Best Washing Machine Brands in India

With changes in modern-day lifestyles, people are making use of more appliances to ease their lives so that they can get engaged in other activities. One of the most used home appliances is washing machines which are no more a luxury for human beings today rather, it is an essential thing. With the use of washing machines on a daily basis by most of the families, the wear and tear of this appliance are more and thus, as compared to the other home appliances, this is replaced more frequently. Taking this into account, it is necessary to select the best washing machine brands which enable you to get the best value for your hard-earned money. So in this article, we are discussing the best washing machine brands in India.

Even if you are buying a new washing machine for the first time, selection should be made wisely based on all the requirements. In the early times, only a few known brands of washing machines were available in the market but with the advancement of technology, many brands are now present and provide you with a lot many options to select from.

Broadly, the market of washing machines in India is composed of fully automatic washing machines and semi-automatic washing machines. New and innovative technologies are used by leading washing machine brands in India. At the time of selecting, many factors are considered by the buyers like price, design, capacity, portability, features, and technology. It is a complex task to select a brand due to the many consumer-friendly brands available in the market.

Thus, while selecting a washing machine for himself/herself, you might get confused and want to get an answer to what are the best brands of washing machines in India.

For this, we have researched and shortlisted the top 4 brands of washing machines which would be helpful to you in selecting a good model for washing machines for yourself.

Best Washing Machine Brands in India

1. LG

best washing machine brands

One of the best-known brands in India is LG which has got a good reputation in the market. It is a recognized brand of various electronics items and household appliances and among these all, LG washing machines are preferred by most people due to trendy looks, excellent after-sales support, and the latest technology. All the basic features are present in LG washing machines and are affordable as well. This brand has a varied range of fully automatic, semi-automatic, top-load, and front-load washing machines.

Various innovative technologies are used by LG so that buyers can get perfectly washed clothes like turbo drums, smart inverter technology (causing energy savings of 40%), waterproof touch panels, auto-start, 6-motion control technology, child lock, hygiene washes, and various wash cycles. With the presence of Twin Wash technology, different types of clothes can be washed separately at the same time. The maintenance of these machines is low with high durability. You can even go online for searching for various models of LG washing machines in India and the machine can be purchased from various authentic online stores.


best washing machine brands in India.

The highest selling washing machine brand in India is Samsung which has captured most of the Indian market.

In Samsung washing machines, most of the features are advanced suitable for Indian customers. The pricing strategies of Samsung are such that people often get attracted.

With low prices, one can get the appliances with the top-most features. For the diverse requirements of the customers, Samsung has various models in top-load, front-load, semi-automatic, and fully-automatic washing machines.

Power consumption in Samsung washing machines is reduced by 40% due to the presence of advanced inverter technology. Some other features present are scratch-resistant washing blades, effective filters (preventing clogging of drainage), wobble technology, eco bubble, eco drums, gentle fabric care, and a smartphone troubleshooting facility.

In some models, the feature of the built-in sink for hand wash and pre-wash with a water jet is present. Samsung semi-automatic washing machines come with rustproof bodies due to which durability is extended. All these features make Samsung a famous brand of washing machines in India that can capture the traditional market.

3. IFB

best washing machine brands in India.

If you want to go for premium brands, IFB is one of these. There are many international brands in India but still, IFB has maintained its decent market share and IFB washing machines are preferred by many people. It is the fast-selling washing machine mainly for the fully automatic front-load model. IFB has a huge consumer base and the customers are most loyal who remain with IFB even after generations. For having an edge on the competition, various innovative and modern technologies are being used by the company.

The feature of the cradle wash cycle is useful for washing fine clothes. The other advanced techniques used by IFB are air bubble wash, ball valve technology, foam control system, crescent moon drum, filter treatment, 3D wash system, and auto-balance system. IFB front load washing machines are most common among the people but still, top-load fully automatic washing machines are also provided with many exciting features. The durability and efficiency of IFB washing machines are incomparable and thus, many older homes still have this brand.


best washing machine brands in India.

With the simple and sleek models, Bosch washing machines are known for effective washing. Both top-load and front-load models of washing machines are available in this brand. The marketing strategy of the Bosch washing machine in India is a little different and it is not visible in the common advertising platforms. After using Bosch for the first time, most of the users keep on using it for years and do not want to change the brand at any cost.  

Some of the advanced features in Bosch washing machines are eco-silence drive motor, anti-vibration design, reload functions, reduced wash times (causing 65% energy saving), big dryer, big drum size, and water filter for hard water. Even if the water pressure is low, Bosch front-load models can function well. After every wash, the clothes are hygienically cleaned by their allergy plus feature. Some models of Bosch even have anti-tangle features. Bosch washing machines are also known for their durable and robust models.


All the brands of washing machines discussed above are the ones that have proved themselves in the industry and are present in the market for more than a decade. These have good customer ratings and are reliable as well. 

The most important thing to consider before selecting any brand is to know your requirements and this would help you to streamline a few brands. There are some sets of features in all the brands which might not be useful for all and thus, the features which would be useful for you must be assessed before going for a particular brand. It is very much possible to get the best washing machine brand with the latest features at an affordable price with patience and slight research.

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