10 Best Electric Kettles in India 2021

In India, many kitchen appliances are used and one of these is an electric kettle. It is used in Indian kitchens and also, people in hostels use it to make their life easy.

These electric kettles are highly efficient and as compared to conventional stoves or induction, it is capable of boiling water three times faster. With the use of it, it becomes easy to perform daily chores.

We have provided a list of the top 10 best electric kettles in India to avoid confusion as many models and brands are available in the market.

Selecting the best one might be difficult, but your confusion will be removed after going through our article. You will be able to select the best electric kettle for yourself. 

We have mentioned all multipurpose electric kettles that can be used for multi-use in your home and office.

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Multipurpose Electric Kettle

An electric kettle makes use of electricity to boil water, boiling milk. It can even make Maggi, boil eggs, and make pasta.

Thus, it can be said that an electric kettle is the best addition to your kitchen. It is also highly recommended for a dorm room if you are living in a hostel.

Top 10 Best Electric Kettles in India

1. Kent Electric Kettle 2000 W Elegant

Kent Electric Kettle has a design capable of providing a safe and hygienic process. It has the capacity of 1.7 liters and can be used to boil enough water to fulfill the daily requirements.

Around 5 cups of water can be boiled together for making tea or coffee. This electric kettle is made of toughened glass.

While pouring, you can have a safe grip with its cool-touch handle. Its body is made up of borosilicate glass which helps to have greater visibility so that the boiling process is safe. Also, it is ensured that there is no contact of the water with any electric parts as it has got a stainless steel concealed heating plate.

Using Kent electric kettle is very easy as it has got 360 degrees rotating base. With it, it can be removed from the base easily, and thus, pouring becomes an easy process. 

Kent Electric Kettle
Kent Electric Kettle

When the kettle turns on, the blue LED light present glows. It has the auto shut-off feature which helps to shut it down automatically once the desired task is done. This helps to prevent dry-boiling and overheating.


Protection from overheating.

Cool-touch handle.

Detachable power base with 360-degree rotation of the body.

Light indicator.


After-sales customer service is not good.

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2. Russell Hobbs Electric Kettle Automatic Stainless Steel

Among all home appliances, Russell Hobbs is a well-known brand. With Russell Hobbs DOME1515, you can enjoy safe and easy boiling. With a capacity of 1.5 liters, it can be used to boil many cups of water at a time. It is the best solution for the tea needs of an individual, family, or guests.

This is free of corrosion as limescale does not get accumulated in it due to the presence of the concealed heating element. It is easy to clean as well as you can spin your hands freely inside the kettle. 

Russell Hobbs Electric Kettle
Russell Hobbs Electric Kettle

When the suitable temperature of the water is reached, this Russell Hobbs Electric Kettle shuts off automatically. This is due to its automatic cut-off feature. This feature helps you to do other chores at the same time without worrying about the kettle.

Even if the kettle is switched on without putting in water, it does not start as it is provided with a feature of dry boil protection. This is very useful in homes with children.

When the power is on, the kettle glows up due to its illuminated power indicator, and on switching off, it darkens.

With its 360-degree swivel base, it is easy to handle it with a single hand.


Easy to clean.

Dry boil protection.

Can be lifted with a single hand.


The handle becomes hot while pouring.

Not up-to-mark customer service.

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3. Bajaj Electric Kettle Majesty KTX 15 1.7 Liter

Bajaj Electric Kettle Majesty KTX 15 1.7 liters has got a stylish design with black and silver color. It is capable of serving hot beverages to your family. It is of high quality and has a manufacturing warranty of 2 years.

Even if it is hot, you can hold the electric kettle safely with its ergonomically designed handle. It even protects dry boiling. Overheating is prevented by shutting off the kettle automatically when the desired temperature is reached. This helps in preventing accidents. All these features provide enhanced safety to the users.

Bajaj Electric Kettle
Bajaj Electric Kettle

With the presence of neon indicators, you can know the status of the operations in the kettle. 

Pouring and serving of beverages is easy with its jug-shaped spout. There is no deposit of water mineral scales in the kettle due to the presence of the concealed heating element.

Its cleaning is also very easy due to the presence of a wide mouth. 

This Bajaj Electric Kettle is a cordless appliance. It can be used anywhere and can store heated water as well.

It is an energy-efficient appliance as it boils water in no time due to its 1500 W power consumption. 

This Bajaj electric kettle is highly durable with its stainless-steel body. Serving from this kettle is highly safe due to its 360 degrees connector and it is also provided with a plastic, detachable base. 

The lid has a single touch locking mechanism which makes it durable and spill-proof. 


Overheating and dry boil protection.

Automatic shut-off feature.

Spill-proof lid.

The mouth of the kettle is wide open making it easy to clean.


The On/Off switch is delicate.

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4. Cello Electric Kettle 1 Liter 600 B, Black, 1200 W

Cello Electric Kettle helps you to do multitasking in the kitchen. The speed and efficiency of this kettle are optimal. It has got a portable design with a storage capacity of 1 liter. It is capable of serving a hot cup of tea or coffee instantly.

This kettle has got a stainless-steel inner body and plastic outer frame giving it a sleek look. It has good durability and heat retention. 

Using Cello electric kettle is an easy task. Refilling it is always quick due to the wide mouth. The unlocking operation is also simple due to the push-lid opening. The pouring and serving are controlled and steady due to the well-shaped spout design.

Cello Electric Kettle
Cello Electric Kettle

When the water is boiled completely or there is no water, the kettle shuts off automatically due to the presence of the feature of boil-dry protection. Thus, the heating operation is always safe.

With an easy-grip handle, it is comfortable and easy to hold. You can adjust the position of the kettle according to your convenience with its 360-degree swivel base. 

Just below the handle, is the light indicator which glows when there is complete boiling of the water.

The front of the kettle is provided with clear markings which are easy to read. This helps to add water precisely according to the capacity.


Tangle-free and compact storage due to the presence of concealed cord wrap.

Easy-grip handle.

This kettle is easy to use.

Build quality is excellent.


Capacity is less.

Only the base is made up of steel.

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5. Kent Electric Kettle 16026 1.8 Liter

This Kent Electric kettle 16026 has a capacity of 1.8 liters and is capable of serving 5-6 people at a time.

This Kent Electric kettle 16026 is known to have a perfect blend of capacity and power. 

With 1500 power consumption, water can be heated conveniently to prepare instant soups, tea, brew coffee, or make any other recipes. 

The boiling process is always hygienic due to the stainless-steel body. Due to this, even the water does not taste bad. 

Kent Electric kettle 16026
Kent Electric kettle 16026

Due to the presence of dry-boiling features, overheating of water is prevented. Once the water is boiled, the kettle shut down automatically. This helps you to carry out other chores along with making tea or coffee in the kettle.

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The distribution of heat is even due to the presence of a bottom-mounted heating plate. Pouring and serving is easy too with its 360-degrees rotation base of the kettle. It can be carried anywhere depending on your convenience.

The base is provided with an LED indicator which helps us to know the ‘switch-on mode.


Can serve 5-6 people at a time.

Prevents overheating.

Easy to hold.

Less weight of the kettle.


The body is thin.

The lid is made of plastic.

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6. Philips Electric Kettle HD9303/02 1.2 Liter

Philips is one known brand in household appliances and its electric kettle comes under the same category.

This Philips Electric Kettle has a capacity of 1.2 liters with a warranty of 2 years.

While boiling water in it, you will always have peace of mind as its body is made up of food-grade standard stainless steel.

Philips Electric Kettle
Philips Electric Kettle

It is easy to use as filling and cleaning can be done conveniently with its wide opening.

This Philips electric kettle provides easy storage as well due to the presence of a cord winder.

Cleaning of Philips electric kettle is never a problem with its polished stainless-steel finish. 

 It can be handled comfortably due to its 360 degrees cordless pirouette base.

Using it is highly safe with the presence of a steam sensor. When the water is boiled completely, it shuts off automatically as it is provided with the feature of dry-boiling and overheating prevention. This triple protection feature makes it a highly recommended appliance for an Indian kitchen. 


High power wattage of 1800 W.

Takes 2-5 minutes only to boil 1.2 liters of water.

Provides triple protection.

Easy opening and filling due to wide opening.


The length of the cord is short.

Noisy during operations.

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7. Havells Electric Kettle Aqua Plus 1.2 Liter

This Havells Electric Kettle has got a modern design and look. It is capable of heating 1.2 liters of water in just 10-20 seconds as its power wattage is 1500 W. 

Havells Electric Kettle Aqua Plus
Havells Electric Kettle Aqua Plus

It has got a glossy finish due to its black outer body which is made up of high-quality plastic with chrome plating.

Even after using it for a prolonged time, there is no scaling. It has long durability as its inner body is made up of 304-grade stainless steel. Due to this, corrosion is also prevented from occurring.

In this Havells Electric Kettle, the lid can be opened or closed with the help of a push-button present at the bottom of the kettle. Pouring, filling, and cleaning this kettle is easy with its wide-mouth opening.

The kettle can be held easily due to its sturdy plastic handle.


Can be used to boil 4-5 cups of water.

Has a glossy exterior look due to chrome plating.


Has a warranty of 2 years.

No rust formation due to 304-stainless steel body.


Large filter holes.

The cord length is short.

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8. V-Guard VKS17 Prime 1.7 Liters Electric Kettle

With the copper and black looks, V-Guard VKS17 Prime Electric Kettle is a stylish appliance in the kitchen. Its capacity is 1.7 liters and this amount of water can be boiled in this electric kettle in about 5 minutes and 14 seconds only with its 1900 W heating element. 

Its interior is made up of stainless steel and thus, it is corrosion-resistant. 

With a double-layered body, there is no risk of scalding the kettle during its use. Also, the outer body of the kettle can be touched easily. 

V-Guard VKS17 Prime Electric Kettle
V-Guard VKS17 Prime Electric Kettle

V-Guard electric kettle is associated with enhanced safety. It has a safe grip with its cool-touch handle. There is no risk of overheating or dry boiling with its auto-shut-off feature. The concealed heating element prevents any kind of damage as there is no contact of the electrical parts with water.

The On/Off button provided is simple to use. When the kettle is turned on, it glows due to the presence of the Neon Lamp Indicator. The capacity of water can be measured with the help of a water level indicator present inside. This helps to add the right amount of water to the kettle. 

There is no chance of accidental spills as the lid opens quickly with a single touch only as the lid has got a one-touch lid open mechanism placed near the handle. This even prevents the steam from escaping out of the kettle. 

Due to the presence of pour spout, serving is without any hassle. This kettle is easy to clean due to its wider mouth. 

This kettle can be placed anywhere as per your convenience as it has got a 360-degree rotating base and cordless serving. 


Ergonomic design cool-touch handle.

Automatic on/off with an indicator.

1900 W power consumption provides fast boiling.

The body is made of stainless steel.


The cord wire is short.

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9. Haden Boston Pyramid Kettle Red 1.7 Liter

Haden Boston Kettle has a sleek design with a modern pyramid shape and is in stylish red color.

With a capacity of 1.7 liters, it can boil 6-8 cups of water easily. It can serve tea or coffee to 5-6 people at a time.

Haden Boston Kettle
Haden Boston Kettle

Due to the shape of a pyramid, it is easy to place. It is compact and requires very little space. So, it suits every kind of kitchen.

Overheating and dry-boiling are prevented as it has got an indicator light that glows when heating is in progress. 

Due to the presence of a metal badge, there is no risk of getting toppled while placing the kettle on the surface. 

There are no contaminants while serving as there is a removable filter provided with the kettle. This makes the serving hygienic. The filter can be cleaned by removing it to ensure proper functioning.

The Haden Boston pyramid kettle is provided with a water window and scale which helps in adjusting the right water level. The level of water can also be checked from time to time through this window.


Can bear the fluctuations in the electrical supply.

Automatic heat adjustments.

Elegant and stylish design.

Produces much noise during operations.



No warranty is provided.

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10. Pigeon Electric Kettle by Stovekraft Amaze Plus 1.5 Liter

Electric kettle by Pigeon has an elegant design and is quite efficient. The water boiled in it remains hot for a longer duration due to its stainless-steel body. 

It looks good in all kinds of kitchens due to its mirror-polished appearance.

The kettle is capable of boiling 5-6 cups of water at a time as its capacity is 1.5 liters. For boiling this, less than 5 minutes are required as it consumes only 1500 W in this process.

Pigeon Electric Kettle
Pigeon Electric Kettle

It is travel-friendly also as it weighs only 90 grams. It has got convenient connections due to its 360-degree swivel base and the cord is 1 meter long.

The usage of this kettle is hassle-free and wire-free due to its swivel base. The lid provided is made up of BPA-free plastic and thus, is safe to use. 

There is no leak from the kettle as it is lockable with a subtle push which provides a firm seal to the kettle. 

It has got a single touch operation as the plastic handle remains cool always. This is because the handle is made of high-quality plastic. It has an On/Off button as well. 

The features of auto-shut-off and dry boil protection make the kettle easy and safe to use.

It is easy to clean due to a concealed heating element and it prevents corrosion as well. 


Easy to carry due to low weight.

Cheap product.

Highly durable due to high-quality stainless-steel body.

Even while boiling water, the plastic handle remains cool.


The length of the cord is small.

Water level indicator not present.

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Conclusion for Best Electric Kettle

In the modern-day, you can have many appliances in your kitchen to make your life easy and electric kettles are one of the best of all. It is a multipurpose appliance. This helps to do small tasks with ease and without going to and fro to the kitchen top and gas stove. For making tea, you just need to put the water in the electric kettle and plug the cord.

The electric kettle can be bought online or offline and for this, we mostly look at the price only. But it is not the right way. You must consider some other features as well. These features are discussed in the buyer’s guide mentioned below.

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Best Electric Kettle in India – Buyer’s Guide

To get the best electric kettle for your kitchen, you must consider some points mentioned below.

  • Boiling speed – Mostly an electric kettle is brought to boil water or to make tea or coffee. Thus, the speed of boiling should be given utmost importance. These days, the market has got many electric kettles. Some of these can boil within three to four minutes while others can take five to six minutes to boil the desired quantity of water. Always go for the electric kettle which is more efficient.
  • Size and weight – There are different sizes of the electric kettle and thus, their weights are different too. You should select the model which adjusts well within the space of your kitchen. If you are looking for something which you can even carry while traveling, then always prefer a lightweight electric kettle.
  • Capacity – The capacity of different electric kettles is different. It can have the capacity of 1 liter, 1.5 liters, 1.8 liters, or even 2 liters. The amount of boiling required depends on the individual user. Depending on this, you must select the electric kettle.
  • Noise – The electric kettle might produce some noise during operations as its main function is to boil water. But this noise should be much like other kitchen appliances. It should produce low-grade noise only. Also, once the boiling is completed, the electric kettle should produce a beep sound to let the user know about it.
  • User-friendly – An electric kettle is considered to be good if it can be used easily. The user should be able to boil the water easily with the electric kettle. This is possible only if the kettle is provided with a long cord length and an auto-shut-off feature.
  • Material – The material of the electric kettle should be strong. This should prevent the occurrence of rust and damage. Thus, it is found that the electric kettle with stainless-steel interior and exterior is always good to buy. Even toughened glass kettles are also strong and durable.


1. Is it possible to wash the electric kettle?

If there is a concealed heating element in the electric kettle, then it can be washed normally. If it is not present, then use vinegar to remove scale formation in the kettle.

2. Is the consumption of electricity much in an electric kettle?

Mostly, the power usage of an electric kettle is between 1200-1800 W. So, to boil the water, it takes very little time. Thus, the consumption of electricity is efficient in the electric kettle.

3. Can an electric kettle be used to boil an egg?

An egg can be boiled in most of the electric kettles. Eggs can be soft-boiled or hard-boiled as per your requirement.

4. Can I leave water in an electric kettle?

If water is left for a longer duration in the electric kettle, it can form limescale residue. Due to this taste of water can be degraded and thus, the performance of the kettle can be impacted. So, it is advised not to leave water in an electric kettle.

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  1. Electric kettles are the savior especially in winters when we need to make tea after every 2 hours. I bought Pigeon electric kettle last year from Amazon after reading its pros from this page and I am very much satisfied with its performance. I am so happy that I landed on this page during my research for finding the best suitable kettle for me.

  2. I bought Bajaj electric kettle recently and took it along with me on vacation. It helped me a lot in getting hot tea whenever I wanted it. Also I could get hot water in just 1 minute. I recommend this to everyone who wanted to have a good electric kettle for personal use.


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