Best Induction Cooktop in India (2021)

Induction cooktops have gained popularity in India in recent times. There are a lot many advantages of induction cooktops due to which people in the city are using it on a large scale. In this article, you will get to know the best induction cooktop in India for 2021.

Due to the built design and advanced technology of induction cooktops, they have become popular. While using it, you do not need to light the fire and there is no chance of gas leakage as well. It is quite safe and portable as well. You can easily carry it anywhere and can start cooking by just plugging it into the switchboard. Thus, it can be said that induction cooktops have made the life of Indian homemakers easy and comfortable.

Best Induction Cooktop in India – Buyer’s Guide

There are some essential things you should look for before buying an induction cooktop. Let us discuss all of them briefly so that you can get the best one for yourself.

  • Size and number of the cooking zone – The size of the cooktop should be considered as the most important feature to look for. It should be selected according to your requirements. You should select a cooktop with a large cooking zone if you want to put a bigger utensil on it. The single element induction cooktop is more popular in India as it is portable and easy to use.
  •  Auto switch off – This feature helps in preventing overheating. The induction cooktop gets switched off automatically when it is not used for an extended period.
  • Pan detection – All the popular induction cooktops have the feature of pan detection. With this feature, an incompatible pan is detected automatically and the operations are shut down. When the compatible pan is put on the cooktop, the operations start again.
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  • Touch Control – Instead of control knobs, a touch control panel is present in most of the cooktops. Due to this control panel, it is always easy to use the induction cooktop. It makes the cooktop safe as well.
  • Pre-set menu – Some brands of induction cooktop have the option of the pre-set menu. This feature selects the time and temperature automatically depending on the dish selected. This saves time and effort.
  • Child Lock safety feature – One of the important safety features that should be present in a cooktop is the child lock feature. When this feature is activated, all the settings get locked and the children are prevented from injuries.

Top 8 Best Induction Cooktop in India

1. Philips Viva Collection HD4938/01 2100-Watt Induction Cooktop

Among all the induction cooktops, the Philips HD4938 induction cooktop is one of the best ones. It has got some attractive features and its price is affordable as well.

There is no need to install the product. It has to be plugged into the socket and you are good to go for cooking. 

Philips HD4938 induction cooktop
Philips HD4938 induction cooktop

With electromagnetic induction technology, the heating efficiency of this induction cooktop is high. This helps in saving energy and time as cooking occurs fast. This technology helps to prevent the loss of vitamins from the food and thus, preserves the nutrients.

In this Philips HD4938 induction cooktop, you can set the time from 0 to 3 hours with the feature of the time setting function. Once the set time is completed, the induction cooktop will stop automatically. This prevents the burning of food.

There are 10 preset cooking menus included in which depending on the cooking requirement, the temperature is set. This is specially programmed for Indian cooking. 

With the help of an easy-to-use touch control panel, the settings can be changed by a touch of a finger. 

This Philips induction cooktop helps to cook food fast as it has a power consumption of 2100 Watts

The finish of this product is premium as it has got a high-quality full glass panel

  • The touch control panel is user-friendly.

  • Cooks the food fast.

  • The glass panel of high quality.

  • The safety feature of auto-shuts off.

  • Electricity consumption is more.

  • All types of kitchen utensils can not be used on this induction cooktop.

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2. Philips HD4928/01 Induction Cooktop Viva Collection 2100-Watt

Philips HD4928 induction cooktop is one choice of the Indian homemakers as it has been programmed for Indian cooking. There is no need for any installation for this product.

Philips HD4928 induction cooktop
Philips HD4928 induction cooktop

With the use of this Philips 4928/01 induction cooktop, you can enjoy effortless and joyful cooking. Due to electromagnetic induction technology, the heating efficiency of this induction cooktop is high. As compared to the gas stove, food is cooked at a fast rate. It even prevents the loss of vitamins and seals nutrition into the food. 

There is a feature of time setting in this Philips induction cooktop. You can set the time between 0 to 3 hours for cooking the food. Once the food is cooked, the cooktop shuts off automatically, preventing the burning of food.

Using this Philips induction cooktop is an easy affair. You just need to touch the start button with a finger and enjoy hassle-free cooking.

The food is cooked fast in this cooktop as it uses 2100 Watts of power.

All the products of Philips are eco-friendly as it cares about the environment. The same rule applies to the Philips HD4928 induction cooktop.

  • Eco-friendly.

  • Cooks the food fast

  • 6 preset cooking menus.

  • Voltage regulator not present.

  • Produces noise during operations.

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3. Bajaj Induction Cooktop Majesty ICX Neo

Bajaj induction cooktop Majesty ICX Neo is an ideal product for those who cook. As compared to a normal gas stove, it cooks faster and efficiently.

Being programmed for western as well as Indian cooking, this cooktop makes the cooking effortless. When food is cooked on it, loss of any nutrition or vitamin is prevented. This user-friendly cooktop is a modern touch to classic induction.

With 7 pre-set menus, you can cook a variety of Indian and western dishes. This feature helps in saving time and effort as it is quite comfortable for common dishes. 

Bajaj induction Cooktop
Bajaj induction cooktop

This Bajaj induction cooktop has got a digital LED display that is quite helpful in cooking. This feature makes the cooktop more elegant. 

The different dishes can be cooked with customized cooking time with its tact-switch control. This easy-to-use touch panel looks very stylish.

Even the bigger pans can be used on this cooktop as the heating surface is large. The power capacity of it is 1600 Watts making it efficient for the requirements of daily cooking. 

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There is a feature of the time selection function which helps in customizing your cooking needs.

  • Tact-switch control helps to customize cooking.

  • Pre-set menus.

  • Presence of time selection function.

  • Large heating surface.

  • Noisy

  • Not sensitive pan detection.

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4. Havells Induction Cooktop Insta Cook PT 1600-Watt

With Havells induction cooktop Insta Cook PT, you can cook your favorite food anytime and anywhere. 

It is highly safe and convenient to use due to the use of advanced induction technology. This Havells induction cooktop is an eco-friendly appliance as well.

Havells Induction Cooktop
Havells Induction Cooktop

There are variable temperature setting options in this cooktop. Depending on the amount of heat required for a dish, you can adjust the temperature. 

The food is prevented from burning with its automatic shut-off feature. This helps in consuming less power as well.

The menus can be selected easily without any hassle with its LED display. This feature helps to check on the selected time and other features easily.

There are 6 different cooking modes available on this Havells induction cooktop. Now, you can make different cooking styles like boiling, frying, making dosa, curries, etc. easily.

The ergonomic and clean design helps to clean the cooktop easily. It has got a ceramic surface due to which food stains, oily, and greasy materials can be cleaned with ease.

While cooking, you can do other household chores conveniently as a feature of setting the time up to 3 hours is available. Thus, you can do multitasking as well.

Due to its slim, sleek build, and compact design, it can be kept on the kitchen counter-top. It makes your kitchen look more beautiful. 

  • Easy to clean.

  • User-friendly.

  • Automatic shut-off feature.

  • Compact and sleek design.

  • Only induction-friendly utensils can be used.

  • Very instant heater.

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5. Usha Induction Cooktop Cook Joy (3820) 2000-Watt

With a sleek and simple design, the Usha induction cooktop Cook Joy is the latest kitchen appliance. It is capable of performing precision cooking. 

It has got a sensor touch panel with an LCD screen. It is a feather touch control that helps in easy and convenient operations. With just the touch of a finger, you can adjust various functions as there are smart sensitive keys.

usha induction cooktop
Usha Induction Cooktop

With 8 pre-set menus, versatile Indian dishes can be cooked by just touching the button and the cooking temperature and duration are selected automatically.

This cooktop has got a built-in timer through which you can set the timer for up to 3 hours. There is a pause function available as well and thus, wastage of power is avoided.

Usha induction cooktop has got all the safety features. Due to the built-in child safety lock, all the operating buttons can be locked. This helps in protecting the children from any kind of accidental injury.

With pan sensor technology, incompatible vessels are detected. Once detected, the power supply stops automatically.

If the cooktop becomes too hot, it automatically switches off with the feature of IGBT overheating protection.

The maintenance of this cooktop is easy too. It has got a ceramic polished glass top which is scratch-resistant and can be cleaned easily by just wiping with a damp cloth.

  • A power cord of 1.3 meters is available.

  • Anti-skid feet.

  • Scratch-resistant polished glass top.

  • Overheating protection feature.

  • When the surface is not even, the fan makes noise.

  • The plastic body is not very durable.

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6. Philips HD4929 2100-Watt Induction Cooktop

Philips HD4929 induction cooktop is capable of cooking meals faster and easier. It is also safe to cook delicious food on this cooktop. Every dish cooked on this is healthy and tasty. 

philips induction cooktop
Philips HD4929 induction cooktop

The user can cook tasty food on this due to the induction cooker technique. With this, the loss of nutrition from the food is prevented. 

This Philips HD4929 induction cooktop is easy to clean as well. Any kind of oily or greasy stains can be removed by the gentle wipe of a damp cloth.

The safety measures are taken care of nicely in this Philips induction cooktop. When the food is cooked properly and the selected temperature is reached, the cooktop shuts off automatically. This even prevents the burning of food and saves electricity as well. The cooking time can be set from 0 to 3 hours depending on the requirement of the food to be cooked. 

This product has got customized programs for Indian dishes. With this feature, many Indian dishes can be prepared with ease. 

  • It cooks food fast.

  • Seals the nutrition in the food and avoids loss of vitamins.

  • Easy to clean.

  • Not good for making chapatis.

  • The plastic body is not durable.

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7. Prestige Induction Cooktop PIC 16.0+ 1900-Watt

As a renowned brand of kitchen appliances, every Indian kitchen has at least one Prestige appliance. Prestige induction cooktop PIC 16+ is capable of quick and consistent heating.

With just the touch of a button, you can prepare authentic Indian food on this cooktop. This is possible as various pre-sets are available in it.

In the case of voltage variance, the voltage gets regulated automatically. This ensures better performance of the cooktop and makes it more durable.

prestige induction cooktop
Prestige induction cooktop

One can very well rely on this cooktop as the healthy meal is cooked without any radiation hazards as it is capable of blocking surplus magnetic radiation.

Being portable, it can be carried to any place conveniently.

You can even prepare different kinds of food on it as it has got automatic power and temperature adjustments.

This Prestige induction cooktop has got a flat and smooth surface and thus, cleaning is always quick and hassle-free.

There is the provision of direct heating in this product due to which there is minimal wastage of energy and heat.

Prestige is always concerned about the environment. Its induction cooktop is eco-friendly. The cooking process in it is safe as heating is free from flame.

  • Protects high temperature in the cooktop and glass panel.

  • Fan continues to work till the induction panel becomes cool.

  • Customer service is very good.

  • Works only with induction base cookware.

  • The build quality is not of superior quality.

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8. Pigeon Induction Cooktop by StoveKraft Cruise 1800-Watt

Pigeon is well-known in the Indian market as it provides low-price quality products. The features of Pigeon by StoveKraft Cruise are attractive and the price is competitive as well.

The efficiency of this cooktop is high as it has the feature of Dual Heat Sensor Technology. This helps to do cooking efficiently and quickly.

pigeon induction cooktop
Pigeon induction cooktop

When the cooktop is not in use, it gets switched off automatically with the Auto Switch Off feature. This prevents wastage of energy and so it is power efficient as well.

This Pigeon induction cooktop has got 7 segments LED display. In this, all the essential information about settings is displayed making it user-friendly.

With Pre-set menus, the user can cook multiple dishes. Depending on the recipe, the temperature and time are set automatically. This helps in saving time and effort. You can do cooking and other household chores simultaneously.

The built quality of this product is superior. It provides prevention against all kinds of accidents like electric shocks etc.

  • Helps in saving time and energy.

  • Easy to clean.

  • User-friendly.

  • Built from high-quality materials.

  • Not compatible with all kinds of kitchen utensils.

  • Increases the electricity bill.

  • Not good after-sales customer service.

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1. Is more electricity consumed by an induction cooktop?

No, it does not consume more electricity. It is energy efficient. It makes use of the magnetic property to cook food.

2. Which cooking mode is faster – gas cooktops or induction cooktops?

Among the two, the induction cooktop is faster. It works by transferring heat directly to the utensil and thus, prevents loss of heat. In some induction cooktops, anti-magnetic walls are present which prevent the dissipation of magnetic energy.

3. What is the most common drawback of the induction cooktop?

One of the most common drawbacks is that all the utensils cannot be used on it for cooking. The utensils with induction bottoms can only be used.

4. Is an induction cooktop environmentally friendly?

Yes, the induction cooktop is eco-friendly. They do not use any petroleum fuels. These are electrical appliances.


We have discussed the 8 best induction cooktops in India and from this, you will be able to get the best induction cooktop for yourself. The induction cooktop is always preferred over the traditional gas stove due to some advantages.

It cooks the food in less time and is always hassle-free. Since it cooks the food quickly, you need to spend less time in the kitchen. It uses electromagnetic waves for cooking and so there are no chances of accidents like burning. No flame is used.

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The induction cooktop is lightweight, portable, small in size, and user-friendly. While cooking on an induction cooktop, no radiation of heat occurs in the atmosphere. Thus, it is eco-friendly as well. Cleaning this product is also easy due to its smooth surface.  

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  2. Induction cooktop has made my life so easy. It helps me in cooking food in just no time and now I have to spend less time in the kitchen. The food can be cooked in less oil as well on this which is an added benefit of using induction cooktop. I would recommend everyone to use this in their kitchen.


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