10 Best Air Coolers in India 2021

India experiences all the seasons at fixed months in a year. As the summer season approaches, people have to suffer sweltering heat. But, with the use of air coolers, they can battle the heat in the room itself. As compared to air conditioners, air coolers are portable and eco-friendly. These are economical as well.

To select the best air coolers in India, you need to consider some features like cooling capacity, its type, and the size of the water tank. These features help a lot in selecting the best air cooler based on your requirement. There are many renowned brands of air coolers in the Indian market. You need to be vigilant in selecting the right one for yourself. This article will help you in selecting the most suitable air cooler.

Best Air Coolers in India – Buyer’s Guide

Air coolers are a basic appliance for a home. While purchasing a good air cooler for yourself, you should keep in mind some of the important things. These are mentioned below.

  • Air throw/air delivery – The cooling of your room directly depends on the air throw capacity of the air cooler. The room is not cooled effectively if you buy an underpowered air cooler. On the other hand, a more powerful air cooler would make more noise and consume a large amount of electricity. Thus, it is important to find the air cooler with optimum air throw capacity.
  • Water tank capacity – The water tank capacity of the air cooler should be such that it works for at least 4-6 hours. If the tank is smaller, you will need to refill it frequently which will be inconvenient for the user.
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  • Type of cooling pads – The main function of the cooling pads is to absorb water and cool the hot air which flows through them. Most of the air cooler is provided with honeycomb pads which can retain water just like the honey is retained in hives.
  • Humidity control – The areas with hot and dry weather can have good cooling effects with air coolers. In humid areas, you must go for the air cooler which has a humidity control feature. With this feature, humidity is not created in the room.
  • Safety feature – Air coolers that have protection against dry run and thermal overload should always be preferred.
  • Inverter compatible – If you live in an area with frequent power cuts then an air cooler with inverter compatibility should be preferred. It helps in less power consumption as well.

10 Best Air Coolers

1. Symphony Diet 12T Personal Tower Air Cooler

Symphony Diet 12T Personal Tower Air Cooler is highly efficient in battling the heat of summers. It is capable of providing cool and refreshing air. Its sleek and compact design is a major attraction among the users.

With a water tank of 12 liters capacity, it can deliver clean, cool, and breathable air to a room of size up to 12 square meters.

This air cooler is powered by i-pure technology with multistage air purification filters like bacteria filter, allergy filter, dust filter, smell filter, and PM 2.5 wash filter.

The water in the Symphony air cooler gets distributed evenly due to the presence of a cool flow dispenser. It helps in better cooling.

best symphony air coolers

The water pump is highly durable as it works with dura-pump technology.

As this air cooler runs on an operating cost of a fan, electric power consumption is less.

Due to the presence of honeycomb cooling pads, superior cooling is achieved. In this, water is retained which helps in cooling the hot air faster.

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With the help of the water level indicator, the water status of the tank can be known and you can refill it in time.

This air cooler has got castor wheels that can be rotated at 360 -degree angle. With this feature, you can easily move the cooler anywhere in the house.



Cools the room easily.

Sleek and compact design.


Customer care service is not good.

If windows are not open, it creates humidity in the room.

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2. Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque 36-Liters Personal Air Cooler

Bajaj Platini PX97 is suitable for a medium room of size 150 square feet. It is inverter compatible and consumes 100 watts of power only.

It provides super air delivery and so, any space in your house gets cool with it. To get a wonderful cooling experience, Bajaj PX97 should have opted.

Its cooling media has got a hexagonal design that is capable of providing maximum cooling with very less water consumption.

There is a continuous water supply system in this air cooler due to the presence of a 36 liters large water tank. With this cooling is longer.

best bajaj air coolers in india

It has got a powerful air throw of 70 feet due to which air reaches every corner of the room.

With turbofan technology, the user can experience the best soothing time.

You can adjust airflow multi-stage in this air cooler according to your comfort and requirement due to the presence of the feature of 3 side cool master. By this, the speed of the fan can be controlled.


Efficient in providing cool air due to honeycomb cooling pads.

Powerful air throw of 70 feet.

Presence of castor wheels for easy mobility.


After-sales service is not good.

No protection features are present.

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3. Symphony Touch 20 Personal Room Air Cooler

Symphony Touch 20 air cooler is capable of providing cooling comfort and has got stunning looks. It is suitable for room size up to 16 square meters as it has got a large water tank of 20 liters capacity.

This air cooler is powered by i-Pure technology and associated with multistage filtration systems like smell filter, dust filter, allergy filter, bacteria filter, and PM 2.5 wash filter.

One of the unique features of this air cooler is a removable water tank. The user can remove the tank completely and clean it.

best symphony air cooler for room

It uses less electric power as it makes use of an operating cost of a fan.

Due to the presence of high-efficiency honeycomb cooling pads, hot air pulled through the pads gets cooled down faster. This is due to the water retention in the chambers of the cooling pads.

This air cooler is capable of distributing water evenly due to the presence of a cool flow dispenser. With this, better cooling is achieved.

The water pump has longer life as it works on dura-pump technology.

It is designed to provide cooling comfort indoors as well as outdoors.


Easy operation due to user-friendly dial knob controls.

Honeycomb cooling pads can be removed easily.

The water tank can be removed and cleaned easily.


After-sales service is not up to the mark.

Produces loud noise while working.

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4. Simron Fighter 21 Liters Powerful Air Flow Air Cooler

Simron Fighter 21 liters powerful airflow air cooler has a simple slim and elegant design. It is a next-gen air cooler capable of providing cooling comfort. It can be operated on an inverter.

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With a capacity of 21 liters, it can be suitable for small to medium-size rooms.

This air cooler is equipped with i-Pure technology and has 5 filters like allergy filter, smell filter, dust filter, bacteria filter, and PM 2.5 wash filter.

To provide high cooling, it has been provided with a powerful blower.

best simron air cooler

The user can have a comfortable cooling experience due to its large space wings.

The honeycomb cooling pads have a thickness of 35mm. These have a high rate of water retention and thus, cooling is effective.

The speed of the blower can be controlled according to the requirement with its 3-speed control system.

Due to the presence of castor wheels, it can be moved anywhere in the room.

It is energy efficient as the consumption of power is less.


Water level indicator present.

Slim and elegant design.

Presence of i-Pure technology.


Produces noise during operation.

Creates mess while refilling water from the sides.

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5. Crompton Ozone 55 Liters Inverter Compatible Desert Air Cooler

Crompton Ozone desert air cooler has the capacity of 55 liters which is suitable for providing pleasant cool breeze up to 550 square feet area.

It has got a high air delivery speed of 4250 cubic meters per hour due to which cooling is fast.

With the presence of a 190 W powerful motor, the user can experience superior cooling.

Best Air Coolers in India 2021

It has got a wood wool cooling pad which is capable of better cooling performance as water retention is more.

One of the unique features is the presence of an ice chamber in which ice cubes can be put to have an ultimate cooling experience.

Due to the large tank size of 55 liters capacity, it is not required to refill the tank multiple times.

It has 4-way air deflection due to motorized louver movement.

This air cooler can work even without electricity if it is connected to the inverter as it is inverter compatible.

Since its body is made up of fiber, it is durable and rust-free. There is no deposition of watermarks as well.

Cleaning of Crompton desert cooler is never a problem as it has got smooth exteriors.


Motor overload protector.

Presence of water drain plug.

Airspeed can be controlled.

Separate ice tray.


No remote control.

Makes the room humid.

Small power cord.

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6. Symphony Diet 35T Sleek & Powerful Personal Tower Air Cooler

Symphony Diet 35T is a slim cooling companion. It has got a sleek design that enhances the home décor of your house.

With a capacity of 35 liters, it is suitable for room sizes up to 15 square meters.

Symphony Diet 35T provides fresh and filtered cool air as it is powered by i-Pure technology with a multi-stage filtration system.

There are high-efficiency honeycomb cooling pads in the air cooler which can retain water as honey is contained in a hive. Due to water retention in it, the hot air pulled through the pads gets cooled down quickly.

Best Air Coolers in India 2021

The electric consumption is less in this air cooler as it runs on an operating cost of a fan.

Whenever it is required to refill water in the tank, it is indicated as a water level indicator is present.

You can enjoy cooling comfort from Symphony 35T air cooler, both indoors and outdoors.

The water pump of the cooler has prolonged longevity as it works on dura-pump technology.

The cool air from this air cooler is oscillated throughout the room evenly due to the presence of automatic louvers.

The water gets distributed evenly as it has got a cool flow dispenser ensuring better cooling.

The 360-degree angle castor wheels enable the user to move the cooler around the house.


Inverter compatible.

The fan speed and cooling can be controlled by easy-to-use dial knob controls.

Portable, stylish, and eco-friendly.

Energy-efficient as consumes 170 watts of energy.


 Customer service support is not good.

Narrow air outlet.

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7. Blue Star PA35LMA 35 Liter Tower Air Cooler

Blue Star PA35LMA is one of the most popular air coolers in India. It has the capacity of 35 liters which is suitable for a medium-sized room.

The body of the air cooler has got an ultraviolet protection coat which provides it protection against direct sunlight.

It can be used hassle-free as there is a cord winder that helps in properly winding the electric cord.

Best Air Coolers in India 2021

Blue Star air cooler is capable of providing balanced cooling as it has got a high efficient honeycomb pad with antimicrobial properties.

Due to the presence of a mosquito/dust filter, larger particles are prevented from entering the air cooler. This helps in increasing the life of the cooler.

This air cooler can be cleaned effortlessly due to the presence of a locking back grill which can be opened easily.

The cross-fit technology helps to improve efficiency and speed of cooling as there is maximum utilization of water.

It has got castor wheels which help to move the air cooler anywhere in the house.

The fan motor and the pump motor are provided with thermal overload protection. This technology protects the motors from overheating.

You can boost the cooling experience by putting ice cubes in the ice chamber provided.


Prevents the entry of mosquito and dust.

The body of the air cooler is provided with an ultraviolet protection coat.

Hassle-free usage due to cord winder.



Weak castor wheels.

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8. Kenstar KCLALTGY022BMH-ELM Desert Cooler

If you are looking to get an active lifestyle, the Kenstar desert cooler is the perfect buy. It has got a sleek design with glamorous looks. The smart functionalities in it attract a lot many people.

It has the capacity of 22 liters which is capable of providing cool air in a small room. For better results, you need to have good ventilation and so, open the window and doors.

Due to its compact design, it can fit anywhere in the room.

Best Air Coolers in India

The dust filter net prevents the entry of dust into the cooler and thus, cooling is not hampered.

The honeycomb pads provided are of high efficiency. This helps the user to get an efficient cooling experience.

To enhance the cooling effect, you can even put ice cubes as the cooler is provided with an ice chamber.

When the water level goes down and refilling is required, the user gets to know due to the presence of a low water alarm. Due to this feature, you do not have to keep looking for the water level.

The castor wheels present help to move the cooler anywhere in the house at your convenience.


Highly efficient honeycomb pads.

Separate ice cube chamber.

Castor wheels present.

Sleek and compact design.


If proper ventilation is not there, it causes humidity in the room.

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9. Impex Twister Plus Tower Fan

Due to its high quality and performance, the Impex Twister Plus tower fan is in high demand. It is capable of delivering the best and cool air and has a modern elegant design.

Due to an ultra-quiet mechanism, it facilitates high air without disturbing your concentration at work or during sleep.

It has got a strong PP plastic body which is durable and powerful.

Best Air Coolers in India

The room gets uniform and balanced cooling from all sides due to its 2-way air deflection feature.

The feature of a powerful air throw ensures high air delivery.

The swing mode is associated with a soft-touch tilting mechanism that provides jerk-free and uniform oscillations.

It is energy efficient as well as power consumption is low.

Due to being lightweight and portable, it can be moved easily from one place to another.

It is provided with big buttons with 3-speed settings which ensures great tactile feedback.


Good swing movements.

It can be moved according to the requirement easily.


Produces noise at high speed.

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10. Usha Frost 35FT1 35-Liter Tower Cooler

Usha Frost tower cooler has got a modern and sleek design. It is capable of providing superior cooling and has got powerful airflow. It has a capacity of 35 liters which is suitable for medium-sized rooms.

The carbon dust filter is present which removes bacteria, dirt, and smell. This enables better air quality in the entire house.

It is compatible with the inverter and so, you can use it even if there is no electricity. It lessens power consumption as well.

Best Air Coolers in India

Due to the presence of castor wheels, the air cooler can be moved to the desired place easily without lifting it.

With the auto-refill feature, the tank gets refilled automatically. It does not require manual refilling and thus, saves time and effort.

Since the motor is strong and efficient, it produces 2200 cubic meters of air per hour.

No manual intervention is required to move the louvers as motorized louvers are present in this cooler.


User-friendly with amazing design.

Easy to clean as its parts can be disassembled.

Its spare parts are easily available and thus, maintenance is hassle-free.


Leakage can occur due to improperly built drain areas.

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We have done deep research and shortlisted some of the best air coolers. You can go through them thoroughly and select the best suitable air cooler based on the requirements.

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1. What is meant by air delivery?

It is the airflow or air supply of the air cooler. This feature ensures that the home gets uniform cooling. However, the size of the room is important to know the air delivery of a cooler.

2. What is i-pure technology in air coolers?

This is an advanced technology in some air coolers. The air coolers with this technology have multistage air purification filters like bacteria filters, allergy filters, dust filters, smell filters, and PM 2.5 wash filters. These prevent the entry of bacteria, dust, and virus into the air cooler.

3. How air coolers are effective in controlling humidity?

Based on the humidity level of the room, the motor pump in the air cooler is switched on and off accordingly. When the humidity increases, the water pump is switched off. When the humidity level decreases, it is switched on.

4. What are the good air cooler brands in India?

There are many brands of air coolers in India. Some of the good ones are Symphony, Crompton, Kenstar, Bajaj, Usha, and Blue Star.

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