Best Air Fryer in India 2021 (Buyer’s Guide & Reviews)

In an Indian household, hunger for deep-fried snacks is a common thing but at the same time, people do not want to fry as deep-fried food is completely unhealthy if consumed excessively. With the help of an air fryer, one does not have to worry about extra calorie intake as it makes use of very little oil in frying the food. Some of the best air fryers in India use just a few drops of oil to provide a good taste to deep-fried food. Air fryers even have the capability to grill, boil, and bake food items. With deep research and after considering the features and price, we have created a list of the best air fryer in India.

Top 8 Best Air Fryer in India

1. Philips Air Fryer Daily Collection HD9218

Philips Daily Collection HD9218 Air Fryer can be used to improve overall health without compromising on the taste as it reduces fat up to 90%. Some of its attractive features are: –

Philips Air Fryer Daily Collection HD9218
Philips Air Fryer HD9218

·      Rapid air technology

·      30-minutes timer

·      Warranty of 2 years

·      Food with 90% less fat

·      Control on temperature up to 200 degrees Celsius

With Rapid Air Technology, food becomes tender from inside and crispy from outside by using air to fry and not oil. To have a perfect texture with delicious texture, little oil is essential and thus, fat is reduced by 90%.

It has got a 30-minute timer with the auto-off facility ensuring that the food is not burnt. 1.8 m cord length is an added feature that helps in easy maneuverability.

With the feature of temperature control, the user can regulate the temperature up to 200 degrees Celsius.

Cleaning this air fryer is not a problem as it can be cleaned easily and gives less smell as compared to other fryers.

  • Tasty fried food can be cooked in just 1 spoon of oil.

  • Reduces 90% of fat content in food.

  • Makes the food healthy and tasty

  • No power-on and power-off button.

  • Stop mechanism not present.

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2. Nutricook by Nutribullet Rapid Air Fryer RAF55

To get perfectly cooked food with very little oil, Nutricook Rapid Air Fryer can be used. It makes us enjoy tasty food without any guilt. Features of this awesome product are: –

Nutribullet Rapid Air Fryer RAF55
Nutribullet Rapid Air Fryer

·      Nutricrisp technology

·      8 preset menus

·      1700 W

·      The capacity of 5.5 liters

·      2 years warranty

·  360-degree circulation technology

With the brushed stainless steel finish and slim look, it looks beautiful in any kitchen.

Nutricook Rapid Air Fryer RAF55 is equipped with NutriCrisp technology due to which fat content in food is reduced by 80 percent.

With this air fryer, not only fried food can be prepared but other dishes can be made like egg bakes, desserts, roasted veggies, and other items.

Another interesting feature is Cook-at-a-touch with which you do not need to worry about the exact time and temperature required for food and every food is cooked perfectly every single time.

The food cooked in this air fryer is tender from inside and crisp from outside due to the presence of 360-degree Circulation Technology and a Perfect Crisp system.

One added advantage of this model is a square basket which provides more usable space for keeping the food. This basket is dishwasher safe, BPA-free, and PFOA-free.

  • Heat-resistant handles for easy grip.

  • Feature of preheating present

  • Smoke is not produced while cooking.

  • It is heavy.

  • The function of de-hydration not present.

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3. Havells Air Fryer Prolife Digi 1230-Watt

Known as a reliable home appliance brand, Havells is used worldwide and its air fryer is one of the best products offered by the company. The qualities of Havells Prolife Digi Air Fryer are excellent and these are mentioned below: –

Havells Air Fryer
Havells Air Fryer

·      The wattage of 1230 W

·      85% less fat in the food

·      4 liters capacity

·      Temperature control feature

·      Rapid air technology

·      2 years warranty

This air fryer has the capacity of 4 liters which is enough for frying, grilling or, roasting an ample amount of food for a family of 4- 5 members. Its sleek design makes it compact and user-friendly and thus, is the favorite choice of an Indian kitchen.

Havells Prolife Digi 1230-Watts Air Fryer has a unique feature of rapid air technology which helps in making food less oily and thus, uses hot air to bake, fry, roast, toast, and reheat the food. 

The food can be cooked for the period you want in Havells air fryer due to its Auto on and off timer feature and thus, the food is never overcooked or undercooked.

The handle of the air fryer has a cool touch design so that there is no burning of hands while using the appliance.

With the air filtration system, it is easy to clean it and no foul odor comes out of the air fryer.

  • Sleek design

  • Easy-grip handles and safe to hold.

  • The temperature control feature prevents burning or undercooking of food.

  • Popcorns cannot be made in it.

  • Fitters do not become crispy.

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4. Havells Air Fryer with Aero Crisp Technology Prolife Grande 1700 Watt

Havells Prolife Grande Air Fryer is an updated version produced by the company which has got some better features and is capable of giving a high-quality performance.

Havells Air Fryer with Aero Crisp Technology Prolife Grande 1700 Watt
Havells Air Fryer 1700 Watt

·      Aero crisp technology

·      Digital touch control panel

·      10 Auto preset options

·      The wattage of 1700 W

·      2 years warranty

·      The pan capacity of 6.5 liters

Havells Prolife Grande Air Fryer has a bigger pan of 6.5 liters and its food basket has a capacity of 5 liters. The capacity is enough to cook ample food.

It has got Aero Crisp Technology by which 360 degrees air circulation is permitted and thus, the food has very little oil and is crisper from outside.

To cook various kinds of food, it has got 10 auto preset options, and food is never overcooked or undercooked with this feature.

With the digital touch control panel, the cooking time along with the temperature reached is indicated and it becomes easy to know when the food is properly cooked.

For precise cooking, the user can even make use of the auto shut-off feature in which the air fryer shuts off automatically for up to 60 minutes. Even the temperature can be controlled up to 200 degrees Celsius with this awesome air fryer.

Thus, the sleek and elegant design of Havells Prolife Grande Air Fryer is a must to buy a product.

  • The frying basket is non-sticky.

  • The handle has a cool touch.

  • More space for cooking large quantities of food.

  • Weight is more as compared to other air fryers.
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5. Stok Air Fryer Max LED Digital Touchscreen

One of the reputed brands in India is Stok and its air fryer has been a success in the market. Many people are opting for its products. The features of Stok Air Fryer are: –

Stok Air Fryer
Stok Air Fryer

·      The pan capacity of 6.5 liters and basket capacity of 5.5 liters.

·      1800 Wattage

·      Metallic color

·      Stainless steel body

·      8 Preset menus

·      Detachable basket and pan

Stok Air Fryer has 8 one-touch preset options but there are limitless possibilities of types of food that can be cooked like fish, poultry, steak, shrimp, French fries, pizza, bake, roast, and many more.

Along with the ease to cook in this air fryer, cooking time is less too and the food cooked is tastier and crisper.

As compared to the traditional deep-frying methods, the food cooked in it has 80% less fat but still, it is crunchy and no compromise is done on the taste.

The basket has a capacity of 5.5 liters and is non-stick, PFOA-free, BPA-free, and dishwasher safe.

With 1800 Watts, food can be cooked in the healthiest possible way.

It has the feature of a detachable basket and pan which can be done by just pressing the release button. With this feature, it becomes easy to put or remove the foods. This also helps in better cleaning.

  • Large capacity of the basket

  • Detachable basket and pan

  • 8 Preset menu options

  • Cheaper as compared to other air fryers

  • Food cooked in it is not very crispy.

  • Takes more time to cook the food.

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6. Philips Air Fryer HD9216/43

To fry, bake or grill the food items in a healthy way, it is important to make use of an air fryer and Philips HD 9216 is a model with excellent qualities.

Philips Air Fryer HD9216/43
Philips Air Fryer HD9216/43

·  Food cooked in it has 90% less oil

·  Temperature controls up to 200 degrees Celsius

·  Rapid Air technology

·  Grey color

·  Easy maneuverability with 1.8 m cord

Philips HD 9216 Air Fryer can grill, bake, and roast food with Rapid Air Technology, and thus, the food is tastier and healthier. Rather than using radiations in cooking the food, the air is used by enabling it to circulate throughout the appliance, and thus, it seeps into the food item and thoroughly cooks it. With this technology, cooked food is juicy from the inside and crispy from the outside.

There is no problem regarding overcooking or undercooking the food due to the auto-on and Off timer features. This feature improves the taste of the food.

In this air fryer, the temperature can be regulated up to 200 degrees Celsius.  

Easy cleaning of the basket is another fascinating feature of this product. It has got a non-stick coating basket due to which no residue is left on the basket’s inner surface. It is dishwasher safe as well.

  • Ease of cleaning

  • Excellent performance

  • Sleek and elegant look

  • No user manual or recipe book included
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7. American Micronic Air Fryer – AMI- AF1-35CLDx

For purchasing kitchen appliances, one can go with American Micronic without any second thoughts. Its air fryer has above-average features and has high-quality performance.

American Micronic Air Fryer
American Micronic Air Fryer

·  1500 Watts

·  3.5 liters capacity

·  Silver & black color

·  TurboTunnel FreshAir technology

·  Adjustable temperature control

·  Warranty of 2 years on the product

The American Micronic AMI-AF1-35CLDx air fryer has the capacity of 3.5 liters capable of not only frying the food but can even grill, bake and roast the food. By just sitting at home, you can easily make delicious fried chicken, cakes, and other foods in this air fryer.

It has got a stay-cool handle which is protected from heat and electricity and thus, holding of the air fryer is easy and safe. Even during the operation, you can touch it.

Equipped with TurboTunnel Fresh Air Technology, food can be cooked with very little oil. The basket in it is non-sticky and so the food does not stick to the surface.

The optimal temperature required for cooking the food by the desired method can be selected with its adjustable temperature control feature.

The cooking time is also managed accurately by its built-in-timer function. The food in it is always perfectly cooked as the time can be adjusted from 0 to 30 minutes.

Thus, it can be said that this air fryer gives true value for money with its premium built quality and better technologies.

  • Good after-sales service

  • Built quality is good

  • The handle is safe to hold

  • Economic price

  • Can take a longer time to cook the food.

  • The non-stick coating of the basket comes out easily.

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8. Kenstar Aster Digi 1500-Watt Oxy Fryer

In India, many brands of kitchen appliances are present and Kenstar is one of them. The air fryer produced by it has many extraordinary features and the food cooked in it is crispy and perfect. Its features are: –

Kenstar Aster Digi 1500-Watt Oxy Fryer
Kenstar Aster Digi

·  7 preset options

·  Timer up to 30 minutes

·  Food basket with non-stick coating

·  Free recipe booklet with 100 recipes

·  Digital controls

·  Warranty of 1 year

The food prepared in Kenstar Aster Digi Oxy Fryer is extremely tasty and healthy as very little oil is used in cooking.

Hot air is circulated evenly in the entire fryer due to which penetrates the food items and thus, the food is cooked perfectly.

There is a feature of pre-set options which are seven in number and can be used as per your requirement. With this feature, all types of cooking methods like frying, grilling, or baking can be done with perfection.

There is a timer with the fryer by which overcooking or undercooking is prevented.

With the non-stick coating of the food basket, the residue of the food does not stick to the sides.

Along with the appliance, a 100-recipe booklet is provided free of cost. With this booklet, you can make oil-free tasty dishes.

  • Digital control

  • Easy cleaning

  • Good after-sales service.

  • The cord is of short length.

  • Poor quantity of non-stick coating of the food basket.

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Being healthy is the most important aspect of our lives and this can be achieved if we eat healthy food. The air fryer ensures the food cooked in it has no or very little oil. The air fryers described above are some of the best ones in India with which you can switch to healthy snacking. But before buying it, you should go through the buyer’s guide mentioned below.

Best Air Fryer for Indian Kitchen – Buyer’s Guide

Below are some features which should be considered before buying an air fryer for yourself: –

·  Cord length, wattage, and power – Most of the air fryers work with wattage between 1000 to 1500 watts. It is always beneficial to go for the air fryer having more than 1.5 meters long cord and should have a 3-point pin plug.

·  Cooking capacity – The capacity of the different air fryers is different and it is usually 2-4 liters and this is suitable for a small family with 4 members. If the family is big, an air fryer with a large capacity should be used.

·  Temperature control – In a good air fryer, the temperature control feature is very important. With this feature, the food is perfectly cooked.

·  Food separator – With this feature, multiple food items can be cooked at the same time. Only a few air fryers have this feature and all those are a little expensive.

·  Automatic functionality – Feature of automatic shut-off is present in most of the air fryers. With this feature, when the food is cooked perfectly, the air fryer shuts off automatically. This is an important feature to prevent overcooking or undercooking of the food.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can the air fryer be cooled down after use?

The air fryer can cool down automatically after use. But, if you want to cool it down at a fast rate, the pan should be taken out of the fryer and filled with cold water.

While cooking the food in the air fryer, can I shake the food?

In some air fryers, the food can be shaken in between which makes the food crispier and tastier.

What kinds of foods can be prepared in the air fryer?

You can prepare a variety of food items in the air fryer like French fries, frozen foods, chicken nuggets, shrimps, bake, roast, and grill.

How much time is required to cook frozen food?

Cooking frozen food takes a longer time as compared to the other food items. Depending on the type of food, you need to set the timer and temperature in the air fryer.

Is it required to pre-heat the air fryer before cooking?

It is not essential to pre-heat the air fryer but if preheating is done for 3-4 minutes, cooking time is reduced.

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