Best Laptop Backpack for travel

While keeping the computer equipment in the laptop backpack, most people take the backpack for granted. They just haphazardly keep the laptop in the bags and give no concern about the damages their laptop would suffer. 

You need to have the best laptop backpack for travel if there is a lot of traveling for you along with the laptop. This will ensure that your laptop is safe from harm while you are moving around. 

Based on your preferences and requirements, you would be able to find the best laptop backpack for travel in this article. Each of the laptop backpacks mentioned below can fulfill the criteria of versatility, quality, organization, and comfort. These laptop backpacks can be taken comfortably on a weekend getaway, backpacking trip, or on your regular travel.

While looking for the best laptop backpack, the backpack must have a separate compartment for the laptop and some more zipped compartments in which other things can be kept.

It is easy to keep the things in the backpack if it is front-loading but most of them are top-loading in which to get the things from the bottom, you have to dig awkwardly.

Another feature to look for is weather-resistant. It should be able to protect the laptop and other valuables kept inside and for this either it should be weather-sealed or includes a rain cover. So while choosing a laptop backpack it should be the best waterproof laptop backpack. In the shortlisted list we have chosen the best business laptop backpack also. If you are traveling for business with a laptop you should choose a business laptop backpack.

14 Best Laptop Backpack for Travel

1. HEROZ Hammer Unisex Nylon 45 L Laptop Backpack for Travel

With the ergonomic design, this grey and black unisex backpack by Heroz is suitable for all age groups of scratch-proof people. It can be used for a multi-purpose backpack as well as it can be used as a casual backpack, a college bag, a work bag, or as a laptop bag. 

best laptop backpack India
best laptop backpack

Inner material used for making this backpack is PU coated polyester material and double dotted waterproof polyester due to which protection of all manner is provided to it. The material outside is nylon which is good for withstanding abrasions and is long-lasting as well. 

The capacity of this laptop backpack is 45 liters with dimensions of 53 x 33 x 29 centimeters and the weight is 989 grams.

It has a neutral look due to the black color with grey undertones which can be good for dust collection.

The storage space is ample with 2 main and one extra compartment in which accessories, electronics, notebooks, and stationery can be kept easily. This laptop up to the size of 17.3 inches can be kept safely. On either side of the backpack, mesh pockets are present in which a water bottle or umbrella can be kept.

The base is padded with shoulder and back straps and these provide comfort and support while carrying heavy items for a long duration. 

It has got protective padding which ensures that good cushioning is provided to the laptop inside and protects it from any accident caused in case you bump the backpack into any surface. 

Some other features are the presence of an earphone cord, hip belt, integrated rain cover, telescope handle, zip closure, padded handles, and water bottle pouch.

It is  best laptop backpack in India withing a low budget.

What We Like

Good quality.
Compartments with organizer.
The nylon material makes it waterproof and long-lasting.

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2. Bange Enforcer Polyester waterproof laptop backpack India

Bange Enforcer waterproof laptop backpack is a stylish backpack for both men and women. This 40 Liters laptop backpack is suitable to keep a 15.6-inch laptop with utmost safety. It is the best business laptop backpack.

With sturdy and fine quality polyester material, it is the best one in appearance and style. 

waterproof laptop backpack India
waterproof laptop backpack India

There are 3 main compartments which are sufficiently spaced in which all your accessories and belongings can be kept safely. Due to the presence of many internal pockets, the essential items can be kept. 

All the metal zippers and sliders are of high quality. To keep your phones and devices charged while traveling, an exterior USB interface has been provided. 

Another important feature is the presence of a headphone hole which makes your traveling entertaining.

Due to the polyester material, this backpack is water-resistant so you can keep all your valuable things inside without worrying about the weather.

This backpack can be hung on your trolley travel suitcase as well as it is provided with the trolley belt. 

Other important features to look for in this area are the non-slip cushion on the shoulder straps, a grid pocket on the side, and a hidden zip pocket in which you can keep your mobile phones or other small accessories.

What We Like

Good quality of the backpack.
Multiple pockets to keep things organized manner.

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3. Artistix 35 Liters 47 Cms Business Laptop Backpack

Artistix 35 Liters business laptop backpack is a sporty versatile backpack made of polyester. Due to its top opening compartment, you can access the essentials quickly.

In the laptop compartment, a laptop up to 15.6 inches can be kept easily. It has dual zippered access along with thick padding on both sides which provides extra protection to the laptop. It is scratch-proof as well as shockproof also. 

business laptop backpack
Business Laptop Backpack

In the spacious main compartment 3-4 books, documents, or 5-6 clothes can be kept easily. Along with these, 2 side pockets with zips are present in which a water bottle or compact umbrella can be kept. 

The back panel is provided with mesh padding due to which even on a hot day, you feel comfortable. 

With an additional front handle, it can be carried in 2 ways in case you are tired of carrying it on your back.

Even if you are moving, your phone can be charged as an external USB charging port is provided. A portable power bank can be attached as there is a charging dock present. If you are traveling for business this feature is very helpful while your traveling. You don’t need to worry about battery discharge.

In the lower back, an anti-theft zippered pocket has been provided in which is big and soft foam-padded. In this, valuables like credit cards, wallets, passports, etc can be kept safely. 

This is a water-resistant backpack with a high elasticity breathable back pad. The shoulder straps are padded providing comfort even when you need to carry the backpack for a long time. 

This backpack comes with an 18 months manufacturer warranty.

What We Like

Padded laptop compartment.
Anti-theft backpack pocket.
Padded straps.
Best business laptop backpack.

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4. Swiss Military Luxury Collection 48 cm Black Laptop Backpack

Swiss Military Laptop backpack is black and has easy maintenance with a capacity of 31 liters and 950 grams weight, it is an excellent pick for you.

The outer material of the backpack is polyester making it water-resistant and durable. It is free from abrasions and scratches. It is tear-resistant as well.

Swiss Military Laptop backpack
Swiss Military laptop backpack

There are 3 compartments in this Swiss Military backpack. In the laptop compartment, a laptop of size up to 15.4 inches can be kept with ease and it is a zipped compartment providing more safety to the laptop. This is a padded compartment along with an elastic band.

To keep folders, files, cables, CDs, chargers, and accessories, a separate compartment has been provided in the backpack.

In the front, a quick access pocket has been provided in which you can keep the things which are required more often. 

The backside has EVA back with an airflow system which ensures extra comfort to the user.

The shoulder straps are padded and adjustable providing comfort in long travels.

The side of the backpack has a pocket to hold a bottle. 

The carrying handle has a metal wire frame which gives a fine grip. 

The shoulder strap has a card pocket in which important cards can be kept for easy access.

Swiss Military backpack
Swiss Military backpack

One of the interesting features of this Swiss Military laptop backpack is a power bank pocket with a built-in USB/AUX socket.

What We Like

The quality of the backpack is good.
Ample space.
Power bank pocket present.

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5. The Clownfish 15.6 Inches Travel Outdoor Laptop Backpack

The Clownfish travel laptop backpack is known for its sturdy design and large capacity. It can be used comfortably for camping, hiking, commuting, school, abroad travels, daily packing, outdoor sports, and many more as it is tough and durable. 

best laptop backpack
best laptop backpack

Due to its soft and sturdy polyester material and charcoal black finish, it is a stylish backpack. It is water-resistant and withstands any weather condition. 

There are 3 spacious main compartments and many accessories and belongings can be kept so that while traveling you are equipped. In this space, you can easily put 5-6 clothes and 10 books. 

All the additional items can also be kept as it has multiple interior pockets. These compartments have a double zipper with an anti-theft design.

A laptop up to 15.6 inches in size can be kept in the inner laptop sleeve. 

Apart from the good quality material, the metal fittings and reinforcement materials are also of good quality. The metal zippers and sliders are of high-quality metal. 

The shoulder straps are cushioned so that they can be handled in a better way.

An anti-theft zipper pocket is present on the backside where you can keep your valuable accessories safely.

There is an external USB and 3.5mm audio interface which help to keep your phones and devices charged while traveling. Also, you can enjoy your journey by listening to music. 

Thus, with the ergonomic design, this backpack can relieve stress when you need to carry it for long-distance travel.

What We Like

Perfect cushioning.
Good-quality material.
Sturdy zippers.

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6. Harrisons Bags Sirius Office Laptop Backpack

Harrisons Sirius Office Laptop Backpack is an all-in-one travel executive laptop backpack and can be used for business travels. This is engineered carefully and thus, the laptop, tablet, and other belongings are secured safely. 

laptop backpack
laptop backpack

This backpack has 45 liters of space with 3 compartments in which a laptop of 15.6 inches can be adjusted easily. 

As it has an external hidden pocket, you can keep your travel tickets, boarding pass, passport, and other valuables handy. 

This backpack has a built-in rain cover with which you can help anywhere and anytime. Now you do not have to wait for the perfect weather to step out. 

It is equipped with a slip-through trolley handle panel with which a suitcase or trolley bag can be tugged with the Sirius laptop backpack. This helps to glide through the busy airport quickly.

With the presence of an external USB charging port, the electronic devices can be charged even while traveling or when you are outside. 

The ergo grip backstraps provided are ergonomically designed which spread the weight of the bag evenly on both the shoulders and the stress on the shoulders and back is minimized.

Harrisons Laptop Backpack
multi purpose backpack

One of the compartments has a detailed organizer in which small items like USB drives and pens can be kept in an organized manner. These items can be found easily when required. 

With all these features, Harrisons Sirius backpack is a great companion for everyone.

What We Like

A detailed organizer is useful.
Separate compartments for everything you want to keep.
The quality of the material used is good.

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7. American Tourister Xeno 39 Liters Laptop Trolley Backpack

Known for stylish backpacks, American Tourister provides a high utility trolley backpack. American Tourister Xeno 39 liters laptop trolley backpack is made up of synthetic material of high quality. The finish of the material is good and maintenance is easy.

Trolley Backpack
Trolley Backpack

This is a black color backpack and you can keep laptops and other things in an organized manner in it. The comfortability and the functionality provided by it are not matched by any other backpacks.

 The polyester material used is heat-resistant. It is also resistant to shrinking, abrasion, and stretching. 

There are many compartments in it which have organizers and even small things can be kept nicely in an organized manner in them.

Due to the retractable handle, it can be used scrolled down when you are tired of carrying it on the back.

The straps present are adjustable and you can adjust them according to the requirement. 

Due to all these features, this backpack can be carried on a short trip as well.

What We Like

Due to wheels present, they can be rotated in all directions.
Can be used for business and backpacking travelers.
Optimum space provided.

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8. Gear Travel Polyester 25 cms Black and Grey Laptop Bag

Gear Design Studio provides intuitively crafted backpacks that have advanced functionality, endurance, comfort, and style. These can be used for a long journey as well as for quick commutes. Apart from using it as a laptop bag, Gear travel bags can be used as an adventure bag also. Since the storage space present in this is enough, it behaves as your favorite travel companion.

laptop backpack
laptop backpack

This backpack has the dimensions of 50 cm x 36 cm x 25 cm with 2 compartments. These compartments have wide access and have double pullers. 

In the front, there are 3 padded boxed pockets and 1 slit pocket for quick access. 

The inner compartments have multiple organizers. There is an internal pouch as well with a drawstring. The laptop sleeve is padded and has Velcro and an elastic fastener. 

Due to the presence of a padded grab handle and bar-tacked load points, it is comfortable to carry. 

The base of the bag is padded and is lined internally which provides additional protection against all kinds of injuries.

This backpack has the feature of load compression and enhanced control due to the presence of compression straps and a waist belt.

The outer and inner material of the backpack is polyester which makes it scratch-resistant, water-resistant, and wear-resistant.

All the compartments are zipped with double pullers.

What We Like

Multiple pockets make it multifunctional.
The compartments are spacious.
Cushioning on shoulder straps.

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9. The Clownfish YESO Waterproof Laptop Backpack

The Clownfish multifunction backpack looks stylish in black color. It is made up of high-quality polyester material which makes it water-resistant. The inner side of the backpack is made up of soft feel polyester fabric.

Waterproof Laptop Backpack
Waterproof Laptop Backpack

The zippers used in it are of the YKK brand. The metal fittings, pullers, and zippers all are made of premium quality and these are durable as well.

This backpack has 3 compartments and all these are spacious. Multiple internal pockets in these compartments can be used to keep an iPad, Tablet, folder, or diary.

For keeping the laptop, a protective soft padded sleeve is present. In this laptop of size up to 15.6 inches can be kept. The bag has a storage capacity of 34 liters.

There are 2 mesh pockets on the sides of the backpack in which a water bottle or umbrella can be kept. 

To keep the items like power bank, cable, charger, etc, an organizer has been provided. 

The back of the bag is curved and padded to prevent stress and sweating. Also, the ergonomic design of the shoulder strap panel is good for air circulation. 

This backpack by Clownfish is perfect for both men and women in all kinds of outings, weekend get-away, camping, gym, travel, biking, school, office work, etc.

What We Like

High-quality material with perfect finishing.
Spacious compartments.
Metal zipping is good.
Multi-function Backpack.

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10. Kroger High Sierra Overtime Fly-By 17 Laptop Backpack

Kroger computer backpack is perfect for college, office, school, weekend getaway, office, and day trips.

Laptop Backpack
Laptop Backpack

The computer compartment present in it is TSA friendly in which the computer can be kept while passing through the airport security. It has a mesh computer viewing window through which the computer can be seen without removal during TSA security checks. 

This compartment is cushion zone padded which provides full protection to the laptop. 

The multiple compartments present are of large capacity with the organizer in which items can be kept in an organized manner which would help in finding them easily. 

In the TechSpot, a pocket iPad can be kept. 

In the front, a large zippered pocket is present and, on the side, it has a mesh water bottle pocket

The back panel is padded which provides comfort to the user as it relieves the stress of carrying a load on the back.

The shoulder straps are padded too with a mesh media/cell phone pocket. 

This backpack has the feature of a lifetime warranty. 

What We Like

TSA-friendly laptop compartment.
Lifetime warranty on the product.
TechSpot pocket for an iPad.

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11. Caterpillar CAT Cera 26 Liters Black Travel Laptop Backpack

Caterpillar backpack has 5 compartments with a capacity of 26 liters. The weight of this backpack is 0.84 kg.

Caterpillar backpack
Caterpillar backpack

Caterpillar backpack looks stylish, attractive, and elegant with its black color.

It is made of 600D high-density polyester material which makes it highly durable. The compartments are large and have soft tricot lining. 

The shoulder straps are padded with a metro card pocket for easy access. These can be adjusted according to the length required.

One of the special features of it is the presence of a front vertical zipper pocket.

The laptop compartment is separate which can be accessed from the backside. The mesh pockets present also have a zipper and a top lid pocket is also there.

One compartment has a drawstring fastening zip pocket on the top.

On either side of the backpack, mesh stash pockets are present. 

This Caterpillar backpack has a warranty of 6 months for any kind of defects in materials and workmanship. 

What We Like

Stylish and attractive design.
Metro card pocket in the shoulder strap for easy access.
Made of highly durable material.

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12. Harrisons Bags Delta 39L Polyester 15.6-inch Laptop Backpack

The high-quality, stylish, and fun luggage by Harrisons is in great demand in the market. 

Harrisons Bags Delta Laptop backpack has 3 compartments in which laptop up to 15.6 inches can be accommodated. With 39 liters of capacity, it acts as a multi-occasion backpack for play and work. 

Best Laptop Backpack
Best Laptop Backpack

Due to its easy grab handle, it can be used for stress-free hauling around.

There is a multi-purpose handy pouch in which the laptop charger or stationery like pens and pencils can be kept. 

The large items (diary, lunch box) and small items (pens and USB drivers) can be kept in an organized manner in this backpack as it has got a detailed organizer. This helps to find things easily as and when required. 

The backstraps present has ergo grip with which spacious lumbar support is provided. These straps help to reduce the stress on your shoulders and back.

The material used in this backpack is 100% waterproof. It has an elastic circumference due to which it can be adjusted in different sizes. 

Due to the presence of a bottle security system, the bottle is prevented from getting lost or stolen.

What We Like

An internal secret pocket is present.
Bottle security system.
This backpack is suitable for both men and women.
Extra handy pouch present.

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13. Wesley Zenith 16-inch Anti Theft Backpack

Wesley Zenith backpack is a practical backpack that is durable and large.

It is a multi purpose backpack as it can be used for a laptop, college, high school, travel, weekend getaway, overnight trip, business, and for both men and women. 

Anti Theft Backpack
Anti Theft Backpack

In this, a laptop up to 16 inches in size can be kept. The material of this backpack is 1680D polyester fabric which is of high quality. There is a double-sided smooth zip and reinforced stitching. This feature increases the durability of the backpack. 

Since it is water-resistant, it protects the items even in the rainy season.

The dual zippers of metal are present which adds to the durability of the backpack. 

It acts as a comfortable carrying bag due to the breathable mesh in the compartments. 

While carrying this, it feels close to the back as the back panel is well-padded providing a comfortable feel. 

The shoulder straps are padded and adjustable and the handle is sturdy. These features help the user to carry this backpack for a long time with comfort. 

There is a USB charging port outside along with a set-in charging cable. This helps to charge your phone and other electronic devices while you are traveling. Along with this, you can easily access your earphone usage due to the presence of the headphone interface

You can keep things in an organized manner due to its lay-flat design.

This backpack makes your traveling easy as a handle tube is present. 

The valuable items can be kept safely in the anti-theft backpack zipper pocket which is present at the backside of the backpack. It is an anti-theft backpack.

What We Like

Anti-theft backpack and zipper pocket.
Sturdy backpack.
Spacious compartments.

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14. CAT Urban Active 30 Liters Green Laptop Backpack for Travel – Caterpillar Bags

Dolomite Urban Active backpack is an ideal laptop backpack and is attractive with its dark teal (green) color. It’s a product of caterpillar bags.

It has a capacity of 30 liters with a weight of 0.915 kg.

The outer material is a heavy-duty fabric of 100% 600D high-density polyester. The inner material is made up of 100% polyester due to which the backpack is durable. Due to its sturdy exterior, it is used for school, office, college, travel, or day pack. 

Caterpillar Bags
Caterpillar Bags

The two large compartments present are large and have a zipper closure. The front zipper pocket is also present with side mesh pockets on both sides. 

There is a separate laptop compartment in which a laptop up to 15 inches can be kept and this compartment is padded to provide extra cushion to the device.

The shoulder straps are also padded giving a comfortable feel to the user.

On the outside is present an integrated USB charger port along with an in-built charging cable inside the backpack. 

What We Like

Butterfly locks of high quality.
Spacious compartments.
In-built charging cable present.
The dark teal color makes it unique and attractive.

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Conclusion for Best Laptop Backpack India

After going through the above list of laptop backpacks, you will be able to find a good laptop backpack for travel in which your laptop will be protected. There are a lot many travel backpacks in the market for every type of travel but the list given above is the best laptop backpack one can think of. From the above list, select the best one that suits your purpose.

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