Kids Football Shoes in India (2021)

Looking for kids football shoes? We have listed all kinds of football shoes for kids you think of in this article. Just like the football shoes for adults, the shoes for kids have the same technologies and innovations, so we ensure that after going through this article, you can find a pair of shoes that fits your requirements. 

The importance of kids football shoes is the same as that of professional players. When the kids are young and developing their skills, they must get the right exposure with the right equipment. There are many different models and variations in the football shoes of kids

It is not easy to buy a pair of football shoes for kids. It can lead to serious injury if you select the wrong pair of shoes. There are lot many variations available in the market and we have selected some of the best football shoes for kids that you can buy in India. 

12 Best Kids Football Shoes in India

1. Nike Football Shoes for Kids (Vapor 13 Clube NJR)

Vapor 13 Clube NJR is a Nike football shoe for kids. Vapor 13 football shoes have got aerodynamic construction, capable of accelerating speed.

nike football shoes for kids

It looks amazing and the universal soul is suitable for providing traction to firm natural surfaces as well as to artificial grass surfaces.

The insole is lightweight which helps in providing cushioning.

The child has a comfortable fit with the soft synthetic material. The microtexture at the upper side helps in supreme control even at the highest speeds.

It has got a round-toe style with a lace-up closure type. It is the best Nike football shoe for kids.

What We Like

Secure lockdown
Anatomical soleplate
Barefoot touch

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2. Puma Kids-Unisex Evoknit FTB II FG Jr Silver-Shockin

Players of all levels can make use of the Puma Evoknit FTB II Jr. It provides a unique silhouette as the upper features a knitted collar construction and it gives a premium fit around the ankle.

pume football shoes for kids

It is a combination of lightweight comfort and longevity mainly due to the durable synthetic upper material.  The outsole is of TPU and has conical studs. With a rubber sole and lace-up closure, the kid feels comfortable wearing it for a long period.

To remove the dust from the shoes, you need to wipe them with a dry cloth.

What We Like

Regular shoe width
Round toe style
Wide fit

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3. Nike Football Shoes for Kids (Unisex Kid’s Jr Superfly)

Nike Superfly 6 Club NJR football shoes are added to our list of the best kids football shoes for many reasons. The upper part wraps the foot like a glove and is made of synthetic leather.

football shoes for kids

Even if the ball comes of very high speed, it can be controlled easily with this shoe as it has got a micro-textured surface.

It provides a sock-like secure fit around the ankles due to the dynamic fit collar present and the ankle is allowed to move freely.

Being super light, it is the best match for kids who do not like bulky and heavy shoes.

It is capable of providing traction on various kinds of surfaces like natural and artificial grass. This shoe wraps the foot and provides a comfortable and exceptional ball touch.

What We Like

A sculptured arch is present which provides responsive support.
Two-part pad plate system present.
Chevron and hollow-point studs are present.

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4. Adidas Unisex Child Copa 21.3 Fg J Football Shoe

Due to the synthetic upper, Adidas Copa 21.3 football shoe is durable and protective. It provides superior comfort to stay relaxed on the pitch.

adidas football shoes for kids

This shoe allows easy entry due to laced sock constructions and there is 4- way to stretch material.

The child feels less irritation during the performance as there are reduced seams and inner material. The traction and rotational movements are enhanced due to the shapes of the stud.

These junior football boots are easy to fine-tune your instincts. With the TPU outsole of this shoe, assurance is provided on firm ground.

What We Like

Affordable price
Adaptive support

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5. Adidas Football Shoes for Kids (20.3 Fg)

Adidas Predator 20.3 is for taking the charge on the firm ground. It has a soft textile upper and its mid-cut design provides support to the ankle.

With this mid-cut, every stride is stabilized by your ankle. The forefoot has raised elements that help the kid to add swerve to every strike.

kids football shoes

To get the enhanced control, it has been provided with the 3D-printed Demon scale upper which grips the ball.

Even on dry natural grass, you can dominate while wearing this cleat as it has a firm ground outsole.

What We Like

Fits the leg accurately.

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6. Adidas Football Shoes for kids (Men’s Copa 20.4 Fg)

Adidas Men’s Copa provides comfort throughout the match and has an assured touch. With this cleat, you can keep the ball close mainly due to the comfort stitching on the synthetic leather.

The Outsole enables you to excel on firm ground or dry natural grass by providing maximum traction.

adidas shoes for football

The synthetic leather present is durable and makes the cleats lightweight. The upper stitched vamp is designed such as to reduce slippage.

What We Like

Protected from water and scratch damage due to synthetic leather.
Unique design.
Comfortable and perfect fit due to lace closure.

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7. Adidas Boy’s Copa 20.3 Tf J Football Shoes

Adidas Boy’s Copa 20.3 Tf Junior football shoes have an assured touch and are comfortable throughout the match.

football shoes for kids

The upper is made up of synthetic leather with a stitched vamp which helps the user to control the ball with comfort.

This synthetic leather is durable and lightweight.  It is present with a mesh quarter that hugs the foot.

The upper has a mono-tongue providing a secure fit and is open on one side so that the foot can enter easily.

Due to the presence of an outsole, this football shoe excels on artificial turf and each step is cushioned by an EVA midsole.

What We Like

The back foot has got nice cushioning.
Comfy protection for the fingers.

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8. Nike Football Shoes for Kids (Unisex Kid’s Jr Mercurial Vortex)

Nike Unisex Kid’s Jr Mercurial Vortex Football shoes have lace-up closure with medium shoe width. The upper of this shoe is of synthetic material.

It provides the shoe with great comfort and ensures the user gets exceptional ball touch. On all kinds of surfaces like natural or artificial grass, this shoe can be used as it is a versatile multi-ground plate capable of providing traction on all surfaces.

kids football shoes

Regularly, you should allow the shoes to air and deodorize. It should be kept in a shoe bag only as this practice prevents the formation of any kind of stains or mildew on the shoes.

Do not use polish or shiner to clean the shoes, instead use a clean cloth to remove dirt from the surface.

What We Like

It can be used on any kind of ground.
Provides exceptional ball touch.

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9. Vector X Phantom Purple Football Shoes

Vector X is of the well-known sports brands and the sports gear provided by it is stylish and innovative.

There is a balanced mix of conical and bladed studs and this feature provides optimum grip and comfort.

vector football shoes for kids

This product has a TPU sole with 14 TPU studs. The footbed is padded providing enough cushion to the foot. Another comfortable feature of this product is the padded tongue.

What We Like

Comfortable on any surface.
Fits well.

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10. Nivia Airstrike Football Shoes

Nivia Airstrike football shoes are known to be the most comfortable football shoes that can leave the opponent in the dust.

The beginner players have been using this for a long time and all their demands are fulfilled by this shoe.

nivia kids football shoes

With this shoe, you can turbo-change your movements and the defense of your rivals can be shattered.

The grip offered by it is superior as it is a single mold and is highly flexible. While wearing it, the feet feel dry due to their detachable lining.

The foot has a perfect grip with its molded-in sock. This ensures free movement in all directions as there are round studs present.

What We Like

Can be used on soft and wet ground.
Superior grip.
The lining is detachable.

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11. Nivia Premier Carbonite 2.0 Football Stud

These are the best football shoes at a reasonable price. It is highly recommended for kids, school-level players, and first-timers who just want to give football a try or play casually.

A conical and polygonal stud pattern is present which ensures good traction and comfort to the players especially the beginners.

kids football shoes in india

These studs can be used for daily practice sessions as well. The feet are provided good protection with the synthetic upper and it prevents water retention as well. Even if the player is playing in wet conditions, the feet feel dry.

This football shoe can be used on synthetic turf and hard ground due to its TPU outsole. The player gets a secure heel fit with its pre-molded heel counter.

It has an Eva insole of die-cut that provides better comfort and is lightweight as well. The insole board is waterproof and non-woven.

What We Like

Can be used for daily practice sessions.
The grip and stability provided by it are good.
Durable and affordable.

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12. Vector X Velocity Football Shoes

Vector X Velocity Football shoes have an attractive look and come in blue-silver color. Many renowned sports personalities are using the products of Vector X and are completely satisfied with their results. It is one of the best football shoes for kids.

Its sole of Vector X velocity football shoes is made up of TPU sole and can be used on all kinds of grounds like natural or artificial grass.

vector kids football shoes

The outer material used in this cleat is PU. The footbed is padded which provides enough cushion to the feet. The ankle is also protected by these cushioned football shoes.

What We Like

This is a budget-friendly cleat.
Attractive looks.
Fits well.

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Conclusion – Football Shoes for Kids

The football cleats for kids must be flexible, durable, and fun to play with. While selecting a pair of cleats, it is important to look for certain things like the style of play of your kid and the position of the field. This decides the type of cleats required by the child. It is seen that durable cleats are those which have a leather upper. In hot weather, a mesh or knit would be good. For buying an economical cleat, synthetic upper should be preferred as these are lighter as well.

I hope the products recommended in this article would be useful for you and you can select the best football shoes for kids.


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  1. I am looking for football shoes for my kid from a long time but could not get through enough information and right suggestion. This post has provided me with both of these and I am happy to buy a nice shoes for my son. Thank you for guiding me in the best possible way.

  2. Recently I bought Nike football shoes for my son and he is loving them. Its grip is perfect for his feet. The size of the shoes is longer as compared to the size. But while wearing them, his feet looks little puffy from the front. Spikes of the shoes are good. He is waiting to win the next match while wearing this shoes.


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