11 Best Baby Diaper Bags for Mothers

After a baby is born, he/she requires a lot of stuff. While leaving the house with a baby, every time you have to carry many things like extra diapers, pacifiers, milk bottles, wipes, a small toy, etc for which an organized bag is a must.

Thus, having the best diaper bag is an essential thing for the mother of every infant. There are a lot of diaper bags in the market these days and deciding on one can be very hard. It is like purse shopping in which every little feature has to be examined before finalizing anything.

While searching for the best baby diaper bags for mothers, spend some time on your choices to get the bag that best suits your requirements.

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Diaper bags are of various styles, it can be like a backpack, tote, messenger bag, or diaper clutch. Out of these, you should select the style which suits you.

Top 11 Best Baby Diaper Bags

1. Motherly Stylish Babies Diaper Bags for Mothers

Motherly Stylish babies’ diaper bags are lightweight and spacious. It weighs approximately 700 grams and has a storage capacity of 18 liters.

Best Baby Diaper Bags for Mothers

It can sustain a heavyweight and is made up of well-researched fabric. It has 3 layered protection, the outer layer is made of waterproof oxford fabric, the innermost layer is of PU for stability and strength, and the middle layer is of nylon fibers.

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With 13 well-sized pockets, it acts as a perfect organizer to organize all things you require to carry for your baby perfectly.

Due to the fish mouth opening, it is easy to take out things from the bag. The arranging and using of the multi-functional partitions become an easy task in this bag due to the built-in metal frame.

There are separate dry and wet sections in which soiled clothes can be kept separately from dry clothes.

There are three insulated Milk bottle pockets each 21 cm in length that can keep the food for the baby safe and free from spills.

While going out with your baby, you need to carry your phone and other accessories also and these can be kept safely in the anti-theft pocket provided in the bag.

At the back of the bag, a handy back pocket zipper is present in which essentials can be kept at the bottom of the bag without even displacing the one on the top. Its two-way reachability with front and back openings is very convenient.

You may require tissues at any moment when you are with your baby. The open tissue pocket provided in this bag is accessible for that immediate moment of need.

With the help of convenient D-rings present, the bag can be hanged easily on the stroller.

  • Spacious and comfortable to use.

  • The quality of the zipper is good.

  • A mesh pocket is present.

  • Stains on the bag can be removed easily.

  • No Cons
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2. LuvLap Lily Travel Multifunctional Waterproof Diaper Bag

In Indian baby product markets, the products by LuvLap are very famous. The baby products produced by them are of good quality and at affordable prices.

LuvLap Lily travel diaper bag can be carried in 2 ways, as a backpack or as a tote bag. The material of this bag is such that it becomes waterproof and can be cleaned easily.

aby Diaper Bags for Mothers

There are 15 pockets in this bag due to which it has a large storage space. Out of these, 7 are inner pockets with a key ring holder and 8 are outer pockets in which items can be organized easily. For keeping milk warm, two insulated bottle holders with an inner tin foil insulation layer are present.

To view the things kept in the side easily, there is a wide top zipper compartment with metal support. From this compartment, even taking out the things is convenient.

At the back, an anti-theft pocket is present where you can keep your phone and other accessories.

On this side, a unique tissue dispensing pocket is there which allows easy access to tissue during a requirement.

It has a diaper changing mat as well for a convenient on-the-go diaper change. It has padded shoulder straps for added comfort while carrying it even for a long duration. LuvLap diaper bags can be used as a casual bag as well.

  • A diaper changing mat is included.

  • It is spacious and multipurpose.

  • Pegs are present on the base for upright standing.

  • No Major Cons
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3. PACKNBUY Baby Diaper Bag

Packnbuy baby diaper bag has a large capacity with a dimension of 42 x 27 x 17 cm and is lightweight which weighs approximately 560 grams. It can be used as a backpack or a handbag.

PACKNBUY Baby Diaper Bag

There are 13 internal and external pockets in which there are 3 insulated milk bottle pockets in the front. On the side, is a water bottle pocket and a tissue pocket. In the interior of the bag are 7 storage pockets and to organize the items of the baby, one separate storage pocket is provided. At the top of the back of the bag, a storage zip pocket is present. There is a separate pocket for keeping the dry and wet clothes.

In the padded back pocket, you can even keep a 15 inches laptop and smartphone.

The inside of the bottle pocket is made up of aluminum foil which provides insulation and keeps the feeding bottles warm. Since the bag is made up of high-quality oxford waterproof material, there is no milk or water spill in the bag.

Due to the presence of pegs in the base, it stands straight without falling. The zippers are made up of high-quality.

  • Spacious and lightweight.

  • The shoulder strap is padded.

  • Stands straight without falling.

  • It can be used either as a backpack or a handbag.

  • The diaper changing mat is not included.
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4. Motherly Stylish Babies Diaper Bags for Mothers

This is a beautiful diaper bag in black color with white dots. The weight of the bag is 998 grams and its dimensions are 40 cm x 30 cm x 13 cm.

Motherly Stylish diaper bag is equipped with 3 layered protections. The outermost layer is made up of waterproof oxford fabric (BPA free), the middle layer is of nylon fibers and the innermost layer is of PU layer which gives strength and stability to the bag.

Motherly Stylish Babies Diaper Bags for Mothers

There are 16 well-sized pockets for storing the things in an organized manner. Out of these, there are 2 roomy main sections, 4 milk bottle pockets which are insulated, 4 spoon pockets, and 1 anti-theft pocket at the back to keep the phone, tabs, etc. For keeping dry and wet clothes, separate compartments have been provided.

You can even keep a laptop in this bag safely as the bag is provided with a laptop compartment.

The diaper mat present helps in the time when you need to change the diaper of the baby.

With the help of the stroller hooks, it can be hung on the stroller easily. There is also a bottle bag which makes the bag a complete combo in which the things can be organized in a better way and hassle-free.

The diaper bag can be opened from the front and back for 2-way reachability. Mesh pockets present are really helpful.

It has hands-free usability due to the presence of D-rings. The straps present are cushioned and can be adjusted for irritation-free 3 way carrying.

  • The diaper bag can be cleaned easily.

  • Spacious with multiple zippers.

  • Made up of good quality material.

  • The shoulder strap may tear out after 6-7 months of continuous use.
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5. Voroly Baby Diaper Bag

Voroly baby diaper bag is a beautiful backpack that keeps things in an organized manner and gives a fashionable and carefree look. All the pockets present can be accessed easily.

It is made up of polyester which makes it waterproof and weighs 1.3lb with dimensions 10.6 x 16.5 x 8.3 inches.

Voroly Baby Diaper Bag

There are multiple compartments in this diaper bag including one main compartment for keeping laptops, books, clothing, and other things. There are 2 interior zip pockets in which wallets and other valuable things can be kept. For keeping the nappy and clothes, 3 interior open pockets are provided. In the front, 1 zip pocket is present and 1 pocket for keeping the tissue is present on the left side of the bag. On the right side, is a pocket for keeping bottles and a back pocket is present for keeping other essential things.

In the front of the bag, are 3 bottle holders which have an insulation layer of tin foil and can keep the baby food warm or cold for hours.

The back of the bag has a wide-opening pocket from which putting the things in and taking them out is convenient and easy.

The tissue pocket on the side helps in quick access to the wipes.

  • Spacious with 14 different pockets.

  • Made up of good quality material.

  • Comfortable in carrying even for a long duration.

  • The diaper changing mat is not included.
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6. Walkent Diaper Bag

Walkent diaper bag is a versatile bag that can be used to carry all the belongings of the baby. It can also be used as a portable crib / foldable mini bed for the baby. Folding this is also easy.

The diaper bag is spacious with a huge capacity and can hold a lot of items. It has 16 compartments made for keeping different types of things.

Walkent Diaper Bag

One of the unique features of this diaper bag is an in-built USB port that can be used as a power source with a power bank.

With the Walkent diaper bag, you do not need to carry the diaper changing mat as it is included in the bag. There are hooks present so that the bag can be attached to the stroller.

In the side pockets present, baby wipes can be kept. The pocket for keeping bottles has thermal insulation which keeps the bottled milk either hot or cold.

In the back, a hidden pocket with a zipper is present in which you can keep your valuables like wallet and phone.

A special wet compartment is provided in which all the soiled and wet clothes of the baby can be kept.

The material of the bag is nylon which is a premium waterproof fabric.

Along with a bag, a full sunshade for the cot is also present.

  • Looks classy and elegant.

  • It can be converted into a cot or mini bed for the baby.

  • It has a sunshade for the cot.

  • Spacious.

  • This diaper bag is heavy as compared to other bags.
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7. Robustrion Waterproof Diaper Bag

Robustrion diaper bag is a perfect companion for the mom during traveling. It is a must for every mom due to its large compartment and multiple pockets.

The material used in this is premium dual-color oxford fabric and is spacious to organize all the stuff of the baby.

Robustrion Waterproof Diaper Bag

The shoulder straps and easy-tote carrying handle are some of the mind-blowing features of this bag.

The interior pocket is large in which individual storage compartments are present. The interior pocket has a zip closure for organizing the baby’s things in a better way.

The exterior of the bag also has many zippered compartments for quick access to the items.

On the side of the backpack is the wipes dispenser through which the wipes can be accessed quickly when it is required to clean the baby.

In the front, 3 milk bottle pockets are present and there is one water pocket on the side of the diaper bag. Overall, there are 7 interior storage pockets.

  • It is ideal to carry while traveling.

  • There is a separate space for feeding bottles and other essentials of the baby.

  • At the bottom of the bag, a zipper is present to take out the things which are present at the downside.

  • As compared to other diaper bags, it is expensive.
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8. R for Rabbit Caramello Baby Diaper Bag

Rabit Caramello baby diaper bag is made up of high-quality water-resistant material which is a strong oxford fabric. It has an elegant design with an attractive color.

Due to its trendy and stylish design, it can be used as a diaper bag as well as a regular-use bag. 

R for Rabbit Caramello Baby Diaper Bag

There is a laptop compartment in which you can carry your device with ease.

Since the pockets are insulated, the baby’s food can be kept at the desired temperature for longer hours.

It has a large capacity with many pocket organizers in which things can be kept in a better way. Due to the wide-open design, putting and taking out things is very convenient.

With ergonomic design, the shoulder and back portion is padded providing extra comfort even required to carry for a long time.

  • It is a trendy diaper bag.

  • Huge spacious with many compartments.

  • It has a hidden pocket to keep the valuable things.

  • The zips present are stiff.
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9. Geekmonkey Mother & Baby Bag

Geekmonkey diaper bag is big in which all the supplies and items of the baby can be kept in an organized manner.

It is lightweight and weighs only 250 grams and has the dimensions of 35.56 x 22.86 x 38.1 cm.

Geekmonkey Mother & Baby Bag

It is made up of polyester nylon material which is waterproof and durable.

It is a large bag and has enough space for keeping all the essentials of a baby like clothes, diapers, bottles, and other things along with valuable things of the mother like wallets, keys, and mobile phones.

In the insulated pockets, the baby bottles can be kept warm or cold according to the requirement.

Many compartments are present in which baby essentials can be kept in an organized manner in the front.

On the back panel, a zippered pocket is present in which small items can be kept and can be reached quickly.

  • It is a very lightweight and good-quality diaper bag.

  • Insulated pocket to keep milk bottles warm/cold.

  • Spacious.

  • Changing mat is not present.
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10. PACKNBUY Baby Diaper Bag Maternity Mother Backpack (Maroon Red)

PACKNBUY diaper bag is an elegant bag suitable for both mom and dad. It has a large capacity with dimensions of 14 x 10 x 5 inches. With a weight of around 450 grams, it is lightweight and considered a very useful nappy bag for parents.

The bag is made up of high-quality water-resistant material. It has a changing mat included.  

Baby Diaper Bag Maternity Mother Backpack

It has multiple compartments with 9 pockets out of which 3 are insulated milk pockets. These are in the front which keeps the milk bottles at the desired temperature for a long time due to the presence of aluminum foil inside which helps in providing insulation and is easy to wipe and clean as well.

On the sides are 2 water bottle pockets and 4 storage pockets are present in the interior of the bag. These pockets can be used for keeping diapers, tissues, clothes, etc in an organized manner. There is a separate section for dry and wet clothes.

  • Lightweight and spacious.

  • Comfortable to carry for long hours.

  • Changing mat is present.

  • The pockets inside are not big enough.
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11. The Baby Co. Diaper Bag Backpack

The Baby Co. diaper bag represents an artful balance of function and fashion in which all the essentials of a baby can be stored in an organized and easy way. With its stylish and unisex design, it can be carried with pride by the new mom and dad.

With a weight of 400grams, it is extremely lightweight and has the dimensions of 10 x 5 x 5 cm.

The Baby Co. Diaper Bag Backpack

There are multiple pockets in this diaper bag for organizing bottles, diapers, wipes, and other things of the baby. The pockets are of various sizes to suit the various requirements of the parents. In the front, there are 3 pockets for keeping the milk bottles. The top opening of the bag is zippered and is wide enough to see into the entire bag. On the sides, pockets are present to keep bottles and other things.

The fabric used to make it insulates and water-resistant which provides protections to the belongings and prevents leakage as well. Being multi-layer, it does not get wear and tear.

It can be worn as a tote as well as it is provided with a carry handle.

  • It can be opened from top and bottom for easy access to things.

  • Spacious and lightweight.

  • Made up of good quality fabric.

  • The zips present are stiff.
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Buyer’s Guide

Most likely there must be some things that you have not considered while selecting a diaper bag especially when you are a new mom. It becomes easy to select a diaper bag for yourself from many products in the market if you know what you want in a diaper bag. Below are some things which are essential to consider before buying a bag.

1. Style – A mom doesn’t have to carry an unstylish or frumpy bag to carry the essentials of a baby. It should scream to the world that you are a mom. A good diaper can be stylish and useful at the same time.

2. Cost – Some diaper bags are very expensive but you should think that an expensive thing is not a better option. It should be able to keep all the things of the baby in an organized manner. At the same time, you should not end up buying a very cheap product as it would be useless and might not last for a long time. Always go for the bag which is affordable and is of good quality.

3. Material – While selecting a diaper bag it should be ensured that the material used for it should be good and sustainable. It should be easy to clean and spill-proof.

4. Compartments – Both big and small compartments should be present in a diaper bag as these are required for keeping various things like toys, bottles, clothes, wipes, etc. Even the wet clothes need to be kept away from the dry clothes and for this, a special pocket would be very helpful. With many compartments, you can keep things in an organized manner.

5. Easy to carry – The shoulder straps and the handle should be comfortable in carrying the bag for a longer duration. Always look for a bag that has padded shoulder straps.

6. Size – Some moms require a big size bag whereas some moms like to have a smaller diaper bag. It all depends on the requirements of the parents how many things they need for their baby.

7. Waterproof lining – A diaper bag with a waterproof lining should be preferred always as there would be some spillage of milk or food often in the bag. This lining will prevent the bag from getting dirty. Also, such bags are easy to clean. Thus, always go for a diaper bag with a waterproof lining.

8. Changing mat – In some diaper bags, a changing mat is present which either gets removed or folds back into the bag. It is a useful accessory as it is often required for changing the diaper of the baby when you go out.

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What is the difference between a regular bag and a diaper bag?

A diaper bag has many compartments inside for keeping various essential things of a baby like milk bottles, clothes, diapers, wipes, etc. These pockets are not present in a regular bag.

Is it comfortable to carry a diaper bag for a long duration?

Most of the diaper bags are provided with padded shoulder straps and handles due to which parents can carry them with ease even for a long duration. A diaper bag is an important thing while traveling with your baby.

How can the diaper bag be protected from the rainy season?

Most of the diaper bags are water-resistant and you do not have to worry about rainy weather. The exterior fabric is tightly woven together which makes a shield from moisture and rain.


Buying a good and useful diaper bag can be a time taking task but you can surely find a comfortable and useful bag for yourself by considering the above-mentioned buying guide. The diaper bags mentioned are of good quality which can make your travel with baby peaceful. Hope you get a diaper bag according to your requirement. All the best and happy parenting!

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