Best Exercise Bike for Weight Loss at Home (Exercise Cycle)

Many of us are interested in losing weight and getting in shape and consider it as a priority. But, due to insufficient time, we are not able to go for gym workouts for hours. In such a case, home exercise equipment proves to be helpful and the best exercise bike for weight loss at home can be used.

Best Exercise Bike for Weight Loss at Home
Exercise Bike for Weight Loss at Home

Another name for the exercise bike is stationary bike While pedaling on an exercise bike at a moderate speed for 30 minutes can help in burning 311 calories which indicate that you can lose weight through an exercise bike in an easy and fast way.

You can burn more calories at a time if you increase the speed of pedaling. With the help of an exercise bike, you lose weight and reduce body fat and become stronger. It also helps in lowering high blood pressure, regulates blood sugar, reduces bad cholesterol, and prevents heart attacks.

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Below are the reviews of the best exercise bikes for weight loss at home, which will help you select one for yourself.

Top 12 Best Exercise Bike for Weight Loss in India

1. Fitkit FK717 Spinner Exercise Bike

Fitkit FK717 has a practical build with an aesthetic design that can be installed at home. You can consider it as an effective exercise partner as it is equipped with multiple features and technologies and provides a comfortable workout experience.

Best Exercise Bike for Weight Loss at Home
Fitkit Exercise Bike

The exercise cycle has a digital console display board that provides real-time health and workout data during the workout. This has a multi-level resistance system along with 14 lbs flywheel weight with which you have a smooth workout session.

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This Fitkit bike has an LCD monitor on which cycling speed, workout time, calories burnt, distance covered, odometer, and heart rate are displaced. It can be connected to a third-party app like Apple Health, Fitbit, Fitplus, and Google Fit.

This exercise bike has a free six months fitness and diet plan recommended by a doctor.

For this fitness device, the recommended maximum user weight is 110 kg. The workout on this exercise bike is always safe as it is provided with an anti-slip pedal with an adjustable strap.


Sturdy and robust frame.

It has an app-connectivity option.

Free doctor consultation and trainer diet plan.


No backrest is present.

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2. Lifelong LLF54 Polypropylene Stationary Bike

Lifelong LLF54 stationary bike is designed to make you fit at home and enjoy a cardio workout.

Lifelong LLF54 Polypropylene Stationary Bike

This device has a 320 belt bearing system in which while pedaling, the rotation is softer and produces less noise. It is more durable as well.

It is equipped with counterbalanced pedals which provide more foot support and control to the user. The workouts done on this bike are efficient due to the ergonomic designs and the adjustable foot straps provide the perfect fit to the feet.

One of the important features of this is the smooth magnetic resistance system which is suitable for fitness enthusiasts of all skill levels. This resistance system has 8 levels of difficulty and depending on the fitness level, you can customize the routines as different terrains can be stimulated by the tension knob.

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It is equipped with a tension-controlling knob that helps adjust the tension of the device.

The users of different sizes of the body can workout comfortably on this device as it is equipped with the feature of an adjustable seat and thus, you can give maximum effect on the targeted areas.

It has an LCD monitor on which it is possible to track your time, speed, RPM, calories burned, and distance covered. With this, you can understand your exercise situation.

This exercise bike has a warranty of 1 year on parts and manufacturing defects.


Lightweight with an adjustable seat.

A digital display meter is present.

It is equipped with a belt-drive system.


Customer support is not good.

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3. AmazonBasics Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike

AmazonBasics Magnetic Upright exercise bike is ideal for those who want to do workouts for the upper as well as lower body. It is a sturdy exercise bike made up of heavy-duty steel tubes with coating and can tolerate user weight up to 100 kgs.

AmazonBasics Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike

The display console of this device is user-friendly which can be used to track speed, RPM, distance covered, calories burnt, pulse, and time. It also helps in monitoring the heart rate as the handles are provided with a pulse monitoring device.

A resistance adjustment control knob is present which has 8 levels of resistance by which the resistance of peddling can be increased or decreased. In this way, you can vary the intensity of the exercise.

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It is equipped with a flywheel with a weight of 6 kg and has a magnetic system resistance by which superior resistance is provided while pedaling.

One of the best features of this device is an adjustable seat which can be adjusted back or front at a convenient height and has a high-density foam.

To prevent slipping during workouts, non-slippery anti-slip cushions are present which helps in preventing slipping during workouts. This indicates that the exercise bike has a single effective crank design.


The display is user-friendly.

Magnetic system resistance present.

High-density foam in the adjustable seat.


No Major Cons

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4. Powermax Fitness BU-200 Alloy Steel Exercise Upright Bike

Powermax Fitness BU-200 upright bike is highly recommended for home workouts and helps you to be in shape. It is suitable for a weight up to 100 kg. It has a heavy-duty steel frame with a heavy-duty crank in which the pedals screw into the spindle and thus, the drive and flywheel get turned. There is a single-piece crank of 5.5 inches on the bike.

Powermax Fitness BU-200 Alloy Steel Exercise Upright Bike

It has a silent belt system that is smooth and while doing workouts on it, nobody else gets disturbed.

It has an LCD display that shows speed, time, distance traveled, and calories burnt.

Due to the presence of a cushioned adjustable seat, it is highly comfortable and helpful in low-impact aerobic exercise.

It requires a very small area for use and thus, it is always ready for the next workout.

It is equipped to resist micro-adjustable tension control and thus, depending on the pressure you can resist to cycle the pedals, the workout can be done.

The handle grip has heart rate sensors. The HDR foam grip is present in the bike along with the wheel for easy transportation.


Anti-skid pedals are present along with adjustable foot straps.

It has a one-piece crank of 5.5-inch.


No Cons

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5. Sparnod Fitness SAB-05 Air Bike Exercise Cycle

Sparnod Fitness is a fast-growing brand and its SAB-05 air bike exercise cycle is in high demand by those who are not able to do running or rowing but want to do a full-body workout at home. It can tolerate a maximum user weight of 100 kg.

Sparnod Fitness SAB-05 Air Bike Exercise Cycle

It has dual-action moving handles which help to burn the calories and tone the muscles. Due to this feature, the handlebars move back and forth and the upper body muscles are targeted. While pedaling, the lower body muscles are targeted. If required, these handles can be set at stationary mode as well.

The resistance level can be adjusted due to the presence of a tension controller knob and thus, different levels of workout intensity can be carried out.

It is equipped with an LCD monitor which indicates time, distance, speed, and calories burnt. There is continuous toggling of the time, distance, speed, and calories by the scan mode and thus, all the metrics can be monitored easily while working out.

This gym cycle is equipped with a comfortable seat and its height can be adjusted. While working out, the user gets support on the back by the backrest present. There is no chance of slipping off the foot as the foot pedals have a lock.  This stationary bike has better stability due to the presence of an anti-slip wide base.


Comfortable and adjustable seat.

An anti-skid base provides stability.

It has an LCD monitor.


During workout operations, noise is produced.

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6. PowerMax Fitness BU-515-AL502 Steel Exercise Upright Bike

For home workouts, the PowerMax Fitness BU-515 exercise bike is the ideal device and is the best bike to get in shape. It is stylish with a lot of functions. It can be set up in a small area and so it is always ready for the workout. Since it is lightweight, it is easy to move and carry.

PowerMax Fitness BU-515-AL502 Steel Exercise Upright Bike

Its belt system is smooth, frictionless, and silent so that others do not get disturbed. With the presence of an LCD monitor on the bike, you can measure speed, time, distance covered, and calories burnt in a session.

The seat of the bike is cushioned and adjustable on which low-impact aerobic exercises can be done with ease. It is present with anti-slip pedals and adjustable foot straps. The handlebars are covered with neoprene which makes the users hold them comfortably.

The magnetic adjustable tension control is resisted in this bike and thus, you can work out based on the pressure you can resist cycling the pedals.

There are arms in the single-piece crank into which the pedals nuts and it is joined by the spindle. These all move to turn the drive and flywheel.

The user is provided with DIY and virtual assistance via voice or video call.

Due to the 5kg flywheel system, the user gets a safe and comfortable experience. It is suitable for the user’s weight up to 100 kg.


Easy to assemble.

It can fit easily in a bedroom corner due to its compact size.

Silent operations.


The heart rate sensor is not accurate.

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7. Cockatoo AB06 Stainless Steel Exercise Bike

Cockatoo AB06 stainless steel exercise bike is the perfect equipment to carry out workout sessions at home and have a toned body shape along with a healthy lifestyle. It is suitable for the user with a maximum weight of 100 kg with a height of 150-195 cm.

Cockatoo AB06 Stainless Steel Exercise Bike

It has a 6-inch LCD monitor on which the user can track time, speed, distance covered, and calories burned.

There is a 3kg flywheel along with 1-piece cranks and a one-way bearing. The air resistance offered by it is based on the fan and the level of the magnetic resistance can be increased or decreased by simply twisting the knob.

It has a steel body that looks sturdy and the user can work out for hours without the fear of disintegration.

The handlebars have dual-action due to which the upper body also gets the right amount of impact during the workouts.

The cushioned seat of the bike is very comfortable and can be adjusted according to the height of the user with the help of the heightadjustable knob present below the seat.


It is lightweight and sturdy.

An adjustable seat is present.

It has an ergonomic design easy on the knees.


The wheel drum of the bike is made up of plastic.

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8. Endless EL001-02 Exercise Bike for Home Gym

Endless EL001-02 is a beautiful exercise bike to carry out workouts at home.

Due to its compact design and lightweight structure, it can be placed in any corner of the house. It can be used to have an energetic lifestyle and a toned-up body.

exercise bike

It has a beautiful design with a strong body frame made up of steel that does not disintegrate even after many hours of constructive workouts. Due to its steady balance, you can work out at a fast speed.

Its handlebars are long and are attached to the upper frame. The handlebar is covered with a soft foam cushion and has a bull horn design that provides a multi-level grip.

With the help of the digital LCD monitor present, you can monitor speed, calories burned, and distance covered and use this data to track your daily achievements.

There is an adjustable resistance system in the bike and with the help of a small knob, you can select different levels of resistance.

It has a cushioned seat that can be adjusted and this bike can tolerate a maximum weight of 85 kg.

The user has a better foot grip on this bike due to the presence of non-skid pedals which have adjustable foot straps.


Sturdy and durable.

Cushioned and comfortable seat and can be adjusted.

It has an adjustable resistance system.


The maximum weight allowed is only 85 kg.

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9. Healthex Dixon01 Stainless Steel Air Bike

Healthex Dixon01 exercise air bike is for doing exercises at home. It is portable and is non-motorized.

Exercise Cycle

It has an electronic meter on which distance covered, time, speed, calories burned, and scan are displayed.

The user can adjust the strength of the bike due to the presence of a manual tension knob.

The handlebars have padded grips with ergonomic adjustable-reach arms. The handle position and the seat can be adjusted with ease. During the exercise, the cycle handles move backward and forward.

It has a steel frame construction and is a sturdy bike.

The bike is present with a comfortable height-adjustable seat and has a comfortable saddle. The pedals have a foot lock which presents slippage.

While cycling, the user can improve the range of motion of their joints as there is a positive impact on ankles, knees, and hip joints due to cycling.

The intensity of the resistance can be adjusted during pedaling due to the presence of a resistance adjustable knob.

The maximum user weight allowed on this bike is 100 kg.


Good quality with a sturdy look.

Moving handles are effective in providing a better shape to the body.

A resistance adjustable knob is present.


No Major Cons

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10. Cockatoo CUB-01 Smart Series Magnetic Exercise Bike

Cockatoo CUB-01 upright exercise bike is a comfortable way to build a fit and healthy body in the home itself. It is designed to provide a full-body workout at home and helps the user to shed the extra kilos and build muscles. It is suitable for the user with a weight of up to 100 kgs and height between 150-195 cm.

Exercise Cycle

The size of the flywheel present in the wheel is 200 mm of 3 kgs and has 1 crank with a 1-way bearing. The LCD monitor present on the bike is 6 inches on which the user can track time, speed, calories burned, and distance covered.

With the help of 8 levels of magnetic resistance, you can intensify your exercise. The level of magnetic resistance can be increased or decreased with a simple twist.

The structure of the bike is sturdy and durable which resists chips, scratches, and damages.

Users of different body types can use this bike as it has the feature of an adjustable seat. It has wheels for maximum mobility, and thus it can be transported easily anywhere in the home or at the gym.

Due to its compact size, it can be kept at any corner of the house.


Comfortable adjustable seat.

Compact and can be kept in a small area of the room.

 Easy to assemble the exercise bike.


Service support of the bike is not good.

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11. PowerMax Fitness BU-610 Magnetic Exercise Upright Bike

For home workouts, one can surely opt for the PowerMax fitness BU-610 magnetic upright bike which is a stylish and functional bike. It helps you get in shape with constant use. The maximum user weight allowed in this bike is 100 kgs.

PowerMax Fitness BU-610 Magnetic Exercise Upright Bike

It has a smooth and silent belt system due to which no one else gets disturbed while you do workouts.

An LCD monitor is present on the bike on which distance covered, time, speed, and calories burned in a session can be monitored.  

It has a cushioned adjustable seat and helps a lot in low-impact aerobic exercise.

Since it requires a small area to set up, it can be used anytime for a workout. It has an ergonomic design due to which it is perfect for studios and apartments.

The handlebars are covered with neoprene which is comfortable and has an adjustable seat.

It is made up of a heavy-duty steel frame and its crank is also strong. It has a 6 kg flywheel system that provides a safe and comfortable experience to the user. Due to the presence of magnetic adjustable resistance control, you can work out depending on the pressure you can resist cycling the pedals.

There is only one piece of the crank in the bike and has anti-skid pedals with adjustable foot straps.

The seat present in it is cushioned and can be adjusted according to your height and comfort.


Lightweight and has wheels for easy carrying and moving.

Warranty of 1 year is provided.

Heart rate sensors are present on the handlebars.


No Cons

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12. PoweMax Fitness BX-110SX Magnetic X Bike

PowerMax BX-110SX magnetic exercise bike provides a complete cardio workout and can be kept in a small area of the home. Thus, it is known to be the perfect space-saving cardio machine. It can be folded and stored easily.

PoweMax Fitness BX-110SX Magnetic X Bike

Its seat can be adjusted horizontally and vertically so that users of various builds can fit in it. A soft cushion back support is also present in it.

The LCD monitor present shows speed, distance covered, calories burned, time, and hand pulse of the user while doing workouts.

The magnetic ribbed belt one-way drive is smooth, light, reliable, and silent.

It has a magnetic training intensity of 8 levels. Due to the presence of a 4 kg flywheel, the user gets a smooth and realistic ride experience.

It has an 8-level tension knob with which the workout can individualize and thus, it makes the bike suitable for everyone.

It can carry a maximum weight of 110 kg. It can be transported easily due to the presence of wheels and has an HDR foam grip along with an adjustable front and rear stabilizer in height. Due to the presence of a hand pulse on the handlebar and fixed handlebar, it is more comfortable to use.


Sturdy bike with silent operations.

Comfortable seat with cushion back.

Easy to assemble.


Not Major Cons.

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Buyer’s Guide

You may find selecting the suitable exercise bike for yourself an overwhelming task due to the availability of many types and brands in the market. Our buying guide can help to ease the task for you. The below-mentioned factors should be considered while selecting an exercise bike.

  1. Frequency of exercise bikes – Before buying, you must know the frequency of using them at home. If you think you will use it once a week, then it’s better to go for a gym membership. But if you plan to do workouts at home 3-4 times a week, then it is useful. Exercise bikes provide low-impact exercise with good cardio workouts.
  2. Types of exercise bikes – If you want to be stronger, reduce body fat, and have a fit body, it is wise to buy an exercise bike for home. Depending on your fitness goals, you must select the bike. The upright bike is good for upper body workout and low impact high-intensity workout, spin bike is ideal. If you are a beginner then you should opt for a hybrid bike. For targeting muscle workouts, the recumbent bike is helpful. If you want to go for HIIT training at home then air bikes are the best.
  3. Affordability – Before planning to buy a bike, set a budget. A good exercise bike in India can come under Rs. 10,000 and most of the exercise bikes here are affordable.
  4. Features – Always buy an exercise bike with good design and features. Some of the features you must not ignore are adjustable seats, resistance levels, maximum weight allowed, etc.
  5. Resistance level – There are various resistance levels in a good exercise cycle. With these levels, you can upgrade your workout levels.
  6. Pedals of a stationary bike – A bike with wide pedals should be preferred as it is not comfortable to use a bike with narrow pedals.
  7. Weight and seat of the gym bike – A comfortable seat is an important feature to look for. Also, look for the weight capacity of the bike as it will be of no use for you if your weight is above the supported weight.
  8. Back support in the stationary bike – An exercise bike with back support is essential for users with lower back pains or degenerative disc problems. The bikes with a backrest provide more support as compared to the upright bike.
  9. Test it in a shop before buying – It is good to test the bike nicely before buying it as it would be a complete waste for you if it does not suit you. Therefore, always visit a shop to test it even though you are planning to buy it from the online platform.


Can I reduce belly fat by riding on the exercise bike?

You can effectively burn calories and fat by cycling on the exercise bike. The belly fat can be burned at a fast rate if you alternate between cardio exercises and HIIT workouts. With the help of the exercise bike, you can achieve your dream and it even benefits you in having toned legs, thighs, and buttocks.

How long should a beginner use an exercise bike?

If you are a beginner, you should start slowly and use an exercise bike for 15 minutes only. With daily usage, you can increase the time of the workout gradually.

Out of a chain drive and belt drive, which exercise bike should be preferred?

A chain drive exercise bike allows both forward and backward pedaling but a belt-drive bike is quieter. The flywheel is not controlled by the brakes in a chain drive system but it can be controlled in a belt drive system. The belt drive bike is cheap but not durable and the chain drive exercise bike is durable.

What are the benefits of using a stationary bike?

It helps to lose weight and increase joint mobility. Cycling regularly strengthens the heart and provides energy to your body. The immune system improves with the loss of fat. You can have good quality sleep if cycling is done regularly.


With the help of exercise, the exercise bikes mentioned above are the best ones in the market and are effective in getting a toned and good-shaped body. bikes, you can do workouts in the comfort of your home and on your schedule. To get a full-body workout you do not have to leave your home.

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