Door Lock ES-B10

ES-B10 is made in Korea and is an adaptable cover type of door lock. It has cover protection in the form of durable sliding and has a premium compact design.

The features of anti-UV and anti-crime are very helpful. It is easy to use with a wide button number pad. Even comfortable to use it as well. 

Smart Digital Door Lock ES-B10

The button present on it can be pressed easily.

It can be operated even when the light is dim as the feature of a bright backlight is present. 

The authentication is fast and one does not have to spend much time operating it.

To prevent the stranger from knowing your passcode, it is possible to press some random numbers before or after the passcode is applied due to the presence of the random number feature. 

It even has the anti-prank feature. In case of any forced entry or if anybody tries to open the lock without your consent, an alarm beeps out as there are the features of anti-crime and force break-in alarm.

It is equipped with the feature of a fire sensor and an automatic opener system.

  • Easy to use and install.

  • It has the feature of a force break-in alarm.

  • The lock can be charged with a 9V alkaline battery.

  • Noise is produced while opening and closing the lock.
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6. Yale J20 Stainless Steel Digital Smart Lock

Yale is a trusted brand in digital smart door locks and the J20 door lock has a sleek and user experience design.

There are many options available to access the lock like Pin code, BLE, and RFID card.

It is a metal lock with an LED-activated keypad that is elevated and thus, typing the pin on the numeric keypad is easy. 

Yale J20 Stainless Steel Digital Smart Lock

With the smart auto-lock feature, the door gets secured after it has been closed for a specified time like 30 minutes. 

As you return home, the door gets open with the help of the auto-unlock feature and geo-fencing feature. With these, you do not have to fumble over the keys or pull out the phone when you reach home.

It works well with mobile app and the user can enjoy all the features like alarm notification, visitor management, remote access, auto-lock, one-time password, pin code, volume control, and visitor book by either sitting in the house or even when out of the house. 

If someone tries to open the door forcefully, an alarm will be activated as the damage and intrusion alarm are present in the smart lock. In this case, an 80dB alarm gets activated.

  • The voice guide feature is present.

  • Good customer service.

  • Installation is easy.

  • Bluetooth has to be purchased separately if you want to pair the lock with it.
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7. Valencia – Filip Smart Door Lock

Filip smart door lock is designed to make your home look smarter. It is made of Al-alloy material and has a glass finish with black color

This lock can be opened in any way according to your preference. There are various ways of opening it like a one-touch fingerprint scan, RFID card, and pin code. It also supports the traditional way of opening with a manual key. It has the capacity of multiple access users.

Valencia – Filip Smart Door Lock

There are three types of alarm indicators present in it. It provides anti-dismantle, password protection, and low battery indication alarm notifications. 

In case of an emergency of the requirement of power supply, it can be applied with a power bank of 5V which is an external power supply facilitated by Filip smart lock.  

The feature of voice guidance is very helpful. It guides through various options and settings which makes the user comfortable to use and operate the smart lock. 

  • Easy to use and install.

  • It is provided with three types of alarm.

  • Voice guidance is very helpful.

  • Support from customer service is not good.
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8. Lavna Smart Digital Door Lock

Lavna digital door lock is a fingerprint biometric digital lock and has a warranty of 3 years. The user gets 24/7 telephonic customer support from the company. It is available in dual-color and has a new look. 

Lavna Smart Digital Door Lock

The features of this high-tech digital lock are strong but are very simple to use. It is used for wooden doors and its installation is easy. It can be used on both opening indoor and outdoor doors and can be installed on the left side or the right side. 

In this lock, the user can register up to 100 RFID cards and 100 pin passwords. For unlocking, the computerized key is also available. 

It uses a fingerprint to open and lock the door and thus, it is highly secured and safe. With this feature, many hassles are removed like manual locking, carrying the key while going out, and making multiple keys for family members. 

If the battery becomes, it is indicated by the low battery indicator. Also, the lock can be given power by the external power port if the battery dies.

To protect the password from strangers, you can use random numbers before or after the pin. This is a unique feature of this lock.

  • The product finish is good.

  • Friendly customer service.

  • Installation is easy.

  • Makes loud noise while locking or unlocking.
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9. LAVNA Lock for Wooden & Metal Door

The digital lock by Lavna is a smart door lock that can be used to lock the door safely and then the door can be opened with ease. With the use of this lock in your home, many things get eliminated like carrying many keys for all the family members, manual locking, etc. and this makes your life enjoyable.

LAVNA Lock for Wooden & Metal Door

It has a sleek design and is dust and rust-free.

This digital lock is suitable for wooden and metal doors. Its installation is simple and the minimum thickness of the door should be 34mm. 

This lock can be installed at right-hand indoor open only

With Lavna lock, you can unlock your door in 2 ways – by RFID card or by manual keys

The battery present in the lock runs on 4 AAA batteries and its life is 12 months. You need to lock the door with a manual key if the battery gets empty.

  • Excellent customer care.

  • Installation is easy.

  • It can be used in metal and wooden doors.

  • It can be used in right hand indoor open only.
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10. Lavna Locks Fingerprint & Key Door Lock

It is a digital door lock that can be used in metal as well as wooden doors.

It has the feature of unlocking through fingerprint and takes only 0.4 seconds to unlock the door.  

You can register up to 50 fingerprints and 100 pin passwords in the lock and have a 360-degree fingerprint sensor.

Lavna Locks Fingerprint & Key Door Lock

While going out, you do not need to lock the door, it has an auto-locking system.

When the battery becomes low, a notification is received on the App through the low battery indicator. In case of a low battery, the lock can be given power by the external power port.

When the digital lock is unlocked, the cabinet door or drawer pops out automatically. This is due to the presence of the Auto pop-up feature.

The fingerprint sensor has an LED light indicator which helps to know the fingerprint status.

  • Installation is quick and easy.

  • Excellent customer service.

  • LED light indicators are very helpful.

  • Only 50 fingerprints can be registered.
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Buyer’s Guide for Smart Door Lock

The following points mentioned below should be considered before buying digital door locks.

1. Power source – Mostly rechargeable battery power is used in the smart door locks and with use, they run out of power. There is always an alternative way to recharge the lock and you must know it. Also, remember to check if the lock has any emergency power supply system technology.

2. Compatibility – It is the most important point to be considered before selecting a digital smart door lock. You should check whether it will be compatible with your door or not. It is found that many locks are suitable for wooden doors only. Whereas, some works for metal doors also.

3. Unlocking system – Different locks have different unlock features. Some locks use a pin or passcode to unlock whereas in some only fingerprint is required. It is up to you which unlocking system suits you. You can select based on your requirement and preference.

4. Price – Generally, a smart digital door lock is expensive but has excellent features. The user needs to check the price and select the one that is within your budget. You can even go for a cheaper lock but it will lack some additional features. You must research in a better way before finalizing any lock for yourself.

5. Security – Security features are the most important thing in a smart door lock as this is the reason for buying an expensive lock. Before selecting any lock, go through all the security features and select only after you become satisfied with all the features.

6. Additional features – There may be some additional features in locks like remote access, support for app integration, or an automatic locking system. With these additional features, the lock becomes more useful.


With the use of a smart door lock, the hassle of carrying or losing keys is not present. It is a wise decision to install a digital lock in your home or working space so that you can secure it in a better way. We hope the list provided above about the best smart lock for the door under 10000 would be helpful for you in selecting the best door lock for yourself. We included 10 locks in our post and included unbiased reviews about each one.

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