8 Best Refrigerator under 15000

If you are looking for the best refrigerator under 15000 in India, you have come to the right place; this guide will help you choose the best refrigerator under 15000.

15000 is a good amount to buy the best refrigerator single door with many features for your 2-4 members family. A refrigerator has become a necessity in the kitchen; it has many functions. Keeping your things cold keeps the freshness of food and vegetables because, in the Indian climate, foods, and vegetables may perish early.

best refrigerator in India under 15000
Best Refrigerator Single Door

Buying a refrigerator is not always easy. Most of them are overpriced. So in this article, we give the best product reviews of the 8 best refrigerators in India under 15000 in your budget. It will help you to buy the best fridge under 15000 within 190-220 Liters capacity with direct cool technology.

We recommend you to read the Buying Guide For The Best Refrigerator Under 15000.

So hold a coffee cup, and let’s get started. You can also know which things should be considered in buying a refrigerator under 15000 from our buying guide below.

Top 8 Best Refrigerator in India under 15000

1. LG 190 ltr refrigerator (GL-D201APZY, Shiny Steel, 3 Star)

When it comes to refrigerators LG is one of the trusted brands for refrigerators. The LG single-door refrigerator comes with Direct cool technology. Also, it comes with shiny steel color so that it looks awesome at home. It is LG refrigerator single door below are its specifications.


Capacity –190 liters
Freezer Capacity –22 Litres
Installation Type –Free-Standing
Form Factor –Standard_single_door
Special Features-Inverter (Refrigerator LG)
Colour – Shiny Steel
Voltage – 230 Volts
Defrost System –Direct Cool
Shelf Type –Toughened Glass
Certification – Energy Star
Material – Stainless-Steel
refrigerator lg
Refrigerator LG
The net volume of this refrigerator LG is 190 Liter which is enough for 2-3 members’ families. Electricity bills will be the last thing on your mind. It is also as per Energy Efficiency Standards by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE). It consumes approx 130 units of electricity annually, which is very affordable to any user.

It can operate without a stabilizer within 90 to 310 volt. The most amazing part is that it comes with an antifungal gasket and also has a door lock.

LG Direct Cool Refrigerators come with a base stand drawer for extra storage to keep onion, potatoes, and other vegetables. It is the best refrigerator in India under 15000.

Intelligent inverter compressor for Unmatched performance, significant savings, and super silent operation.

The interiors are very reasonably organized. The freezer is relatively tiny, but the dairy section is large enough. The organization of door shelves is giving space for bottles, juices, squash, and many helpful things.

The vegetable box has a moist balance crisper which helps to refresh the vegetables and fruits. While at this price, GL- D201APZY is an excellent option.

Cooling Reservation

It has the most cooling reservation system. It can make faster ice in just 108 minutes.

  • It comes with a smart inverter compressor
  • This fridge is as per Energy Efficiency Standards by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency
  • The revolutionary smart connect technology helps you connect your refrigerator to your home inverter in case of power cuts.
  • Fastest in Ice Making
  • It has an antibacterial Gasket.
  • Stabilizer Free Operation
  • Nothing
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2. Samsung Single Door Refrigerator 192 L 3 Star Direct Cool

Samsung is known by all for its best service at electronics mobile and on other gadgets. This steel model is looking at its best. This Samsung refrigerator single door model has specifications as below.


Energy Efficiency —3 Star Rating (2019)
Capacity —192 liters
Installation Type —Freestanding
Form Factor —Standard_single_door
Special —- FeaturesInverter
Colour —Elective Silver
Voltage —- 100 Volts
Defrost System — Direct Cool
Shelf Type — Glass
Certification — Energy Star
Material –Steel
Samsung Single Door Refrigerator
Samsung Single Door Refrigerator
It also runs without a stabilizer; the stabilizer-free operation keeps it working steadily and smoothly. When power cuts, it’s automatically connected to the inverter without any disturbance. Its bar chrome handles are easy and smooth to grip. Its cool power technology helps to keep cool drinks or milk 31 % faster.

A large capacity of the veg box helps to keep all your vegetables and fruits. Its shelf is made of toughened glass which holds weight up to 175 kg safely. The door has an anti-bacterial gasket to keep the door clean and protect inside products from fungal and bacterial attacks.

  • It’s a single door refrigerator
  • This is 3 stars rated which saves electricity
  • The shelf type is toughened glass
  • It can operate without a stabilizer in 100v
  • As it is made of steel its outer surface heats slightly
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3. Haier 195 L 4 Star Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Haier is the most trusted brand for refrigerators. It’s popular for aesthetic design and performance. This Haier refrigerator single door model’s specifications are mentioned below.


Energy Efficiency 4 Star Rating (2020)
Capacity 195 liters
Annual Energy Consumption 128 Kilowatt Hours
Refrigerator Fresh Food Capacity 176 liters
Freezer Capacity 19 Litres
Installation Type –Free-Standing
Form Factor -Single Door
Special Features Stabilizer free operation, Door Lock
Colour —Brushline Silver
Voltage 135 Volts
Defrost System —Direct Cool
haier single door refrigerator
Haier single door refrigerator
This Haier single-door refrigerator also comes with direct cool technology. Haier HED-20CFDS refrigerator has a net capacity of 195 L and a net storage capacity of 188 L with a freezer of 19 L capacity. The fridge consumes 130 units of electricity per annum with a 4-star BEE rating. You won’t have to worry about the energy it consumes as it features a 4-star energy-saving mode, making it economical.

The shelves of this refrigerator are made with toughened glass that can hold and withstand heavy pots and pans for lasting freshness.

This refrigerator works without a stabilizer within 1335-290 volt. Like all refrigerators, it also comes with 1-hour icing technology that brings down the temperature of the freezer to -5 degrees Celsius in 60 minutes. It also comes with an antifungal gasket and door lock. This DC Single Door Refrigerator has a thicker PUF (Polyurethane rigid foam) insulation compared to other conventional refrigerators; this helps retain low temperatures efficiently for better cooling.

To check Haier refrigerator single door price click on the view price button provided below. It is one of the best refrigerators in India under 15000.

  • Aesthetic Design
  • Hour Icing Technology
  • Large Vegetable Box
  • Defrost Button
  • Toughened Glass Shelves
  • Stabilizer Free Operation
  • Doesn’t have a changeable compartment in the interior.
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4. LG 190 Ltr Refrigerator 2 Star Direct-Cool (LG Single Door fridge)

Lg did it best again with the 2 stars rating as per BEE. It is compatible and suitable for everyone. It also comes with direct cool technology. This LG single door fridge has the below specifications let’s see.


Energy Efficiency–2
Capacity–190 liters
Installation Type–Freestanding
Form Factor—Standard_single_door
Colour—Shiny Steel
Voltage–230 Volts
Defrost System–Direct Cool
Shelf Type–Glass
Certification–Energy Star
lg single door fridge
LG single door fridge
It’s a single-door refrigerator LG. Economically it requires manual defrosting. The LG 190 Ltr Refrigerator gives you unlimited space to store vegetables and other things. The vegetable buckets space is 9.6 L. It also supports auto inverter connectivity when the power cuts. Spill-Proof toughened glass shelves help you to keep heavy vegetables without any doubt.

A special lattice-type box is in the interior, which maintains moisture at an optimum level.

  • The smart connect helps you to connect the refrigerator to the home inverter when power cut.
  • It can make ice in 108 minutes
  • The vegetable basket has a capacity of 9.6 L
  • It may be a little unstable
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5. Godrej Refrigerator Single Door 196 L 3 Star ( 2019 ) Direct Cool

For home kitchens and appliances, Godrej is a trusted brand, you can believe in their products with no eyes. This Godrej single-door refrigerator has below specifications.


Energy Efficiency—3 Star Rating (2019)
Capacity—196 liters
Installation Type—Freestanding
Form Factor—Standard_single_door
Colour—Wine Red
Voltage–230 Volts
Defrost System—Direct Cool
Shelf Type–Wire
Certification–Energy Star
godrej refrigerator single door
Godrej Refrigerator single door
Godrej Refrigerator Single Door also has direct cooling technology. Economically it requires manual defrosting. The 196-liter storage gives you almost enough space to keep your vegetables and many other things. It’s a three-star energy rating refrigerator. The color red wine makes it beautiful for home use.
  • The wire shelves can be removed to increase the space of the interior.
  • The refrigerator 100% environmentally friendly.
  • The 20 L vegetable basket helps you to store lots of vegetables.
  • It operates at low voltage at 140 volts.
  • It makes noise

To check Godrej single door refrigerator price click on the view price button provided below.

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6. Whirlpool Refrigerator Single Door 190 L 3 Star Direct Cool

Everyone loves the whirlpool brand for its smooth and long-lasting gadgets. When it comes to refrigerators we have in mind to buy a Whirlpool refrigerator. This Whirlpool single door refrigerator model has the below specification let’s see.


Defrost type–Direct Cool
Door type–Single Door
Shelf Type–Wire
Energy Rating–3 Star Rating
Warranty—1 year on product, 10 years on compressor
Whirlpool Refrigerator Single Door
Whirlpool Refrigerator Single Door
It has two dedicated door racks which chill up to three bottles of two liters and one liter of 5 bottles. It comes with insulated capillary technology, which helps cool faster and has cooling retention of 9 hours in the refrigerator. It has a chiller for storage for cans and milk packets.

The most exciting fact is that it comes with the auto-connect to the home inverter; when power is off, it’s automatically connected to the inverter from which it gets power. It can operate without a stabilizer within 130 to 310 volts. The refrigerator has an extra, giant vegetable crisper for which you will never run out of space.

For your storage needs, the refrigerator has extra space at the bottom for keeping potatoes, onion, etc.

  • The modern design gives you complete luxury of your household.
  • The easy defrosting helps to do proper cooling.
  • The lock-in technology helps to keep vegetables fresh.
  • Suitable for a small family
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7. Godrej Single Door Refrigerator 190 L 3 Star Inverter Direct-Cool

Again Godrej gives its best quality in Godrej 190 L 3-star Inverter Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator. This Godrej refrigerator single door model comes with direct cool technology.


Energy Efficiency—3 Star Rating
Capacity–190 liters
Annual Energy Consumption–164 Kilowatt Hours
Refrigerator Fresh Food Capacity–160.08 liters
Freezer Capacity—15.33 Litres
Installation Type—Freestanding
Form Factor–Single Door
Special Features–Inverter
Voltage–230 Volts
Defrost System–Direct Cool
Godrej refrigerator single door
Godrej refrigerator single door
If an additional area is something you’ve always wanted, the jumbo vegetable tray of our refrigerator provides sufficient space for all your veggies. 2.25-liter bottle storage space guarantees you can store jumbo-sized juices & aerated beverages when you have friends coming over.

Inverter Technology does the variable speed compressor, which directs its services well, looking for greater efficiency, stability, and quiet performance. The chiller tray lets you easily fit in five 1 liter water bottles, giving you an ample supply of chilled water. It’s Made with toughened glass, each shelf has the strength to hold a weight of up to 150 kg.

  • It has a big vegetable storage space.
  • It has an aqua space of 2.25 L.
  • It works on advanced inverter technology
  • Makes a lot of noise while cooling.

To check Godrej single door refrigerator price click on the view price button provided below.

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8. Haier small refrigerator 53 Ltr Direct-Cool Single Door Desktop Fridge

Mini refrigerators are usual amongst somebody who lives alone. Bachelors, particularly refrigerators, give them ample space to store their drinking cans and bottles. The portability gives it an attractive device to have in the bedroom. This Haier small refrigerator has a 53 Ltr capacity. Let us see more specifications of this mini-refrigerator.


Capacity–53 liters
Annual Energy Consumption—179 Kilowatt Hours
Refrigerator Fresh Food Capacity–50 liters
Freezer Capacity—3 Litres
Installation Type–Freestanding
Form Factor–Single Door
Voltage–135 Volts
Defrost System–Direct Cool
Door Orientation–Right
Shelf Type–Glass
Haier small refrigerator
Haier small refrigerator
This Haier small refrigerator 53 Liter fridge is perfect for putting your ice creams, fruit juices, and other drinking cans. This appliance begins with a mini-freezer to make ice as quickly as feasible. One of the highlights of this Haier fridge is its efficiency of resources. The anti-fungal gasket prevents the production and growth of bacteria or fungi, thereby keeping your food safe.

The smooth looks of this refrigerator can attract anyone to purchase it even if they have another fridge in the home. This 52L appliance can come in handy as a piece of additional cooling equipment in the bedroom. The low sound levels also make it the perfect one. However, it does not come with an inverter motor.

The separate ice chamber ensures better ice formation. Its great placement seems not to own any space, thereby providing a secure area for your other parts. The loose wire racks add to the versatility, whereby you can adjust the shelf size respectively. The best features of this mini-fridge are that it highlights two sturdy door racks to enable you to place your 1L bottles comfortably.

  • Compact in size, but a magnificent spectacle
  • Great device to have in the room
  • Incredible cooling
  • Low energy expenditure
  • Though model for single people
  • Cannot store large containers
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Buying Guide For The Best Refrigerator Under 15000

When it appears to buy a refrigerator, there are lots of options available now. It’s behind the glass of ice water to have the fridge. Additionally, various other points make your choice refrigerator with a system board that suits your kitchen cupboards. You can pull out a refrigerator drawer and see it full of cold water & drinks. Our buying guide for the best refrigerator under 15000 helps you choose the right type for your family, reading to you the stories, terms so that you and your groceries can freeze.

Pick your style

There’s a refrigerator system to suit each family. French-door figures are top-rated due to their high-end artistic style. A few customers prefer the convenience of bottom freezers, which set fresh nourishments at eye level, yet side-by-sides can suit better in a large kitchen in light of their small ways. This is what you have to know to settle on the best choice. See our refrigerator’s complete buying guide for the best refrigerator under 15000 available in various sizes and styles.

Top-Freezer Refrigerators

These conventional coolers are helpful for a great deal of space in genuinely challenging circumstances. They offer the most room for their size (widths shift somewhere in the range of 28 and 33 inches). Producers guarantee up to 23-cubic-foot limits. Allow for a broad stroke of the doors; get used to bending down to give lower cupboards and drawers.

Bottom-Freezer Refrigerators

Widths go from 24 to 36 inches, and supported limits equal 30 cubic feet; however, standard usable space is not as much as that of a nearly equal top-freezer. (Top-freezer cost less, as well.) Rather than the freezer, which many people utilize less, being at eye level, your fridge racks are completely scannable.

Side-by-Side Refrigerators

With the freezer on one side and fridge, these typically have through-the-door ice and water distributors. With expenses usually 33 to 36 inches, they’re declared to have generally up to 28 cubic feet limit (however, just around 70 percent is usable). Closed doors or best refrigerators under 15000 for tiny kitchens are not as energy or space-efficient as other examples.

French-Door Refrigerators

These have two small doors on top and a cooler underneath. There can be one compartment (or more) in the middle. Widths go from 28 to 36 inches. Asserted limits go up to 34 cubic feet; but, the common usable space is considerably less, at 17 cubic feet. The space-saving narrow door has the additional advantage of opening half the fridge when taking out more minor things.

Compact Refrigerators

These are ideal for a house, your office, or a kitchenette. Recognize that a few models have just one-quarter the limit of an average refrigerator; however, they cost the same amount to work. Temperature performance can be risky in particular models, so save these minis for soft drinks and different refreshments in the best refrigerator under 15000.

Also, you need to examine the size, finish, capacity by checking out the designation and pieces to get the best that suits your family’s necessities.

That sums up our pick of the best candidates for the best refrigerator under 15000 titles. Which one did you choose? Let us know via comments. Happy shopping!

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Refrigerator Under 15000

What should I look for when buying a refrigerator?

Purchasing a refrigerator is a significant choice. It would be better if you thought of a few things to get the best fridge, including larger models designed to keep food fresher and make it easier to order, energy star, power consumption, size, latest features, and price.

What is the most common refrigerator size?

The area of the professional-grade refrigerator changes depending on its layout, top mount, side by side, etc. The standard size is 30 to 36 inches in width,67 to 70 inches in height, and 29 to 35 inches in depth.

How much free space should I leave open around a refrigerator?

The place you need to leave around your refrigerator should be between ½” to 1″ between the bars and cabinetry across sides, a spark of 1″ to 2″ in the rear for proper air-conditioning.

How can I get rid of unpleasant odors in my refrigerator?

Separate the shelves and drawers, and cover them in luke foamy water. Clean the set parts using a soft cloth with sudsy water and vinegar. Besides, you can also place a container of baking soda in the refrigerator. It will help you get rid of the bad odor in the refrigerator.

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