Best Front Loading Washing Machine in India (7 Kg, 5 Star Ratings) 2021

Just like Televisions, washing machines have become common in every household in India. In most of the houses, a washing machine is used, but sometimes back, the most common type of washing machine used was semi-automatic. Now, the one that rules the market is fully automatic washing machines. These are of two types – top-loading washing machines and front loading washing machines. In this review article, we are going to explain the best front loading washing machine in India.

You are in the right place if looking for the buyer’s guide for the best front loading washing machine in India 2021.  In this article, the 8 best front loading washing machines in India will be discussed and all are 5-star ratings, and each capacity 7kg along with their features, advantages, and disadvantages. With the help of the buyer’s guide, you would be able to select the best product for yourself.

In most Indian homes, front loading washing machines are used mainly due to their inherent advantages. With this, washing of clothes is effective and is capable of removing stubborn stains as well. Initially, it might seem a little expensive but, in the long run, it helps you to save a lot of money. There are many reputed brands of washing machines like Samsung, Bosch, IFB, and LG in India. The decision to buy a particular model should not be depended on the design only; rather, it is essential to pre-analysis every product and then makes the final decision. 

Best Front Loading Washing Machine in India 2021

1. LG Front Load Washing Machine 7Kg 5 Star Inverter Wi-Fi Fully-Automatic – FHT1207ZWS

Being known for producing advanced quality washing machines, LG is used on large scale worldwide. In the Indian market, LG is quite successful mainly due to its product quality, improved after-sales service, and fair pricing. When we talk about various brands in the best front loading washing machines in India, LG is always on the top.

LG Front Load Washing Machine 7Kg
LG Front Load Washing Machine 7Kg

LG Front Loading Washing Machine Specifications of FHT1207ZWS model are: –

·      washing machine Fully automatic front loading

·      The energy rating of 5 star

·      Warranty of two years

·      The capacity of 7 kgs

·      14 basic washing programs

·      1400rpm spin speeds

·      Color- VCM

. inverter washing machine

·      Material – stainless steel

As ranked as one of the best front loading washing machines in India, LG comes with some excellent features.

LG Front Loading Washing Machine 7 Kg, inverter washing machine Model FHT1207ZWS has got effective wash quality due to 6 Motion Direct Drive. It helps in removing tough stains by moving the wash drum in multiple directions as a result of which proper care is provided to the fabrics. With this technology, clothes become ultra-clean.

Since the motor is attached directly to the drum and there is no belt and pulley involved so, noise, vibration & wear, and tear are reduced to a great extent. This is mainly due to the feature of the inverter direct drive.

This machine senses the type of fabric and provides extra care to delicate clothes. With the steam wash, it removes pet & pollen allergen, dust mites, and even sterilizes bacteria.

It comes with a SmartThinQ Wi-Fi feature enabling you to wash and operate the machine from anywhere.

Washing of clothes can be done fast with the feature of TurboWash in which 59 minutes is enough to wash an entire lot of clothes, causing saving of water and energy both.

The in-built heater in the machine is capable of heating the water up to 60 degrees Celsius due to which any stubborn stains and allergens can be removed.

Its touch panel is waterproof which did not require drying your wet hands before using it.

Even if the power is gone and the washing machine stopped, there is no need to worry. The auto-restart helps to start the machine cycle exactly from the same cycle where it stopped.

With the feature of child lock and stainless-steel drum, this model of LG is the best value for money and highly suitable for families with 3-4 families. This is the best front load washing machine in india.

  • No noise
  • Smartphone app compatibility
  • Ideal for a family with 3-4 members
  • Safety option of child lock
  • No Cons Found
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2. LG Front Load Washing Machine 7 Kg 5 Star Inverter Fully-Automatic FHM1207ZDL

This is another model of LG with impeccable performance and impressive design. For an average Indian family, this washing machine with a 7 kg capacity is ideal.

LG Front Load Washing Machine
LG Front Load Washing Machine 7Kg

LG Front Load Washing Machine 7Kg Specifications of Model FHM1207ZDL are

·      washing machine capacity 7 kg

·      Fully-automatic front-load

·      Luxury silver color

·      Stainless steel body

·      5 Star rating in energy efficiency

·      Ten washing programs

·       The Spin speed of 1200 rpm

. Inverter Washing machine

·      Components included are 1 unit of machine, 1 OT hose, 1 drain hose, 1 QRG, and user manual

LG front loading washing machine model FHM1207ZDL is equipped with 6-motion direct drive technology making the machine move in multiple directions due to which detergent reaches every dirt causing it to get eliminated easily.

No belts or pulleys are used due to the presence of direct drive inverter technology and thus, there is no noise and vibration. Also, there is a considerable reduction in the wear and tear of the machine, thereby, increasing the lifespan of the machine.

The water can be heated up to 60 degrees Celsius as a heater facility is present due to which stubborn stains are removed with ease. You can even change the settings with your wet hands as this model has got a waterproof touch panel.

Even from remote locations, the washing machines can be operated with the help of the SmartThinQ app. In case, there is a power cut and the device stops, it gets restarted once the power is restored due to its Auto Restart facility.

Even from remote locations, the washing machines can be operated with the help of the SmartThinQ app. In case, there is a power cut and the device stops, it gets restarted once the power is restored due to its Auto Restart facility.

With Tub clean feature, the water is heated at 85 degrees Celsius, and the tub is cleaned along with the drum. Also, with RPM speed, the dirt and water stains get cleaned.

One of the unique features of this model is the Baby care mode in which for 15 minutes, the water is heated up to 40 degrees, and then it gets heated at 60 degrees Celsius due to which enzymes, detergent residues, and bacteria are removed providing safe clothes for the baby. This is the best washing machine front load type.

  • The unique feature of Baby Care mode
  • Reduced vibrations and noise due to Direct Drive Technology
  • Hot water wash feature
  • Enabled with child lock feature
  • The feature of steam wash is not present in this model
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3. Bosch Washing Machine 7 kg 5 Star Inverter Fully-Automatic Front-Loading – WAJ2416WIN

With the use of German technology, Bosch is known as a renowned brand in washing machines globally and is also famous in Indian households.

Bosch Washing Machine 7 kg
Bosch Washing Machine 7 kg

Bosch Front Load Washing Machine Specifications of Model WAJ2416WIN are: –

·  washing machine capacity 7 kg

·  Fully Automatic front load

·  Anti-vibration design

. Inverter Washing machine

·  Vario drum

·  Express wash and 15 wash programs

·  2 years warranty on the product with 12 years warranty of motor

Highly affordable, Bosch Washing Machine 7 kg model WAJ2416WIN can provide great wash quality and is easy to use. Suitable for small families of 3-4 members, this front-loading washing machine fully automatic kills 99.9% of bacteria from the clothes as it cleans at 60 degrees Celsius due to its Antibacterial feature.

The clothes washed in this machine are tangle-free and damage-free as this machine has got an Anti-Tangle program by which tangles are reduced by 50%.
This Bosch Front Load Washing Machine has more stability as heat and wear out are minimized with its EcoSilence drive motor. At the same time, operations are silent with its AntiVibration side panels with which vibrations during cleaning are reduced to much extent.

With the feature of Speed Perfect, the wash cycle is shorter by 65% without compromising on the wash performance and quality.

The amount of load and type of fabric are calculated and accordingly, the water level is adjusted within the machine which in turn helps in saving water. This is possible with the presence of the ActiveWater Plus feature.

With the VarioDrum feature, a thorough wash is done even though delicate fabrics are protected from getting damaged.

Bosch Front Load Washing Machine WAJ2416WIN has a Reload Program by which clothes can be added or removed by opening the door early in the wash cycle.

Bosch Front Load Washing Machine
Bosch Front Load Washing Machine
  • Capable of saving water, time, and energy
  • The excellent feature of 15/30-minute wash cycle
  • Washing programs are excellent
  • Shorter pipes
  • Heavy and difficult to move
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4. IFB Washing Machine 7kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Front-Loading – Neo Diva VX

For Indian families, one of the renowned international brands of washing machines is IFB. Its washing machines are used by many Indian families for generations and rely on it completely. IFB home appliances have become very popular in India due to their quality and reliability.

IFB Washing Machine 7kg
IFB Washing Machine 7kg

Some of the specifications of IFB front load washing machine Neo Diva VX 7 kg are: –

·      5-star energy efficiency

·      Front-loading fully-automatic washing machine

·      Stainless steel body

·      Washing machine capacity 7 kg

·      Warranty of 4 years

·      11 wash programs

·      White in color

Sometimes the clothes are soiled slightly and do not need a deep cleaning. In such cases, the Express wash feature of IFB washing machines can be useful in which these kinds of clothes can be washed quickly.

During the first 15 minutes of the start of the wash cycle, the door can be opened for adding or removing the clothes with its Laundry Add a feature. After this time, the door cannot be opened.

This IFB washing machine Fully Automatic Front loading model Neo Diva VX 7 kg is equipped with a 3D wash system in which clothes are soaked thoroughly and thus, all dirt and stains are removed giving a bright look to the clothes.
If the water is hard, the detergent does not get dissolved easily and the washing machines face a challenge in cleaning the clothes. But this is not a problem in the IFB washing machine as it has got a feature of Aqua Energie in which water is filtered and thus, detergent gets dissolved resulting in a softer wash.

Bacteria and germs from the clothes are removed completely in hot water and this is nicely understood by IFB washing machines as it has an in-built heater capable of providing hot-water wash.

With the Ball Valve technology, wastage of detergent is prevented as it allows the water to go out but keeps the detergent in. IFB washing machines are protected from voltage fluctuations due to the presence of a voltage protection feature and thus, any kind of damage to electrical components is prevented from occurring.

  • Saving of detergent by Ball Valve technology
  • Softening of hard water by Aqua Energie feature
  • In-built water heater
  • No requirement of pre-wash
  • Little expensive
  • Cannot open the door after 15 minutes of the start of the wash cycle
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5. Samsung Fully Automatic Washing Machine 7kg Inverter Washer Dryer

Many households in India prefer to have Samsung products, especially washing machines. This brand is well-known in Indian culture and uses advanced technology in its product to fulfill the ever-changing needs of the common people.

samsung fully automatic washing machine
Samsung fully automatic washing machine

specifications of the Samsung fully automatic washing machine : –

·      7 kg fully-automatic front-loading washing machine

·      The energy rating of 5-star

. Inverter Washing machine

·      Product warranty of 3 years with 10 years warranty on motor

·      Plastic makeup of the body of the machine

Suitable for small families with 3-4 members, this Samsung washing machine comes with digital inverter technology providing better energy efficiency and less noise. The performance of the machine is more powerful and quieter as strong magnets are used.

If the user suffers from any kind of problem, it gets detected and diagnosed by the Smart Check automatic error-monitoring system in the machine and even provides easy solutions through a smartphone App and thus, enables us to save our time.  

One of the unique features of the Samsung washing machine is the ceramic heater which is immune to scaling from hard water. As a result, energy and time for heating the water are saved.
The interior of the drum is provided with ridges of diamond shape capable of providing a gentle touch to the clothes. This innovative feature of the Diamond Drum has small exit holes through which water can seep out and thus, clothes are prevented from being trapped.

With time, cleaning may be required for the drum after some set of wash cycles to maintain hygiene and this is notified by the alarm due to the presence of the Eco Drum clean feature.

Sometimes, the user may want to have a fast-washing process and this can be achieved by the Quick Wash option. With the presence of the Delay End feature, the wash cycle can be delayed for a maximum of 24 hours.

All the errors can be diagnosed with the help of the SmartPhone app thus, saving time and visits by the technicians.

All the controls are visible clearly with the LED panel and there is a feature of Child Lock as well due to which the controls can not be tampered with by anyone.

  • Ceramic heater
  • Well-organized customer support 24/7
  • 3 years warranty on machine and 10 years on motor
  • Less expensive as compared to its peer
  • Feature of Eco Bubble present
  • Gentle wash mode not present
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6. LG Washing Machine 7kg 5 Star Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading FHT1007ZNW

Another model of LG fully automatic front-loading washing machine suitable for small Indian families. As a known brand for many years, LG has a huge customer base and its washing machines are in great demand.

LG Washing Machine 7kg
LG Washing Machine 7kg

Specifications of LG Washing Machine Front Loading FHT1007ZNW model : –

·      Washing machine capacity 7 Kg

·      Inverter Washing machine

·      The energy rating of 5 star

·      2 years warranty on product and 10 years on motor

· Fully automatic front load washing machine with best wash quality

·      The spin speed of 1000 RPM

Enabled with 6 Motion Direct drive, LG Washing Machine 7kg FHT10007ZNW is capable of having various Wash programs and thus, provides effective wash quality. The type of fabric is sensed by the machine and thus, for different types of clothing, different washes are provided.

99.9% of germs are removed from the clothes with its Allergy Care feature due to which bacteria get sterilized. With SmartThinQ NFC, the customized wash cycles suitable for different kinds of clothes can be downloaded.

The operations in this LG Front Load Washing Machine 7kg model produce less noise and vibrations due to Direct Drive technology as belts and pulleys are not used.

With the presence of an auto-start Fully automatic facility, as soon as the power comes back after a cut, the machine starts automatically thus, saving time, water, and energy.

The presence of fuzzy logic estimates the amount of dirt and geese present in the clothes, the amount of soap and water required, and the spin direction. To have correct spinning, rebalance of the washing load is done by the machine.

If the user wants to delay the finishing time of a drying cycle, it can be done by using the feature of Time Delay. It can be delayed for a minimum time of 3 hours and a maximum of19 hours.

The clothes do not stick to the walls of the tub after the spin cycle because of the tumbling of the tub. This feature ensures that wrinkles do not form on the cloth.

Just like other models of LG washing machines, it also has the SmartThinQ app helpful in detecting and diagnosing the errors faced. This app helps in detecting at least 86 errors.

In the stain steel drum, no issue of rust will be faced and can be cleaned by Tub Clean feature in which water is heated at 85 degrees Celsius which cleans the tub and drum both, and water stains and dirt are then removed with RPM speed.

Other features of LG washing machines like Child lock and Baby care are present in this model as well.

  • With high RPM, dirt and water stains are removed conveniently
  • Operations are noiseless
  • The excellent feature of steam wash
  • Inlet pipe is small
  • Rat mesh is of plastic material
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7. IFB Front load Washing Machine 7kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic – Neo Diva BX 7 Kg

Fully automatic front-loading washing machines are the specialty of IFB and is relied upon by Indian families for ages. There are many models of IFB and one of these is IFB Neo Diva BX.

Washing Machine IFB
Washing Machine IFB

Specifications of this IFB 7 kg Washing Machine model are: –

·      Washing machine capacity 7 Kg

·      Energy rating – 5-star

·      Type – fully automatic front-load washing machine

·      Wash programs offered- 11 in number

·      Warranty – 4 years on product

·      Color – white

With the Use of the best front load washing machine Neo Dive BX 7 kgs, you can have spotlessly clean clothes. The 3D wash system is capable of providing excellent wash by soaking the clothes before washing.

With the in-built Aqua Energie, energy is provided to water by which detergent gets dissolved in better ways, and thus, clothes witness a softer wash.

Often gym clothes are lightly soiled requiring quicker wash and this is achieved by the feature of Express Wash present in this model.

With the feature of Laundry add, the door of the machine can be open even after the start of the wash for up to 15 minutes in which clothes can be added or removed.

The technology of Ball Valve prevents wastage by letting the water out without detergent and thus, wash quality is enhanced.

In case there are voltage fluctuations, you don’t need to worry about the machine as it has got a high-low voltage protection feature that prevents the occurrence of any kind of damage to the electrical components of the machine.
  • Saves detergent by Ball Valve technology
  • Provides excellent wash
  • Aqua Energie feature filters the hard water
  • Customer service is not up to the mark
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8. Samsung Washing Machine 7kg 5 Star Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading WW70J42G0BW/TL

This model of Samsung has some sterling qualities with reasonable price and thus, is preferred by many small Indian families.

Samsung Washing Machine 7kg
Samsung Washing Machine 7kg

Specifications of Samsung Washing Machine 7kg model WW70J42G0BW/TL are: –

·       Fully Automatic front load washing machine

. Inverter Washing machine

·       Suitable for families with 3-4 members with Washing machine capacity 7 Kg

·       The high spin speed of 1200 RPM

·       5 Star rated

·       Warranty of 3 years on product and 10 years on motor

The diamond drum feature of the Samsung washing machine 7kg front load WW70J42G0BW/TL protects the clothes from damage as it provides gentle fabric care.

With the presence of the Steam cycle, the clothes are hygienically cleaned thereby, improving the cleaning quality of the wash.

The Digital Inverter technology of the machine makes use of strong magnets due to which all the operations are quieter and powerful.

Energy is conserved as this model is energy star certified and thus, you can save a lot of money.

The heater of the machine lasts long due to ceramic makeup due to which any kind of water scale deposits is prevented from forming on the heater.

With the feature of Delay End, the ending time of the wash cycle can be pre-set.

The washing machine can be protected from child activities by the feature of Child Lock.

Sometimes, you have less time for cloth wash and in this situation, Quick Wash mode can be helpful.

  • Ceramic heater prevents water scale deposits
  • Child Lock feature
  • Quick wash mode is an excellent feature
  • Super build quality
  • No feature of Eco Bubble Wash
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Finally, it can be said that while talking about an operation, energy efficiency, cost, maintenance, and usage, fully automatic front load washing machines are most flexible. The advanced features of these machines make them highly useful for Indian families. Out of the above-mentioned washing machines of 7 kgs, you can select anyone based on your requirements but make sure to go through all the features and specifications in detail. This buyer’s guide will help in selecting the right model.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the cleaning of clothes be impacted by using less water and detergents?

No, cleaning is not impacted in the front-loading washing machine as it has got sensors that detect the quantity of water required based on the weight of the load.

2. Is there a tangling of clothes in these machines?

A tumbling action is used in front-loading machines due to which clothes do not get tangled. There are no agitators and impellers in these machines.

3. Can there be a growth of molds in the front-loading washing machines?

The growth of molds is a common problem in front-loading machines but with good care of the appliance, it can be avoided. For this, you need to avoid excess soap or fabric softeners.

4. For how long does a front-loading machine last?

There is a warranty period of 2-4 years on these machines by the manufacturers but is found that an average machine lasts for at least 15 years. With proper maintenance, a machine can even last for a longer time.

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