Best Rucksack Bags for Outdoor Sports (2022)

When you are on a vacation or going on hiking and trekking, you must have a comfortable and enjoyable endeavor. For travel, rucksack bags play a significant role. Initially, rucksack bags were only for carrying various items but now people want them to be stylish, practical, and nimble. They mostly go for bags that are durable and designed for rugged outdoor adventures.

These rucksack bags are meant to keep your travel essentials secure and cool. Also, in these backpacks, anything can be packed from laptops to camera gear.

It would be not wrong to say that the most trusted travel companion is a properly fitting backpack. Given below are the best rucksack bags for outdoor sports. This will help you to select the most suitable backpack for yourself.

12 Best Rucksack Bags for Outdoor Sports 2022

We have mentioned bags for hiking, outdoor sports, traveling, and trekking bags in the below list. 12 Best rucksack bags are:

1. Wildcraft Rucksack 60 Liters Orange

Wildcraft is very famous among hikers, bikers, and travelers. The rucksack bags produced by this brand are the most durable and best-looking. These often meet the requirements of the people. Wildcraft rucksack 60 liters orange is very common among online buyers as it takes on the toughest hauls of the outdoors. 

Wildcraft Rucksack
Wildcraft Rucksack
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It has a great design and allows travelers to carry things comfortably along with being pocket-friendly. 

Wildcraft Rucksack bag has a capacity of 60 liters with dimensions of 60 x 36 x 6 cms. The weight of this rucksack is 1.17 kg. 

The outer material of this Wildcraft rucksack bag is nylon which makes the product water-resistant and durable. Due to this, the rucksack becomes lightweight as well. This is the best bag for hiking and even the best bag for trekking.

With the zip closure, it ensures that the things packed in it are always safe. 

The shoulder straps are adjustable and padded. There is a sternum strap along with a padded waistband which is secured with click clasps. 

It is possible to adjust the shoulder height and depth due to which the pack fits snug on you and this enables you to enjoy the winding road.

The mesh pockets on both sides can be used to carry water bottles.

Reasons to Buy:

The waist belt is padded.
Lining sleeve separator inside.
Hood pocket in which basic travel essentials can be kept.

2. Tripole Colonel Rucksack 80 Liters 

For long-duration hikes or travels, Tripole Colonel rucksacks are a good option. 

The most unique feature of this rucksack bag is a 12 liters day pack that can be detached from the main rucksack. It can be used for city tours or day hikes to keep small handy items like water and snacks so it is the best trekking bag. Even one can say it is a bag for hiking due to its features. This day pack has carabiner hooks in the front with padded shoulder straps. Inside this day pack, a key hook is present along with breathable black mesh.

This Tripole rucksack bag can be used for hiking and traveling for a long duration and so it is made up of a fiber frame which makes it durable and lightweight. 

Tripole rucksack bag
Tripole rucksack bag
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An aluminum rod is present at the back of the rucksack bag through which it provides maximum load-carrying capacity.

There is a waterproof rain cover present inside the Velcro pocket which is at the base of the rucksack bag. This cover can also be used to protect it from dust.

The hardware and zippers used in it are durable. The back has soft cushioning for providing comfort and good airflow when used for long hours.

In the front, top, and side, many handy pockets are present in which various items can be stored. 

This Tripole rucksack comes with a 3 years manufacturer warranty for damage.

Tripole rucksack bags
Trekking Bag

At the bottom, a compartment is present which can be easily accessed and it can be used for storing shoes, soiled clothes, sleeping bags, and other essential items. A fabric separates this section from the main compartment which can be loosened so that the rucksack can be converted into one compartment. 

Reasons to Buy:

Detachable day pack.
Multiple compartments.
The compartment at the bottom for storing shoes.
The green color looks different and attractive.

3. TRAWOC Rucksack 80 L Travel Backpack

With a Trawoc rucksack, you can have enjoyable travels without having concern for your packed items. 

The Trawoc rucksack is large, spacious, and multipurpose with a capacity of 80 liters. It is 3 times more spacious as compared to a normal backpack. It has dimensions of 80 x 33 x 25 cms and has smart, stylish, and trendy looks. 

Inside the main compartment is a laptop sleeve in which the laptop can be kept safely.

TRAWOC Rucksack
TRAWOC Rucksack
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The front compartment is spacious with a front zipper making access to things easy.

There are a lot many straps, pockets, and buckles in the backpack in which a lot of travel stuff can be adjusted easily in Trawoc bags. 

The material used in this backpack is highly durable due to which it can be used in any weather conditions like scorching heat or heavy rains. The stuff kept inside is protected from any kind of damage.

Other features are a light reflector, easy access side pocket, and a hip belt pocket.

The back panel is provided with breathable mesh fabric which is sweat resistant and has an air circulation system for a comfortable traveling experience.

With a big size shoe compartment, a pair of shoes can be accommodated easily. In this, you can even keep your travel laundry so that it is separated from the fresh clothes.

The shoulder straps are adjustable and padded due to which you can have a comfortable fit.

The zippers provided are of metal which does not get stuck in the middle and runs smoothly. Due to this loading and unloading is easy.

bag for hiking
Bag for Hiking

The base of the backpack is padded. It has got a rain cover to provide extra protection to the backpack in rainy weather. This rain cover is kept in the rain cover compartment which is at the side of the backpack. This is the best rucksack for trekking in India which is listed in this review article.

Reasons to Buy:

Front zipper compartment.
Rain cover with separate compartment.
Bottom compartment for shoes.

4. Trawoc Rucksack 60 Liters 

This Trawoc Rucksack 60 liters bag is highly comfortable and suitable for a weekend hike or mountain trekking. 

This Trawoc rucksack has the dimensions of 33 x 25 x 75 cm with a weight of 900 grams. This lightweight bag is the best rucksack bag for traveling.

With this skillfully fabricated rucksack, you can have adventurous encounters. The lightweight PU-coated polyester fabric is capable of holding your stuff well. 

It has wide design shoulder straps, a side bottle compartment, and side pockets for easy access.

Trawoc Rucksack
Trawoc Rucksack
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You can also carry a laptop along as it has a laptop compartment inside.

The belt strap has pockets in which small items like earphones, energy bars, etc can be carried. 

This Trawoc rucksack bag provides a comfortable fit with adjustable premium buckles. These buckles provide extra support as well.

The metal zippers are of high quality do not get stuck in between and glides smoothly. With this, it is convenient to do loading and unloading. 

The bottom section is double layered which allows you to carry more loads. 

With this rucksack bag, you can have the best adventure experience as it has a body-contoured ergonomic design. This is another best rucksack for trekking in India.

Reasons to Buy:

It has got 1 year of manufacturer warranty.
Body contour ergonomic design.

5. F Gear Hunter 75 Liters Black Rucksack

F Gear rucksack has many functions and features making it a flawless bag for hiking. 

The capacity of this rucksack bag is 75 liters and the dimension is 85 x 32 x 29 cms. It weighs 1.65 kg.

There is a huge compartment in the rucksack with 4 pockets, 1 hidden pocket, and 2 mesh bottle holders on the sides. 

best rucksack for trekking
Best Rucksack for trekking
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Since it is made of polyester fabric it is highly durable and is of good quality. Its softshell is soothing for the skin.

It has reflective printing and has a rain cover inside a concealed pocket due to which it can be best suited in rainy conditions. 

It provides strong support with its hip belt. The helmet can be stored and carried in a helmet compartment present in the rucksack.

There are 2 kinds of locks in this backpack which are a butterfly lock and a drawstring lock.

The handle strap is sturdy and padded. Due to the adjustable shoulder strap, the height of the strap can be adjusted according to the requirement as the ladder lock is present.

Due to the feature of expandability, it is an excellent travel gear. If you have more stuff to pack, this rucksack can be expanded.

Reasons to Buy:

A rain cover is present.
Hip support and iron metal strip present.
Feature of expandability.

6. Rucksack bags Skybags Sonic 49 Liters Green

Skybags Sonic rucksack bag has a capacity of 49 liters with a weight of 960 grams. The dimension is 67 x 32 x 23 cms and is green in color.

The outer material of the rucksack is nylon which is a durable material. 

There is 1 large compartment inside the rucksack which can store a lot many kinds of stuff together.

Rucksack bags Skybags
Rucksack bags Skybags
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There is space for keeping a laptop and so you can even carry your device during hiking. 

The main compartment has a front vertical zipper which helps in easy access. There is an added utility provided by thumb loops.

The pocket present inside has got a convenient slip and a mat holder.

With this rucksack, you can expect extra comfort as there are shock-resistant straps. The upper part of the backpack has a pocket for easy access.

The base has a padding of 6mm. The grab handle is also padded with 8mm. There is 12mm padding on the base and 10mm padding on the back panel. All these provide extra protection and comfort to the user. 

Since rain cover is already present, you do not need to buy from outside. This rucksack comes with 1 year of international warranty.

Reasons to Buy:

Looks attractive.
Sturdy quality.
It has a rain cover.


The small size of the bottle pocket.
Single compartment inside.

7. Wildcraft Rucksack bag 45 Liters Grey and Orange

Wildcraft Rucksack bag is capable of withstanding difficult conditions and terrains in long journeys. Due to its ergonomic design, the user feels more comfortable while tolerating reduced pack weight. The backpack is multifunctional and helps you to enjoy outdoor hikes and treks. It is a bag for hiking as well best trekking bag. 

This Wildcraft Rucksack bag is an orange and grey color with a dimension of 56.8 x 33.6 x 5.4 cm and a capacity of 45 liters. 

Nylon is used as the outer material which has high tensile strength and is abrasion-resistant.

Wildcraft Rucksack bag
Wildcraft Rucksack bag
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This Wildcraft Rucksack bag has a top-loading facility with a drawstring opening due to which you can access the stuff easily and quickly. 

Even the heavier loads can be packed in it as there is a strengthened haul loop. 

The back part is padded to provide extra comfort to the user. The shoulder straps are padded and adjustable. With the waist belt, it is easy to carry. 

Two mesh pockets are present on either side for holding water bottles or a compact umbrella.

Reasons to Buy:

Adjustable straps to adjust the fit.
Back support present.
Spacious compartment.

8. Aristocrat Rucksack 45 Liters Grey

Aristocrat rucksack is a multi-utility backpack in grey color. It is of 1 kg weight and its dimension is 60 x 24 x 36 cms. With a capacity of 45 liters, it can be used for school or daily travel. 

It is a sleek and light bag that is not oversized. You can organize your stuff in it with its multiple compartment feature.

It is made of polyester which is known for durability and toughness. The fibers of polyester do not get damaged even with daily use and are resistant to shrinking and wrinkling. It is also lightweight which makes it a high-demand product.  

bag for hiking
bag for hiking
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There are 3 huge compartments in this rucksack and in one of them, a laptop up to 17 inches can be accommodated. 

The shoulder straps are adjustable and padded. The padding is present in waist straps as well. All these features provide it with an extra comfortable construction. 

 There is a utility pocket that is hidden in which you can keep valuable items. 

The front compartment has a front opening zipper with an organizer. It has a butterfly lock and all the zippers present are of high quality.

Aristocrat rucksack bag comes with 1 year of manufacturer warranty.

Reasons to Buy:

Separate laptop compartment.
The compartments are huge.
Good quality of the material.

9. Fur Jaden Rucksack 55 Liters

Fur Jaden rucksack is known as a good travel backpack that is enduring and long-lasting. This travel gear can be used to carry all the essential belongings when you go on an adventure. Due to its comfort feature, one can carry a trekking bag while walking even for long hours. 

It has a capacity of 55 liters and weighs 700 grams. The dimension of this rucksack is 35 x 25 x 65 cms and has a 1-year manufacturer warranty for defects.

Since it is crafted from polyester material, it can withstand all kinds of weather conditions and is durable. You can rely on this for storing all your belongings as there is no issue of damage to your stuff in it.

bags for hiking
bags for hiking
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It is ergonomically designed with cushioned back due to which carrying becomes very easy. 

There are multiple pockets in which all your essentials and accessories like medicines, phones, chargers, etc can be stored.

On each side, mesh pockets are present in which water bottles can be kept.

Best Rucksack Bags
Best Rucksack Bags

There is a separate shoe compartment in which shoes can be kept isolated from the clothes. This makes your journey more organized.

You can even carry a yoga mat with you as there are multiple straps or cords in it. 

The interior compartments are spacious of this trekking bag which are easy to access and are organized. These compartments can be used to keep daily necessities like a sleeping bag, clothes, first-aid kit, and other items in an organized manner.

Reasons to Buy:

Separate compartment for shoes.
Huge compartments with organizers.
The material used is of good quality.


The stitching quality could be better.

10. Polestar Rucksack 55 Liters Red

Polestar Flyer is an Indian brand and provides rucksack bags with high functionality which can be your companion in every walk of life.

This Polestar rucksack bag has a capacity of 55 liters and its dimensions are 68 x 32 x 24 cms. It is red which looks attractive. 

There is one main compartment with a front long zippered pocket. Along with this, there are two side net pockets, a shoe pocket, and a rain cover present in the bottom zip pocket. 

Polestar Rucksack
Polestar Rucksack
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The material used in this rucksack bag is durable polyester and thus, has a long-lasting performance. This bag for hiking enables you to go hiking even in bad weather as it has a free rain cover. 

There is sufficient padding in the back panel and has a breathable mesh that provides proper air circulation. 

There are ergonomic S-curved straps that help in flexibility. With the presence of waist straps, the weight gets distributed uniformly. 

The top of the backpack has a cap closure with a zip pocket. The back portion has straps in which extra items can be carried like a yoga mat.

Reasons to Buy:

Affordable price.
Separate shoe compartment.
Complementary rain cover.

11. Hyper Adam Rucksack bag 65 L Water Resistant 

Hyper Adam provides rucksacks with unique functions and features and these are comfortable and easy to carry. Suitable for both men and women, this rucksack is durable and ultra-light to meet their different requirements.

This Hyper Adam rucksack bag is big and has a capacity of 65 liters and a dimension of 30.48 x 17.78 x 76.2 cm. It weighs 900 Grams. It is made from polyester fabric which gives the backpack a long-lasting performance as it strengthens it. Also, due to the fabric, it is water-resistant and protects your belongings in adverse weather conditions. It is the best bag for hiking and trekking bag in India.

It is the perfect travel essential for biking, camping, climbing, and hiking.

best rucksack for trekking
Best rucksack for trekking

There is one big compartment inside in which a laptop up to 17 inches can also be kept along with clothes, books, and camping gear. 

Along with this, the top zipper pocket, front pocket, two side net pouch pockets, and 2 adjustable compression straps can be used to increase the width of the bag. 

Just below the upper front pocket, is a big separate shoe compartment in which a pair of shoes can be kept.

trekking bag
trekking bag
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There are 8 adjustable straps of military style which makes it highly comfortable for the users during traveling. 

This rucksack is fitted to the waist perfectly with a padded waist belt of 8 cm width and sufficient length is present which is attached to the adjustable buckle. 

The backside of the rucksack has a honeycomb padded structure which helps in proper air circulation in summers and prevents sweating. 

The shoulder straps are S-shape with a 7 cm width which fits on the shoulder comfortably. 

The bottom surface is guarded by the bottom bag stud due to which the weight is distributed evenly. 

There is a separate mesh pocket to hold the bottle tightly.

Reasons to Buy:

Large space in the compartment.
The inner compartment has a separate lining for keeping wet clothes.
High-quality material.


The shoe compartment cannot be detached.

12. AFN Fashion Travel Backpack 55 Liters 

AFN Fashion travel backpack is a multi-pocket rucksack that is handy and dependable. It can be carried with ease on your brief as well as on long adventures. 

Its capacity is 55 liters with a dimension of 58 x 33 x 22 cms and a weight of 980 grams. 

It has a relaxed fit type and is a unisex backpack that can be used by both men and women.

trekking bag
trekking bag
check price on amazon

The compartments of this backpack are super-roomy and there are many pockets in it. All your essentials can be packed in it with ease. 

The material used is polyester making it sturdy and durable. 

All the pockets have zippered closure to hold the belongings securely. 

The straps present are adjustable which provides extra flexibility and security. 

The shoulder strap can be extended and the waist belt is adjustable too. 

On both sides, mesh pockets are present for holding the water bottles tightly. 

Along with these features, drawstring and zip closure are also present.

These features make AFN Fashion travel backpack the best rucksack for trekking in India. 

Reasons to Buy:

The quality of the material used is good.
The straps are comfortable.
The inner compartment is spacious.

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Conclusion for Best Rucksack Bags

For a hiker, mountain climber, or trekker, it is important to have a good rucksack. For this, you must pick a bag with all the necessary features. Also, it is crucial to select the rucksack which qualifies all your requirements in terms of size, fit, and other features. We hope among the best rucksack bags for outdoor sports mentioned above, you would be able to select one for yourself.

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